Sep 18

Quick Fixes To Oven Cleaning Business Growth

By Graham Rogers | training

ovengleamers vanWe are currently in September of 2018 and I’d thought I start blogging regularly again on this my original blogging platform which I haven’t been writing on for a while.

So how’s this for a for a first new topic back in the seat as it were: Quick Fixes To Oven Cleaning Business Growth.

And as we are currently recruiting for another operative to bring my total up to 5 locally I need to generate business for this new man. We are currently consistently hitting record sales each day at the moment  – it’s been like this for the last four weeks – its start of the oven cleaning season run up to Christmas. But we need just some more of this to ensure our new man is filled up with work.

So I know I can do this by implementing some quick fixes.

So Quick Fix One: Google Adwords Display.

As you probably know or don’t know the way I generate most of my business for my own business here in the South West is through Google Adwords. My story is that I started off with this business in the same way as I had used for the franchise I had at the time and that was to put out leaflets everyday. The only problem was that for this business leaflets didn’t work so well. When I say didn’t work well I mean 1 in 1000 instead of 1 in 250. (Though since then we have successes in some areas with different tactics using leaflets).

I found Google Adwords in 2004 after meeting someone at a business meeting (which was a Multi Level Marketing meeting – which I gave up shortly afterwards – look out for my blog post on what I think of MLM soon) and he was using Google Adwords. So I started doing it too. It was ultra cheap in 2004 and no one in the oven cleaning industry was using it. But people were searching for oven cleaning online. I’ve read lots of books, been on courses and I think I know what I am doing.

I can see why people might use it and then stop. I have on occasions burned money in Google by setting it up incorrectly. And also funny enough I went on an advanced Google Course with an online small business ‘guru’ and they, as part of the deal, set up my new ads for me. At the time it was setting up separate campaigns for mobile. But they did this for one of my franchise areas. But instead of running the ads in the local Manchester area they ran them nationally. This is very easy to do – it’s just ensuring where the ads are shown. So at the end of the month the ad spend was £2,000 extra. With no noticeable increase in business. Hmm. I didn’t chase them for the money, just aired my disappointment, as I thought it was much my fault for not monitoring and tracking the ads. Anyway, just one of the examples of how just a small error in Adwords can be costly. I can also remember spending £200 overnight in my Google Adwords account by getting something very small wrong.

But the Goal with Google Adwords is to run them, test them and then once working you can leave them running. So you get consisten ads in place. Unlike Facebook ads they are ‘evergreen’ and need little in the way of management. Facebook ads run and then stop suddenly or the cost of conversion increases meaning a dramatic increase in costs – so they need hands on regular management.

I have passed my Google Exams and was Certified but currently lapsed. This is on my list – take the tests again.

But Google Adwords Display. I have used this successfully to generate business for new franchisees but haven’t run it consistently for my own business locally. The reason is to get this implemented properly means to take some time split testing the ads.

By this I need to get 7 image ads produced and then I need to run the ads to find the best performing one. Also you need to find the right way to run the ads. Google Display has so very interesting features. It allows you to display ads to  people who are interested in service right now. In fact I have just discovered a way to do this on Facebook as well.

Quick Fix Two Landing page enhancement

So there isn’t any point in running Google Adwords if there isn’t a way of getting the person to take some action on your site. So I will enhance the pages to do this.


So from this my first two lists of what I need to do now to get ready for our new employe and put in place consistent ways to generate new business is:


  1. Add and test some Google Display campaigns including split test of images and text ads to get the best results.
  2.  Ensure my landing pages for my Google Ads are working at their optimum.