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Oct 30

OvenGleamers Gravesend and Medway is Go!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is Tony Antoniou who is the new franchisee for OvenGleamers Gravesend and Medway. Tony was at one time a General Manager for Burger King and more recently owned two Subway shops. He has decided to buy an OvenGleamers Franchise to fit with his other cleaning franchise – Molly Maids Gravesend and Medway – which is daughter runs.

He is ambitious and intends to ramp up the marketing of OvenGleamers in his area to match is already high marketing with Molly Maids.

Tony will be deep cleaning ovens, range cookers, AGA cookers until they gleam.

For an affordable oven cleaning service in Gravesend and Medway please give us a ring on:

01474 770400

Between the hours of 0900 and 1730 we guarantee to take your call, give you quote and make a date for Tony to clean your oven.

Oct 17

Episode 22 – Professional Oven Cleaning Versus DIY Challenge

By Graham Rogers | podcasts

Here’s comparing DIY oven cleaning and professional oven cleaning. Which one would you do? It might be more expensive in the long run if you do it yourself. Here I look at Ovenu’s infographic. Yes a competitor but the infographic is good and is worth a comment.

Oct 17

OvenGleamers Norwich Is Go!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

This is a video of Jim Gibbon who is our new franchisee for Norwich. So he will be OvenGleamers Norwich. Jim has lived in Norwich for over 20 years and now regards himself as a local. He has  had a varied life living in Australia, being a bus driver, a lorry driver to being a head teacher. And more recently having a gardening company. He is very enthusiastic and is looking forward to cleaning those ovens, range cookers in Norwich and getting those AGA cookers gleaming like new.

The picture on the front of the video is Jim with his wife Jules.

If you would like your oven cleaned in the Norwich area then give Jim a ring on 01603 340616

If you are interested in our franchise opportunity give Catherine (Rogers) a ring on 01275 370571.

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