Bad Back Oven Cleaner.

By Graham Rogers | training

Dec 19

Why am I bad back oven cleaner? I’m sat here in the office today. I’ve actually managed to get here. It may seem strange but I’ve had problems getting around since last Monday. So what happened?

Well I went out cleaning last Monday. We’ve got six guys working for us now, but as I have the newest van and it’s spare we decided to start booking me in for jobs when all the others were full up for Christmas. So off I went to the Cotswolds to clean an AGA. The job was booked in as a 3 oven AGA, so I thought should be pretty straight forward.

When I got there it wasn’t a 3 oven AGA but a four oven AGA. And a very dirty one at that. I thought “oh dear!” but got on with it.

And when I was knelt down cleaning the AGA doors my back went. And I mean it went into spasm and was seriously painful. I managed to carry on and finish the job and then get back home. That night I couldn’t sleep in our bed as it was ‘too soft’ and it just hurt to much so I slept on our spare bed which is a lot harder.

The next day I couldn’t move without going into agony. The last time I had been like this was back in 1996; I had started going to the gym when I had just got a job in the centre of Manchester. I thought I try and do a lot of metres on the rowing machine but I must have done something because the next day I was in agony. That time i walked to an Osteopath in the centre of Manchester and he ‘fixed’ me in one session.

So I thought I would be able to do the same this time. I found an Osteopath in my village and went to see him. Unfortunately this time although he did lots of work on me he it wasn’t an easy fix this time. For the rest of the week I was just about managing to walk. Think of a very old person walking very slowly.

This week I’m better – I can actually put my own socks on and have managed to get to the office two days in a row now. But I don’t think I’m going to be out cleaning any time soon.┬á Our guys are doing well. So are the office staff. We have an sensational month. I’ll write my next post about our performance.

This week I’m better and have decided to do two things: get some Facebook Ads running and to tackle the office garage as it’s getting a bit untidy. Okay a lot untidy.

Why did my back go? Was it cleaning the AGA? It looks like it. The Osteopath told me that a twisting action to one side whilst knelt down would do it. It’s the way people slip discs too, but he checked my leg movement and came to conclusion that it muscular problem only. So the stretching to one side to clean the bottom of ovens 3 and 4, on the four oven AGA, would have been enough to get a muscle pull. Next time I’m going to make sure I line myself up properly!!

Luckily I’ve got the Christmas period to recover and get myself fit ready to tackle 2019.

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