13 amp AGA versus 30 Amp AGA cooker

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Jan 29
13 Amp 3 oven AGA Cooker

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Here is a list of things that are different between a 13 Amp AGA cooker and a 30 Amp AGA.


This based on my knowledge from owning a 30 Amp AGA and having cleaned quite a few AGAs!


Installation of both the 30 Amp and the 13 Amp is the same that is you don't need to worry about a location in your kitchen as it doesn't have a flue like an oil fired AGA or gas one (conventional flue). So it can be on any wall. For the 30 Amp one you need a 30Amp electricity supply and an off peak electricity meter and for the 13 Amp you need a 13 Amp supply – which you'll already have. There is a pipe that runs from the AGA to take any gases that come from cooking. This is a 15 mm pipe and can be routed through cupboards etc to a fan that sits on an outside wall. I have cleaned an AGA recently where this run was 15 meters – really it is just for getting rid of smells etc which on a gas or oil AGA goes up the flue. On the electric AGAs you switch a switch to get the fan to work.


You'll need a plinth. You can build one yourself out of concrete  or get your builder to do it. The dimensions are on the AGA site. You can get a metal one which is adjustable. We have got one of these on our AGA and it is fine.


The 13 Amp seems to be very expensive to run compared with the 30 Amp one. For example looking at our electricity bill, as our 30 Amp runs on off peak electricity, we can see exactly the cost of running it. For the last quarter it has been  under £10 a week to run. Everyone I have spoken to re the 13 Amp talk of 'high running costs' of about £25 to £35 a week.


Cost of buying one: The 13 Amp is about the same cost as a gas or oil AGA and that is about £8500. For a 30 Amp they are going to be about £11000 but AGA do specials on them quite a lot. A new AGA will have a 5 year guarantee or if you buying from Twyfords-AGA you'll get a reconditioned one with a 5 year guarantee so you save some money. We bought our reconditioned 30 Amp from Mr Cooker which was like new for £5500 three years ago. The problem with second hand 30 Amp is that you might see that advertised cheaply. The problem with them is that they are very difficult to dismantle and set up again. The cost will be £2000 to £3000 so it isn't advisable to buy one on Ebay that hasn't been dismantled as dismanted.


I have read reviews on the 13 Amp AGA and still people are having problems with the electronics on them.  But saying that our friend has had her 13 Amp for two and half years without any problems. So really to make sure ensure yours has a warranty.


If you would like a professional AGA cleaner please contact us on 01275 370571

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