How Long To Clean An Oven?

By Graham Rogers | podcasts

Sep 11

Short podcast talking about the different systems oven cleaning franchise companies use to clean an oven. Some of them taking far longer than others.

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  • Interestedparty

    Can I suggest you get a proper script or don’t bother at all because you sound a right twat. You are not doing the industry any good. The customers will think we are all like you…… God help us.

    • ivydale

      Hi there, Thanks for your input and you are probably right about the script and sounding like a twat. But I’m sounding like a twat on my blog which gets thousands of visitors a month and I think I’m allowed to do that! I only worked out how to do the Podcast thing a few days ago and was excited about just doing it. I worked out how to do the flow to get the audio from my phone all the way to iTunes and it works out very well. So I’m sounding like a twat on people’s Apple products too, which is good with the launch of the new iPhone 6. You’re right I’m doing it off the top of my head and driving at the same time. I’m going to carry on and see if I get better? ­čÖé With some help from a script maybe too though not sure if that’s a good idea in the car. I may have to do them at home! Not sure why it should be doing the ‘industry’ no good. What industry do you mean? The point of this podcast to highlight that a lot of people with gas systems take along time to do each job and therefore all day to do a full days work. If you have one yourself you are probably doing ‘the Industry’ a million times more harm them good than my little podcast. Graham