Aug 29

NEFF Door Glass Shattered – Employee Trouble Post One.

By Graham Rogers | training

NEFF Door Glass Shattered? How can that happen. Well I’ve been out cleaning recently. No it wasn’t me! I was out and not in the office as been the norm recently. We have had some issues with our staff. We lost one at the end of the last year and for some reason we didn’t get around to finding a new one until March time. We decided to find someone when we noticed our sales were down. We found a new guy pretty quickly after that and he started the day after we interviewed him. All seemed well at the start. I took him out and trained him myself. He was up to standard and seem pleasant enough. He didn’t have problems heating up the van in the mornings and he was getting to jobs on time.

He went out on his own cleaning. I should have realised that things weren’t right after the first week. In the first week on one of his first jobs he broke the glass on a NEFF door. I couldn’t really work out why he had taken the door apart as he did. It was a NEFF triangle corners oven. He didn’t take it apart by just taking the inner glass panel off. He took it apart by taking the handle off and taking the external glass panel off. So okay a different way to get the door apart. I know this was something I forgot to go through with him. Here is a video of how to do it:

But if you have ever taken one of these apart, the normal way, you’ll know the glass inside is nearly always perfect. So there is no need to take the door apart at all. He took the door apart. When he put the door together again when he tightened up the handle the glass shattered.

The NEFF Door Glass Shattered replacement isn’t cheap. The replacement glass panel was ┬ú220. I went out to fix it. I couldn’t work out how to get it together again! So I brought all back to the office and then sat on the floor trying to work it out. I managed to work it out after an hour. The reason the glass had shattered was there was a spacer that if you got around the wrong way, when you tightened up the screw the screw would be fully tightened but with a bit still sticking out. So you think it still need tightening. But when you tightened it further the glass shatters. So it is a case of getting the spacer the right way around so the screw would fully tighten up, without breaking the glass.

The thing that took the time was putting the inner glass panel back in. It didn’t seem to fit. After an hour I realised that the side clips were in the wrong way around it was a case of changing these around and the glass fitted in straight away.

So that was a bad thing to happen in the first week. Week two wasn’t any better… to be continued.