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Nov 25

Oven Cleaning Company Hits Record Sales

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are approaching Christmas and we have decided to really ramp things up, with my wife putting some special deals together and me doing some more internet marketing. And last week was our best week EVER in our history. So we are approaching our tenth anniversary in the next few months, though I feel that it already ten years as I started preparing things in December in 2003 before I started in April 2004 with my first van. So now at this time of year to me is the time I really started concentrating on going forward with an oven cleaning business.

Things are going well as we have achieved our best turnover in a week  in our history. That is the best turnover in a week in ten years. As we now take payments on the phone and in advance we can see exactly how much we are taking each day and


Business (Photo credits:

when we divide the total by the number of jobs booked in for the day we an work out the average spend per customer. And today we have achieved our highest turnover in a day. We booked in lots of jobs, the number was like the old days, when we were charging a lot less, but now the average spend is £100. So a lot more jobs at a higher average to give the best results.

Over the weekend I found the best ‘liked’ oven cleaning business on Facebook. They have close to 3,000 likes and lots of activity on their Facebook page and the cost of their single oven clean is …. £12.99. They proudly show photos of the cleans – ‘another one at £12.99’.

Yes you read that right, £12.99 for a single oven and £4.00 for a hob. I have been thinking about this and with the activity on their page I would expect them to be totally booked up for Christmas already and as they say they are an express oven cleaning company not doing doing the whole job , they don’t do the ceiling of the oven, fan etc – only half a job but I would guess the the time for the job would average at about 45 minutes per job. So even if they did one job an hour, so eight jobs a day their total turnover would be £104. And they are going to have to get a move on, as all the jobs are not going to be straight forward. I’d even guess that they are getting a lot of hum dingers. As I said our average customer spend is £100 and we are going to be putting our prices up next week as it is the 1st December.

I’m not sure how the express business is sustaining itself, even with an old second hand van the overheads must be more than the cost they get for the clean. That is the cost of acquiring the customer must be more than £12.99. We worked ours out a few years back  that to acquire a client and to drive the van there was about £35 to £40 (includes paying our operative).

So this boils down to what I have said before, which business would you like to own, one that his manic and turns over £100 a day or one that is thorough, safe and still fast but turns over £250 to £300 per van per day? If there is a market for them I should be glad.

I’m out cleaning this week so that we can pack the jobs in before Christmas and if we get full up we are going to pass the jobs on to our neighbouring franchisees if they have any space left.

And hopefully we will break last weeks record this week.

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Nov 14

Oven Cleaning Franchise Animation Video

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

This is the new video animation for our Oven Cleaning Franchise Opportunity highlighting the main benefits to you of our franchise opportunity over other oven cleaning franchise opportunities and starting on your own. Look out for George’s pink slippers. Nice! Also I’m in it, strange with no ears though! This video was professionally made by a company that does these films, so not cheap but hopefully it will get the message across to you why we are different. I helped to write the script, so some of the funny bits were written by me, for example the no need for the gym bit. I’m trying to tell you it’s hard work!! Note I didn’t write the bits about the women kissing the OvenGleamer, in fact I have never been kissed by a client. The lovely dovey bit was in there to contrast against Jack’s lack of progress with customers, so I hope you’d get the idea that you’re be loved rather than scorned with us.


The main benefits of our franchise opportunity is:

1. The dip tank stays hot all day. Because of ‘The Secret’ we can keep our tank hot all day – it involves being able to secure the lid so that it is water tight so that gives you a clue, and the way the tank is insulated. But as the tank stays hot all day it just means you heat up in the morning for about an hour (if you are using it on daily as it retains its heat overnight too) and then it stays hot all day. So no heating up at each job for you, no running cables out, no heating up of dip tank with burner units, and you don’t have to worry about naked flames and the potential dangers of this. Saves you lots of time and means you can do a thorough job and have extra time to book more jobs in or go home, go and play golf, or go and pick the kids up from school. For us you need to do the tank heating up ONCE EACH DAY at home where you can control the safety and BE SAFE, NO trailing cables and NO live flames, and boiling hot tanks, outside of clients homes where there are unknown variables is a NO NO for us. It still surprises me that people buy burner systems with the issues of safety, a fellow oven cleaning franchisor told me the other day they had been banned in Australia as I’ve just seen a new video of a franchisor in New Zealand using a gas system I doubt it but it wouldn’t surprise if it were true.

2. The Bookings for service. If you  have seen our new office, which is quite large, we are all kitted out and prepared for rapid expansion with enough space to employ ten people to handle calls from our network. We currently take our franchisees calls, give quotes and book the jobs straight into the franchisees schedule. Our aim is to have a proper service nationwide where we can answer calls and be able to book the clients appointments out doing our competitors slow systems. It means we can get the calls for you before, and make the appointments, before your competitors, and you don’t have to worry about taking the jobs whilst you are cleaning or having to call back people in the evening.

3. Our on going training and support. I’m more on the technical side so I can answer nearly all your oven and AGA cleaning questions for example I’ve had five calls in the last two days from franchisees asking me about how to do things, from how to clean a ‘gold AGA cooker’ to ‘is it okay to dip the hob racks on a certain oven’. I also deal with the internet marketing myself which means I deal with Google Adwords (I’ve been doing them for ten years now) for our franchisees, landing pages, and local area websites, professional videos (in our new film studio) and video optimisation, Bing advertising and Facebook marketing. My wife does the business training and ongoing mentoring. We run monthly webinars and quarterly meet ups for a days training at our office where we now have a proper training room. It means we will help you to grow your business. For example, my wife Catherine, has just found a really fantastic idea to grow our customer base at low cost. We are sending out the info to our franchisees as I write  this. I am currently close to implementing a list of ten things, that a national marketing company is charging small businesses owners £10K to implement into their businesses, for our franchisees.

Nov 13

Oven Cleaning Glasgow Frequently Asked Questions

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I filmed this at the end of Malcolm Clark’s technical training and it has learnt everything very well. I used some video lights to light up the dark kitchen and filmed him with my wife Catherine asking the questions and it has come out well. I have been meaning to do this for the main site so I am going to look at editing these so I can use them on the main site. I also did some white screen videos of Malcolm which I upload once I’ve edited next week.

I have been editing these FAQ, Fequently Asked Questions, today and have just finished uploading them YouTube, and put together as a YouTube Playlist to rank at the top of YouTube for the key phrases that people search for when looking for an oven cleaner in Glasgow.

I am going to do some work on one of Malcolm’s video too to get it to rank on the front page of Google. It should be there in a couple of weeks.

For Oven Cleaning, Range and AGA Cooker Cleaning in Glasgow North contact Malcolm on 01401 280 3003

He covers the area in East Dunbartonshire of Bishopbriggs, Milngavie, Bearsden, Helensburgh and surround areas.

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Nov 13

AGA Cleaning Glasgow

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is a video of Malcolm Clark our OvenGleamers Glasgow North Franchise talking with Catherine my wife about cleaning the AGA cooker.

I filmed it in  our training kitchen, and used some video lights to get a good picture. I then edited it and have uploaded it to Malcolm’s Channel on Youtube. I’ve put some FAQ videos there too on his other channel. I’ll put them up in another post soon, they are on another channel which is also optimised to show the videos in the area.

From the video you will gather our kitchen isn’t quite finished yet. But we hopefully will get it done soon, probably in the New Year now as it coming up to the very busy month of December.

For AGA Cooker Cleaning in Glasgow please phone Malcolm on 0141 280 3003. He covers the East Dunbartonshire areas of Milngavie, Bearsden, Helensburgh, Bishopbriggs and surrounding areas.


Glasgow Coat of Arms

Glasgow Coat of Arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Nov 08

Looking Forward To Christmas

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Well we are into November and the month of December is fast approaching. I happened to mention to my wife Catherine that I don’t mind cleaning ovens in December so hopefully before we close down for Christmas I’ll have a few jobs to.

Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rathe...

Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rather than holly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

December can be a hard month as it is busy and we have to fit all the jobs in. In past years I have phoned up our competitors to find out if they had spare capacity but it has near enough been a no so I stopped phoning and now it is a case of trying to manage the bookings for out guys so fitting in more jobs and looking at maybe taking on a temporary cleaner to take on the overspill or giving me some jobs! Which is obviously what we are looking at this year.

So looking forward to that. I particularly like cleaning AGA Cookers when all the Christmas trimmings are up in the house, as it all goes together to give the traditional Christmas look like you see on magazines such as Home and Gardens.


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