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By Graham Rogers | training

Apr 27

Strong Arms Mean  A Mean Oven Clean Time

When new employees (or franchisees) start with us they tend to be slow. That is they are slow in getting the oven clean to the end standard. Because of this we give them longer time


Kettlebell-2-dragondoor-40kg-9kg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

slots to get the job done. I really think it’s a matter of arm strength. Or having strong arms is certainly an advantage. Gripping the scourer and putting some pressure down is helped a lot with stronger arms.  I know, though, that even the skinniest person can still have a successful business. And age doesn’t seem matter either, one of our franchisees is doing consistently three ovens a day at the age of 64. We haven’t had a female oven cleaner. I have thought about employing someone but they would need to be strong. The ladies at my Kettlebell are all strong. Any one of them would be able to hack it.  A bit of regular oven cleaning is all is needed to get the ‘oven cleaning strength’ up or doing something extra besides the daily cleaning. For me it has been Kettlebell training.

Kettlebell Training

As I hadn’t been going out much and I had this growing beer gut I decided to do something and joined my local kettlebell class in January 2015. So I’ve been kettlebell training regularly and consistently over the last three years.

I was thinking last year that my oven cleaning speed had increased. I was feeling pretty smug. I was regularly getting jobs done quicker finishing before the allocated time. That is the final result was achieved faster. The final result being the whole oven cleaned, including stripping it down, the ceiling, taking the doors apart, fan cover off, cleaning the fan. For AGAs I was regularly finishing the job an half a hour faster.

I put down the increase in my speed to the increase in my arm strength. They are getting thick, even at my age. I’d  increased the number of Kettlebell sessions I was doing in a week. It is true that I have got stronger. My forearms are stronger which means I can put more pressure when scrubbing, cleaning AGA doors is a doodle.

But I think I it was because the ovens were just normal dirty ovens. In the lead up to Christmas I had some real challenges: really dirty singles and really dirty AGAs which of course took me longer. But being stronger has certainly helped.

So if you’d like to get into Kettlebells I recommend watching Tracey Reifkind on her website https://swinglean.com/getting-started/

Learn how to do the kettlebell swing and then progress with her swinging – on YouTube starting at Swing session number 1.

Obviously joining a local group is also a great way to get motivated with this.

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