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Nov 23

Oven Cleaners Wanted – Troublesome Employee Numbers 2 and 3.

By Graham Rogers | training

I’ve changed the name from bad employee to troublesome. After those Troublesome trucks in Thomas The Tank Engine! It’s been a few years since we used to watch all that with my son. But my latest employees were acting just like those trucks!

So on Tuesdays we, that is my wife and son and myself, go to Wetherspoons after my son has done his piano lesson. It has become quite a regular thing now. I have a pint, the wife has her wine and my son his Fanta. We have a meal. It’s fabulous.

This particular Tuesday was the day after we had the latest troublesome employee take the day off (see previous post).

He contacted the office at 1545 to say that he had got to his 1600 job and there was no one there. So he was going to go away and then return at 1730!!

Err, WHAT!! Lots of texts and calls to him. No answer.

Eventually when we are sat in the pub we get hold of him and at 1800 he is at the job. Then a text later to say that he has finished, but “how do you fix a flat tyre?” I text him with the instructions: “Find jack behind passenger seat. Jack up vehicle. Change wheel for spare wheel. The spare wheel is underneath the van at the back”.

We finish up  and go home.

Then after a few texts asking how he is getting on, we get a text to say “You can stick your crap job, come and get your van!”

Next my wife phones his phone. Someone answers it. A lady. She says that the phone was in the middle of the road which was lucky that she found it as it was a four week old iPhone. We ask her. “Is there an OvenGleamers van near bye?” She says yes. We ask her to put the phone in the van for us. She tells us where it is.

Okay so I jump in the car and drive off to find it. My intention is to fix the van if I can and then park it on the side of the road so we can pick it up the next day. Or if I can’t fix it to call out the RAC. As we don’t know where the key is I go via Halfords to buy a wheel clamp so I can secure the vehicle if there is no key. I get there minutes before they close.

I find the van. It’s in a small lane next to a Church in a small village on the North of Bristol. It’s right in the middle of the road. All the windows are open. The doors are unlocked and when I look at the tyre it is completely shredded. Like big jagged holes all the way around it. My guess is that it had been driven on for quite a way. I find the van key on the floor of the van. I find the jack kit but not the handle to lower the spare from its cradle. So I drive the van and park it on the side of the road.

We picked the van up the next day. I changed the wheel and we drove it back to the office.

I found in the van a list of addresses that were obviously drop off or pick up for parcels, it said Ebay next to them. So our guess was he was doing drop offs in addition to the jobs he was doing for us!

So end of that employee.

We got another one near enough straight away. I said “Third time lucky!”

Again he seemed like a nice bloke. We checked his references and they were good. He had been oven cleaning for a competitor of ours. It was nice to know that our competitor, who is also franchising, doesn’t have a clue about  a proper oven cleaning service. The method of cleaning ovens is unbelievable!

So I trained up the new employee that week. We gave him our van to drive from day one. The training went just okay. He annoyed me as he turned up late everyday. Even when I adjusted the time for the next day to include the extra time which he was running late by. He only lived just down the road from us. He didn’t seem to be with it when he turned up. Dishevelled and looking like he was hung over. He said he hadn’t been drinking. On the Friday he turned up 45 minutes late and then he slept for an hour and half to our first job (traffic nightmare Friday), and then slept the hour to our second job (still nightmare traffic Friday). Then said he felt unwell and sat outside whilst I cleaned an AGA for two hours. I was pretty pissed off about this so made a decision that I’d give him the boot. But when I phoned my wife in the office, she said. “We need him as we have a full week booked up for him next week.” So the wife spoke to him and we went to the last job, which was his checkoff job. He did 90 per cent on his own (I helped him because it was a new NEFf and taking the doors apart was difficult, infact I couldn’t strip the door down completely). His cleaning though was very good. So hoping I was wrong he was on his own.

He went out on his own the following week. We went on holiday for half term to France to see the Mother in Law at the end of that week, for a week. When we got back Sandra in the office showed Catherine the fuel card bill and said have you seen this?