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Jul 14

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If you been reading my posts about my own 30 Amp AGA you will know that back in April we had a problem with one of the elements. Well the engineer actually replaced the fan first as he said that was the problem, but it still didn't work so we had to get them back a few days later. The cost of the AGA repair was over £300 altogether.

Well now just a few months later the same thing has happened, last week. The AGA has gone cold and we called out the AGA engineer from Spillers and they told us that yes it was another element. So after 20 minutes and £159 later (£80 call out fee, £24 for half an hour labour and £59 for new element) the AGA was fixed. We have the older 20 Amp AGA so the elements are in series. If one goes the AGA gets cold. The new AGAs have banks of 6 and 2 x 4 elements in parallel, so if one element goes the AGA will still stay hot. So the cost was for replacing one element.

I asked the engineer if it was anything to do with the control knob as on both occasions we had turned the AGA down (on the 30 amp it has a knob and we put the setting to zero) prior to going away for a long weekend. When we got back we turned the knob back up (up to position 4 or 5) and then it didn't get hot and got colder over the next few days. He said that it was unlikely and was a coincidence. He didn't check the switch.

My wife wasn't there and says she doesn't think it's a coincidence at all. We have decided not to 'turn down' the AGA again if we go away as it is going to put at least another £150 on to the cost of going away for the weekend.

I'm going to find out the method of replacing the elements so that I can do it myself. Well I am a trained electronics technician after all.

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  • Emma

    Hi there,
    Thank you for this post, I found it very useful. We had a 30 amp 4 oven Aga installed in April. Ever since then the light has always lit up at some point during the day, especially whenever I used it. I have contacted the guy that installed it a few times and he fobbed me off. Reading this, and a few other articles online, I really think one of the elements might be the issue. I have gone back to him with this suggestion and will hopefully get it sorted. Like you I plan to learn how to do it myself though! Thank you again.
    Best wishes, Emma.

  • HI Emma,
    If you go to http://www.agacentral.com and then go to the forum there and search on AGA 30 Amp you find a post of mine (My user name is AGACleaning) and a reply from AGA Man (an AGA engineer guy)giving the process and how to get the part numbers of the elements for your 30 Amp AGA cooker.