About Me

Graham originates from Taunton in Somerset, England UK and spent 13 years in the Royal Air Force as an Avionics Technician. He served at RAF Cosford, RAF St Athan in South Wales, RAF Laarbruch in Germany and RAF Sealand in North Wales and spent thirteen years living in the depths of North Wales before moving back to his home town in 2002.

He was made redundant from the RAF in 1996. He then worked for 6 and half years as a Free-Lance Computer Consultant for companies such as British Gas, National Computing Centre, Microsoft, Logica, Mysys, Cap Gemini and Screwfix. With his redundancy money he bought his first AGA cooker, a Standard AGA CB oil converted renovated AGA for his cottage in North Wales.

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After struggling to find work in the ‘IT recession of 2002′ he bought a cleaning franchise company that year.  A year later, feeling bored with that business, and after a conversation with his AGA cooker service man, he started OvenGleam (now OvenGleamers) from his house in Taunton. His aim was to focus on the AGA market of Devon and initially his focus was on this. Though shortly after this he met is wife Catherine, who was a training officer on Hercules Transport Planes at RAF Lyneham, and moved to Calne in Wiltshire.

In 2006, when Catherine left the RAF, they moved to Clevedon and a year later moved to their current location in Pill North Somerset, just south of Bristol, where they have an office which is OvenGleamers’ Head Office.

OvenGleamers has grown to become the largest oven cleaning company in the South West of England, covering the counties of Somerset, Gloucester, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset, and in South Wales the areas of Cardiff , Newport and Chepstow. They have four employees and Graham is regularly out cleaning too. Graham’s online marketing skills, and Catherine’s management skills have propelled the business to where it is today, a premium oven and AGA cooker cleaning service.

OvenGleamers Franchise is currently growing fast and has an expanding number of franchisees in the UK. They are located in Berkshire, South Devon, Exeter and Mid Devon, Norwich, North Hants and West Surrey, South Manchester, South Staffordshire and North Warwickshire, North Wiltshire,  East Sussex, and West Sussex, Leeds and North Yorkshire, Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire, East Cambridge covering Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, West Cambridge, covering Cambridgeshire including Huntingdon and St Ives, and Fareham and Gosport in Hampshire. OvenGleamers is an Associate Member of The British Franchise Association (BFA).

Graham and Catherine have become successful at launching franchise businesses and are particularly good at setting up, and launching new franchise businesses into new areas. With Graham managing the online marketing, with Google Advertising, Video marketing and the such, and Catherine managing the email marketing and traditional offline marketing for the franchisees.

Their premium oven cleaning franchise is different in that calls are taken for the franchisees by HeadOffice staff in Bristol, OvenGleamers have a custome built specialist dip tank that stays hot all day. With their combined skills Graham and Catherine provide ongoing support and regular training, with monthly webinars and regular training meet-ups.

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Graham has two degrees from the Open University and is married with one son. He is a Member of The British Institute of Cleaning Science . His interests are videography, reading Nordic thrillers, AGA Cookers and AGA Cooking and Kettlebell training.

He currently owns a Claret 30 Amp 2 Oven AGA, at home, a Racing Green Gas Fired 2 Oven AGA (in his Taunton house that he rents out), and a 1959 Delux AGA, renovated which is in OvenGleamers training kitchen.

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