Jan 20

At the moment I am trying to find a reconditioned 30 Amp AGA Cooker for a friend of ours. She is getting her kitchen completely refitted and is looking at buying a new AGA. She was going to buy the 3 oven 13 Amp AGA but I have persuaded her not to go for this as really the running costs would be just too high.

I spoke to the man at Electric AGA to find out if he has any available. He told me that he might be getting some in soon. He also told me that he had recently replaced a 13 Amp AGA with  a 30 Amp one as the lady who owned the 13 Amp couldn't cope with the costs and he told me that she had said that it was costing ┬ú35 a week to run! I'm not sure whether it was 4 oven AGA and also if she was using the AIMS system to decrease the costs; some of the earlier ones were supplied without it. Also I'm not sure how the AIMS system works; I think it might be just a glorified timer but if it is why is it so expensive.

I found the AGA cooker blog yesterday and it's written by Laura James. She is the lady who wrote the piece in last month's Period Living magazine about replacing her oil AGA with a new 13 Amp AGA. On this blog I suggested she fit an injection unit, which she could get from AGA Cooker Conversions to her current AGA, get it cleaned and re enamelled and hey presto lots of money saved. Of course AGA wouldn't have mentioned this as they don't approve of the injection units. But I think I have heard/read somewhere that they are considering introducing them themselves.

I have tried to place comments on the AGA blog but for some reason it won't let me. But anyway it will be interesting to see if  Laura comments on the cost of running her new AGA when she gets it as obviously the AGA and her comments about it are being AGA sponsored!

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