Mar 02

I saw in a paper over the weekend that AGA are offering 20% off their 30 Amp AGA for 20 days. See 30 Amp Electric AGA. So you have got to order the AGA between the 2nd March and the 21st March 2009. You will need to put down a deposit and then pay the outstanding amount two weeks before installation. The installation has to be before 30th June 2009.

Well to me this is a fabulous offer as we have now had our 30 Amp AGA since December 2007  and we just love it! It's the cheapest AGA Cooker to run (about £11 a week) as it uses off peak electricity to heat up over night and therefore you are making a saving off 50% on fuel running costs compared with all the other AGA cookers using other fuel types (including the 13 Amp AGA which I have been told is very expensive to run). Also you can use the economy 7 electricity to run your washing machine etc to make use of the cheap electricity and make even more savings. And you don't need to have it serviced every year like say a gas AGA, or twice a year like the oil AGA (though AGA to recommend that it is checked yearly). Also installation costs are cheaper.

To me I have never really understood why the 30 Amp model has been so expensive compared with other fuel type AGAs so for them to cut the price is a good move by AGA. I think all new AGAs come with a five year guarantee so you can be sure that it's going to be okay for that time (30 Amp AGAs do apparently have problems with the elements inside which are expensive to replace).

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