Sep 20

Oven Cleaning Leeds OvenGleamers first week

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Jerry, our new franchisee in the north part of Leeds, has started and this is first week. So things have being going well. He cleaned a Rangemaster on his first day as his first ever job and it went very well. The only problem was it was a posh gated

Terra cotta oven from Pompeii on display in th...

Terra cotta oven from Pompeii on display in the Science Museum of Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

apartment block where tradesmen were not allowed to work in the back of their vans in the enclosure, so he had to strip the oven down and then drive off site to finish of the clean. He did actually put the stuff in the tank whilst in the enclosure and the  security bloke, concierge, got in a flap that he was ‘working in the back of his van’ but Jerry insisted that he was just putting things into his van.  He drove off to get them out when they were ready. In the end he finished the job and got a very nice thank you, with a bigger than expected cheque, from the client who was very very pleased.

Jerry has been doing ovens every day this week and he has been phoning me every day to check with me the right procedures to clean each oven to make sure he is doing it right.

He also had an AEG Competence where he had tried to get the door apart by taking the handle on the door off. But I told him the right way to do it – it is a case of pulling on the inner glass as it is like on a spring clip and it just pops out – easy when you know how but it took me a while before I realised myself how to do it.

Today he had a SMEG where the bottom of the oven was very badly marked with scratches, which is something I have seen a lot. It normally has happened because people have put foil onto the bottom of the oven. As the SMEG has a heating element under this floor the heat make the foil very hot and it damages the enamel. When you clean the oven and polish it up it makes the enamel damage look like it is brand new which it isn’t, it is just cleaned existing damage.

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Sep 18

Last Week Big Move of OvenGleamers

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This last week has been a very hectic week. We were due to move today (Wednesday) but as BT cut our broadband off at the end of last week and then cut our phones on Monday we decided that we might as well just move all of our stuff to the new

BT Ireland logo (2005 - Present)

BT Ireland logo (2005 – Present) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

premises. BT told us that the broadband had been switched off a week previously by mistake and that we were using the Broadband on fumes; I’m not sure how that all works. And when we told them we were going to lose a lot of money by having now phones for a few hours they told us that it was a fault on the line and they hadn’t turned our line off too soon! In all the service you get with BT depends on who you speak to; sometimes it is really poor but other times it is very good. In all we have coped with taking calls on a mobile phone and connecting our PCs to the internet using WIFI dongles. Funnily enough at one point we were getting better WI-FI connection from the bus when it was outside at the bus stop than the normal BT Open Zone. So in all although we were hopping mad with BT we did in the end take a reasonable amount of money on pre-paid bookings on the phones after they had been diverted to our mobiles, and we were able to move all the stuff in the sunshine which wouldn’t have been the case if we had done it a day later.

So at the end of the last week I moved all the bits and pieces of builders rubbish out of the new office and started getting the plaster off the floor. Then we had a cleaner in to clean all the floors on Monday and then we started moving all the desks from the old office to the new one. Then we moved the computers and phones and also got out the ‘new’ furniture we had acquired ready for the move. So new cupboards and new sofas. And we had all our new signs put up outside. We moved the ovens I use in the training kitchen to the new training kitchen.

Yesterday we had the workmen back in to finish off our electrics and finish off the new training kitchen and I spent most of the day scraping off the window graphics on the office windows, which was a really hard job – continuous scraping to get it off, it isn’t easy to get it off at all. We also moved the AGA from the old office and put it on the floor of our new office waiting for a plinth to arrive. It was a case of getting a couple of our guys to help me – they did most of the heavy lifts of the AGA bits. We are going to do a better job of setting the AGA up this time and I am therefore getting a plinth to bring it up to the right height – I’ve ordered one today I found a great deal – hopefully it arrive tomorrow and we can get the AGA into our new training kitchen.

Today we’ve got the phones back working and are just about to get the broadband sorted so we will be up an running in our new office. The office is really looking good now. So myself and my wife Catherine have our own office now. We have a reception room for potential franchisees to wait in, a new training kitchen and an area we can use as a training room and also a filming room.

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Sep 12

Oven Cleaning Glasgow North

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


This is our new franchisee Malcolm Clark who will be starting in the Glasgow area very soon. He will be covering Glasgow (North), Bishopsbriggs, Bearsden, Helensburgh, Milngavie, Balloch, and Loch Lomond areas of West Dunbartonshire.

The smaller towns are Shandon, Drymen, Gartness, Kilkan, Strathblane, Fintry, and Balfron.

Sep 11

Oven Cleaner Lump on Back of Hand

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Jerry our new oven cleaning Leeds franchise for OvenGleamers is now on his last two days of training. Last week we had quite a hectic week and it continued into this week and we went out both on Monday and Tuesday. We were going to spend some time in the office training on Tuesday but one of our employees had a lump appear on the top of his hand. He went to the local cottage hospital where they’ve got a minor treatment centre and they told him it was a ganglion. Alan has been with us for nearly six years and this is the first hint of any such lump. They told him to take three days off work. So myself and Jerry had to do his jobs on Tuesday.

So in all last week Jerry cleaned two ovens on the Monday, with me cleaning the other one, on Tuesday we cleaned an extractor and a hob in a local home for the elderly for job one, then we cleaned a single oven in a nice housing estate for job 2 (nice lady very dirty oven). Job three was a double oven with hob and extractor and job four was a single oven (but as it was at the end of the kitchen and the sun was blazing through the door it was very hot).

On Wednesday we cleaned a four oven AGA, just outside Pewsey, together which came up very well. I tried out a steam cleaner I took with me to clean oven 3 and 4 and it did help a bit in some of the cleaning of the detail of the

Ganglion Cyst located on right wrist

Ganglion Cyst located on right wrist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ovens. Then we went back to the office.

Then on Thursday we did a 2 oven AGA, again in Pewsey (an advert in a local magazine had bought us £600 of business in a few days when it had been delivered, with a couple of AGAs, a AGA module and a few single and double ovens) and a single oven in the same house. I cleaned the single and Jerry cleaned the AGA and because of this we finished the job earlier than expected and  then we drove to the next job hopeing to start earlier but had to wait for an hour an a half as they were moving out and we had to wait for the removers to pack away the contents of the kitchen.

On Friday Jerry cleaned a double oven, hob and extractor all on his own with me hanging around outside ready to give support if he needed it – he didn’t.

On Monday this week we cleaned a double oven, which I had cleaned last year and which had then been a nightmare, but this year it wasn’t so bad and Jerry learnt how to strip a Creda oven down and clean it properly. Jerry then cleaned a range cooker. We popped into the AGA shop in Highbridge so I could show Jerry how AGAs look when they are new and look at some of the other brands the AGA Rangemaster group make such as the Falcon range, the 6:4 and the Rayburn cooker. We then went back to the office in Bristol.


What is a ganglion? Well from the NHS site  (I noted on the site that the old recommended method of bashing it with something heavy isn’t to be recommended now):


A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled swelling that develops near a joint or a tendon. The cyst can range from the size of a pea to the size of a golf ball.

Ganglion cysts usually appear on the back of the wrist. They look and feel like a smooth, soft lump under the skin. They are made up of a thick, jelly-like fluid, called synovial fluid, which surrounds joints and tendons to lubricate and cushion them during movement.

Ganglions can occur alongside any joint in the body, but are most common on the wrist, hand and fingers.

Ganglions are harmless but may cause mild pain, especially if they are next to a nerve. If they do not cause any pain or discomfort, they can be left and may disappear without treatment.

It is not clear why ganglions form, but they can be related to ageing or injury to the joint or tendon. They occur when the synovial fluid that surrounds a joint or tendon becomes damaged in some way so it collects and forms a swelling beneath the skin.

Treatment options

Treatment is usually only recommended if the cyst causes pain or affects the range of movement in a joint

The two main treatment options for a ganglion cyst are:

  • draining fluid out of the cyst with a syringe (the medical term for this is aspiration)
  • cutting the cyst out during surgery
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Sep 03

Professional Oven Cleaning Van Citan A Winner

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jerry Hyde our new franchisee for Leeds started training this week and on the first day we normally would have done business training but as one of our employees went sick last week (bad back caused from something at home) we had a full day of

日本語: ボッシュ社ロゴマーク

日本語: ボッシュ社ロゴマーク (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

jobs booked in for him but no one to clean them. So we decided to switch the training around and I took Jerry out to do the cleaning jobs. They were all repeat customers so in all it was a straight forward day. I cleaned the first oven as a demonstration and then Jerry got more involved in jobs two and three. We did a single, followed by two double ovens with hob and extractors. So the day was £67 + £118 + £118. So in all not a bad day. The ovens were an old Neff, an AEG double and a Bosch double. So I could point out the potential pitfalls to look out for when when cleaning these oven types, for example the problems with the hinges on the Neff and Bosch doors, that if you don’t know what you are looking for can cost you and the painted internal glass on the door of the AEG which can easy disappear with one pass of the scraper.

Jerry was star and got stuck in. And the van was too, I loved! I haven’t actually used our new Mercedes-Benz Citan to actually do proper oven cleaning jobs myself. I have driven the van ‘dry’ as a demonstrator and I have gone out with our employee in our other Citan van but not the new one which is the same as the franchisee van build with the tailgate. The tailgate really makes it easy to open up the rear compartment and the tank did stay ‘Hot All Day’ as my franchisees have been telling me, infact at 1530 it was still very hot and I couldn’t leave my gloved hand in the solution for more than twenty seconds.

And driving the van was great too, the driving position, parking with the reversing sensors in tight spaces was easy, and the stop start technology worked every time we stopped in the heavy Bristol traffic.

In all I really enjoyed my day it was good to do some oven cleaning again.

Today we are out again and for our first job we are off to clean for a local charity accommodation house where they provide accommodation for older people (average age 87) who buy flats in their complex and they provide care to them. We clean their  ovens when they change over. Today we are cleaning a hob and extractor in one of the flats. Then we have got another three jobs across Bristol.

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