Feb 12

Cleaning a Range Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We clean lots of range cookers. For those of you not knowing what a range cooker is, there are two types: a a double oven ‘range’ cooker and a single oven range. The Double ‘Range’ Cooker usually has two ovens side by side, these can be configured so that they have one large oven on one side and another large oven on the right, or they may have a smaller oven on the right hand side. Some have 4 gas burners plus a griddle on the top, some have five (usually on a single oven range), or 8 burners. If you have one when you bought it nobody would have thought to tell us that cleaning it would be a marathon task. They combine electricity AND gas, so you need to know about these too.

The onerous task of cleaning this lot usually falls on the man of the house by the way. If you have done it it will be a task that you will hate, not just because it is a dirty, oily, hairy (!), sticky and an embarrassing mess but because the materials you have to use will be hazardous, foul smelling and irritant to my hands and eyes – have you ever read the instructions on a shop bought oven cleaner? Also it’s usually done at the weekend, wouldn’t  you rather watch the TV, go for a walk?

Furthermore watch your / his knees. As someone who cleaned a vicar’s oven recently I was made aware that kneeing a lot can not only cause a lot of damage to your knees but a lot of pain too. The vicar now doesn’t kneel and has had two recent knee operations.

So don’t let him do it call us in –  Thanks to us you will no longer have to concern myself with How Clean Your oven is. All you have to do is to remember our number! Yes, you too will take pride in our work.

We are Oven Cleaning Professionals. We use all the right equipment, which is both healthy and safe, we don’t use any chemicals at all in your home and most importantly we know how  to strip down and re-assemble virtually every oven and microwave known to human kind. We work dilligently and methodically whilst restoring your appliance to a standard as good, if not better, than the day it was delivered as new.

Feb 11

Oven Cleaning Job – We need another oven cleaning operative.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are so busy that we have decided to expand and take on another oven cleaning operative! We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, fit and also has good customer facing skills.  Here at OvenGleam oven cleaning we also have a fun working environment with all our staff being friendly and we all get out together once a month for a social evening. We give full training so no experience is necessary and you will be able to get those ovens up to our standard after a few weeks.  We need someone who can park the OvenGleam van close to their house and they would also need to have access to a computer on a daily basis.

What can I say about the job except that it can be dirty but it’s has a huge amount of satifisfaction and overall I’d say it’s a really terrific  job! If you know someone who might fit the bill get them to contact us soon.

Feb 01

How Soon Can We Use the Oven After You Clean?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We use only an organic vegetable paste to clean your oven so there are no obnoxious fumes when we are cleaning and it means that if you need to you can still use the kitchen whilst we are there and there is no need to open windows.  This also means that our process is pet friendly.

We don’t use lots of water in our process the cooker and oven can be used immediately after the oven cleaning process has finished.

Jan 28

Has My Dog Joined Your Team?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We had a call today from a client to say that our oven cleaning operative Alan had done a fantastic job cleaning her AGA but would we contact him because her dog had gone missing. Our perturbed customer services staff queried the comment only to be told that the particular lady’s Irish Terrier had taken a keen interest in Alan and could the dog have climbed into the van and fallen asleep without him noticing!

At this stage Alan had driven to another client’s home and was already cleaning their oven. (Our customer services staff had visions of Alan having been directed to his next job with the help of a canine passenger!) We phoned Alan who chuckled slightly saying that last time he had seen the dog it was wandering around the client’s garden and no it had not sneaked into his van. On phoning the Client we were pleased to hear that their dog had, in the meantime, turned up in a neighbour’s garden. The client did say though that her dog had never disappeared before – We’re sure Alan is not too concerned about his lack of animal magnetism.

This little diversion certainly brightened up our office mood this morning and thank goodness we have clients that care for their dogs.

Jan 24

Tenancy Changeover Oven Cleans

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

When I was in the Royal Air Force and we ‘Marched Out’ of our quarters everything had to be perfect including the oven. I remember soaking my oven in a bath for three days to get it clean on one occasion. Everything had to be clean to ensure that those people moving in could expect the accommodation to be at least 100% clean. If it wasn’t the supervising officer came down on the outgoing tenant hard, which involved a heavy fine.

This attitude is now starting, after all these years, to become the way landlords think about their  accommodation and when a tenant leaves it’s an opportunity to get the place to 100% clean.  So we have seen a huge increase in the number of landlords looking to get their tenants ovens cleaned between lets. This is becoming the norm. So as well as ensuring the house is spick and span else where they aren’t just giving the cooker a wipe over – they are calling us in to make it look sparkling and new; just what the new tenant wanted. The tenant moves in with a sparkling oven and moves out with a sparkling oven or the cost of the clean is taken out of their deposit.

Jan 21

AGA Rayburn comes Clean

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I cleaned an AGA Rayburn range last Saturday and it came up a treat. The lady was very pleased and told me that it ‘looked fantastic’ ! When I got there it looked in a sorry state but it was just a lot of brown grease stains on the outside. In a couple of hours of hard work and technique it was gleaming.

Jan 16

Our New AGA & eco friendly AGA Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We’ve just bought a new splendid Claret 30 Amp Electric AGA. We wanted an AGA in our new kitchen and looked at the different variations. This is my third AGA in three different houses. My first one was a reconditioned standard Cream AGA with an oil conversion which was fine for a while until the burners started getting bunged up with carbon deposits and the ovens started loosing heat – something which appears to be a common thing see www.tradcookers.co.uk. This is  because of the poor quality of oil sold in the UK; after we sold the house the first thing the new owners did was to take it out! The next one I had was a brand new Racing Green Gas AGA with power flue and this is fine and is still running fine (we rent the house out). We chose the electric one for our current house because of two reasons the costs of ownership of the Electric one are cheaper – no servicing costs and the installation costs were cheaper – no flue needs to be installed. The problems with installing an oil one would have been siting the oil tank, and we would have problems with installing any flue and from my previous experience I didn’t want to have one again. We did considered the gas with the power flue, and the 13Amp electric one but the running costs of the 30 Amp one are a lot cheaper. I reason I got into cleaning ovens was that I wanted to clean my AGA and from that developed an AGA cleaning method that was very effective using eco friendly using products approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association that are vegetable based.  We now clean all types of ovens, and cookers. and a large number of AGAs in the South West and get recommendations from most of the AGA showrooms in the area.

Jan 13

Do We Clean The Oven Door?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

In the last week we’ve been asked this a few times so must be the question of the week: ‘Do we clean the  oven doors?’. The answer is yes we do, we also take the doors apart when we can and clean inside the doors to make both sides of the glass shiny so you can see your food when it’s cooking. With a new bulb where it is required to light up the inside it makes people very happy.

Jan 08

New Start For The New Year

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

December is our busiest time of year and January isn’t too bad either. I’ve been out cleaning ovens this week as one of our operatives is poorly and have seen a lot of ovens that have very much smelt and looked like they had been used a great deal over the Christmas period. Now they have been cleaned and its like giving them a new start for a the new year, all nicely gleaming and clean.