Jan 21

AGA Rayburn comes Clean

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I cleaned an AGA Rayburn range last Saturday and it came up a treat. The lady was very pleased and told me that it ‘looked fantastic’ ! When I got there it looked in a sorry state but it was just a lot of brown grease stains on the outside. In a couple of hours of hard work and technique it was gleaming.

Jan 16

Our New AGA & eco friendly AGA Cleaning

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We’ve just bought a new splendid Claret 30 Amp Electric AGA. We wanted an AGA in our new kitchen and looked at the different variations. This is my third AGA in three different houses. My first one was a reconditioned standard Cream AGA with an oil conversion which was fine for a while until the burners started getting bunged up with carbon deposits and the ovens started loosing heat – something which appears to be a common thing see www.tradcookers.co.uk. This is  because of the poor quality of oil sold in the UK; after we sold the house the first thing the new owners did was to take it out! The next one I had was a brand new Racing Green Gas AGA with power flue and this is fine and is still running fine (we rent the house out). We chose the electric one for our current house because of two reasons the costs of ownership of the Electric one are cheaper – no servicing costs and the installation costs were cheaper – no flue needs to be installed. The problems with installing an oil one would have been siting the oil tank, and we would have problems with installing any flue and from my previous experience I didn’t want to have one again. We did considered the gas with the power flue, and the 13Amp electric one but the running costs of the 30 Amp one are a lot cheaper. I reason I got into cleaning ovens was that I wanted to clean my AGA and from that developed an AGA cleaning method that was very effective using eco friendly using products approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association that are vegetable based.  We now clean all types of ovens, and cookers. and a large number of AGAs in the South West and get recommendations from most of the AGA showrooms in the area.

Jan 13

Do We Clean The Oven Door?

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In the last week we’ve been asked this a few times so must be the question of the week: ‘Do we clean the  oven doors?’. The answer is yes we do, we also take the doors apart when we can and clean inside the doors to make both sides of the glass shiny so you can see your food when it’s cooking. With a new bulb where it is required to light up the inside it makes people very happy.

Jan 08

New Start For The New Year

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

December is our busiest time of year and January isn’t too bad either. I’ve been out cleaning ovens this week as one of our operatives is poorly and have seen a lot of ovens that have very much smelt and looked like they had been used a great deal over the Christmas period. Now they have been cleaned and its like giving them a new start for a the new year, all nicely gleaming and clean.

Dec 24

Oven Cleaning Tips for Christmas No 3

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If you find your oven is smoking, smelling or is just not upto a clean healthly standard and you feel a need to clean the oven right away over the Christmas Period, please think about it. Consider getting a professional in as soon as you can in the New Year as generally oven cleaning products bought in shops tend to have a caustic ingredient. These products should be used with extreme care; ensure that you follow the instructions given on them carefully. They may, if used incorrectly, take paint off your oven (especially SMEG ovens door sides). They will have very strong fumes and odour and if the cleaner is left too long, say overnight, it can damage the enamel in the oven. Do not forget to use gloves. The products are often acidic and contrary to popular belief, if the acid spills on you, you may not notice it right away. Meanwhile the acid is burning your skin and by the time you notice the irritation, the damage has been done.

So it would be best to get some one in who can get it back to its best without all this worry and fuss, call OvenGleam who will clean it without fumes using friendly cleaning products that don’t smell or cause harm.

Dec 18

Oven Cleaning Tips for Christmas No 1

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Don’t put foil on the bottom of your oven or in the bottom of your grill pan as it heats up to a super heat and will destroy the enamel. Use an oven liner ; it collects the drips and you can wash it in the dish washer. Ask us as now we carry oven liners for this job. They area also good at lining the bottom of AGA cooking trays.

Dec 12

Book Your Oven Clean Now For January

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are now booked up for next two weeks and so are now operating a waiting list. If you would like to put your name on this list we may have some cancellations. But please think about booking you oven in for an oven clean in the New Year. It will have been used alot over Christmas and you can make sure that your oven is sparkling and gleaming for the New Year.

Dec 03

Oven Cleaning’s Busy Time Of Year

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Already we are nearly completely booked up for this month. We have noticed a huge increase in the number of appointments, for oven cleaning, being made to book in ovens, ranges and AGAs before the Christmas Holidays. It may be you want your ovens to be at their best so that relatives will find them easier and friendlier to use. 

Dec 03

Welcome to OvenGleam’s Blog

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Hello and welcome to my ovencleaning blog from me Graham Rogers of OvenGleam.

Somerset Skies.

Somerset Skies. (Photo credit: Neil. Moralee)

I will be sharing with you my experiences and stories of running a successful oven cleaning business for the last four years. So we started in April 2004 and now after lots of thought I have decided to start blogging about my business.

When I started it was just me in the van, I started in Taunton in Somerset. Shortly afterwards I met my wife and moved to Calne in Wiltishire.

Now we are back in Somerset but North Somerset this time, andĀ  now we have just moved into our own office which isn’t in the house, yes!! We have four employees working for us, so with me in the van too we have five vans out cleaning every day, so that’s lots of ovens to find to clean.


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