Busy December – Get your dirty ovens out.

By Graham Rogers | training

Jan 10
English: Christmas postcard picture with Santa...

English: Christmas postcard picture with Santa Claus and holly, with message, “I bring you a Merry Xmas from” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So it was all action stations to get a new employee on board. We found two very quickly and staggered their start dates.

One started at the beginning of November and then the other one started a couple of weeks later.

I trained them up and we had a very busy December. Our best takings ever. With me out in the vans working full time.

I seemed to work a lot more than I have done in past Xmas’s lead up, working the whole of December doing three to four jobs a day.

Also the ovens were noticeably dirtier. A lot dirty than normal out of season days. I mean most of them were really dirty. I had some very dirty AGAs. It was like people had saved them for years to get them cleaned. Well some had. The dirtier AGAs hadn’t been cleaned ever. Some of the single and doubles were the dirtiest I had seen.

So in all it was a hard month physically but as we finished on the 22nd for Xmas break it all worked out well.

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