Oct 16

AGA Cleaning Monmouthshire on Monday

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One of the things I have decided to do is to get out cleaning AGA cookers on a

Citan First One sold In UK to OvenGleamers Ove...

Citan First One sold In UK to OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning (Photo credit: GrahamRogersOnline)

regular basis and as yet I haven’t chosen a day that will be the day for AGA cleaning. But this week one of our guys went sick on Sunday night and rather than change his jobs for the next day I went out a did his jobs.

As the only van I now have available is my Daihatsu it was out in that which after driving the Mercedes Citan for the last couple of weeks was fun. I forgotten have unsafe I feel in it, it’s high up and the metal is very thin, (especially compared with the solid feel of the Citan)  and this with its speed makes it fun to drive.

I drove over to Newport and then up the A449 to cleaned a four oven AGA for a couple who were moving from their house in Monmouthshire.  It was a lovely colour AGA, my favourite colour, the same as we have at home, a claret one.

I tested a steam cleaner that I had with me as at our franchisees training last Saturday it was brought up that some of our competitors say they use steam cleaners. In all it seemed to work very well on this AGA, the light grease on the tunnels in the ovens, and the inside of the doors came off easily. I did try using a steam cleaner years ago and I stopped using it as I thought I was getting anywhere with it. I am going to try it out on some more AGAs to see how it copes with heavier grease. I also don’t intend to use it on electric AGAs as I think any excess water on the top plate, especially on a 30 Amp AGA may cause problems.

In the afternoon I cleaned a single oven in Weston Super Mare which was VERY dirty and it took me a bit longer than normal and it was tough.

But in all I had a good day.

Whether Mondays will be the regular day or Fridays has to be decided but I think Fridays maybe my preference. I intend to do two AGA cookers on each of these days and to carry out our new AGA restoration service, which we are just about to start marketing.

For AGA Cleaning in Newport and also in the Monmouth areas give us a ring Now in the office on 01275 370571 and we will make an appointment straight away.

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Oct 09

Roller Coaster Ride

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

These last couple of weeks have been a bit of roller coaster ride. I have been out with our new franchisee, Malcolm Clark the Glasgow Franchisee in the video above, getting him up to speed and at the same time we have had a lot of problems in our office. We have still not got our lines sorted out properly in the office. The lines were down which meant that we were restricted by the number of incoming calls and also meant that we could phone out. It has been a complete cock up by BT they got everything wrong but lucky enough we managed to find out the right people to contact to sort everything out. At the same time we discovered that the franchisees new van hadn’t been ordered even though all the initial paperwork had been processed months ago. We found the right van, with tailgate, in Scotland and it has been driven down and will be fitted out in the next couple of days and hopefully be ready for Malcolm to drive back to Scotland all fitted out and ready to go.

On the other hand I have been rather pleased with myself in that I have found something, a new service, that we can easily add on to our existing service which will really give us and the franchisees a new dimension. I can’t really say what it is yet, but I am amazed how straight forward the implementation of it is going to  be, or I should say how easy it currently looks.