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Jun 27

Beko Oven Faulty – Flavo Milano 50 Leisure Flavel – Life Threatening Problem

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Beko Problem - FatalI’ve just found a newspaper clipping in my drawer which I obviously cut out with a view to doing a post on it.

It was in the news back in April and it was about two men who had died when they had switched their Beko oven on.  They died of carbon monoxide fumes minutes after switching on the grill. From what I read it looks like the oven is very well sealed and because of this carbon monoxide is realeased into the room when the door of the grill is shut when it is in use. They were the seventh and eighth deaths in Britain in two years caused by the faulty ovens. The figure is now up to ten. These are people who weren’t traced by the manufacturer Beko when they did a recall on the oven.

Apparently even though there is this serious problem with these cookers there are still 6,990 of them being used in the UK.

390,320 of these cooker were sold in the UK.

They were made prior to Jan 2009.

6,990 still haven’t been traced after the recall by Beko.

It is left to the manufacturer to how and when it is done even though use of these cookers is life threatening.


They may be branded Beko, Flavel, Leisure

Click on this link to find out if your cooker is dangerous.

How Do I tell If My Cooker is Dangerous?

So as this is the time of year that we get lots of student accommodation cleans I will ensure that our guys carry the model numbers with them and to look out for them, and we’ll send out a letter to our clients with our latest newsletter.


Also Beko fridge freezers may be dangerous


Jun 24

Oven Cleaning Testimonial

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I went out cleaning last Monday with one of our guys and this is a testimonial I got from Paul Avins who is also our Business Coach.

We went to Oxford and Bicester for the day and cleaned three ovens. Here we cleaned Paul’s oven and it came up it all came up very well and he gave us a video testimonial which was very good of him.

We have been going to the Business Wealth Club now for a year and are still looking for a franchisee to cover that area.

So if you are looking for an oven cleaning franchise opportunity in that area.

Click Here And then put in your Name and Email address to get further information on our OvenGleamers Franchise Opportunity.

Jun 21

Oven Cleaning Franchise Van Fit Out

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is the new video showing our van fit out in the rear compartment, which I think is the ideal fit. It is a frequently asked question and I am currently doing a series of these videos. I pronounced Polypropylene wrong and I stumbled a bit on trying to say that I think the OvenGleamers fit out is the best one for a professional oven cleaner.

This is the video that made me go and weigh myself! So in a few months I’ll look thinner again, but don’t you worry about that the content is good. The things you need to note are:

1. We use an electrically heated dip tank that is insulated.

2. Our system is the fastest in the market place in that the solution stays hot all day after an hours charge up at the beginning of the day, with the note that there is a secret to keeping hot – I’ll tell you if you come and see us. Because of this you can get more jobs done in a day with less work (i.e no work on the racks when you take them out of the tank, no turning on burners like a gas system, no having to stay with the van to make sure the flame doesn’t go out) which means that you can either make more money or spend more time at home with the kids or get down to the golf club.

3. The back area is lined and has plastic welds to keep it as water tight as possible, though it still isn’t one hundred per cent tight as we had water seep, just a mere trickle, into the middle compartment last week – I think my lastest van fit the new build with the tailgate – not the one in the video above will solve this as we have done the bottom welds differently. The plastic lining is easy to maintain and you can keep it looking like new with just a wipe out each day. The role of the lining is to keep the van as good as new under the lining for the whole life use as an oven cleaning van

4. We now order tailgated versions of the Mercedes-Benz Citan van as our Franchise Partner vans. Look out for the videos.

Really the lined area is really fabulous our original vans had just a ply partition and nothing on the floor or sides of the van and over the years the finish on the van has now disappeared, and its really difficult to keep up to any standard. Also water seeped regularly into the middle compartment, and at one time in my origin van I managed to get all the contents of the tank into the drivers foot well at the front of the van.

If you are interested in our franchise please click here and enter in your name and email address. There will be a video series available to only those people who sign up.

Enter Name and Address Here

Jun 20

Graham Rogers at Mercedes Van Experience Day 2013

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

So here is the video of me at the Mercedes Benz Van Experience 2013. The best bit as you’ll see is driving down the road towards the cones (I was a passenger) and then swerving and the EVS kicking in. The bit in the video where the Vito gets out of shape doing the same move is I think because they turned the EVS off on that one. The Citan stuck to the skid pan and wouldn’t skid even though I was driving it very fast in second gear. The track video shows driving the Citan slowing to get the lowest mpg as possible. I got 82 mpg but it was at 25 mph!

Jun 19

Too Fat To Professionally Oven Clean

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

A question that people don’t ask me but is something you may think about is: Am I am too fat to clean ovens on a professional basis?  And for me this is a pertinent question as I have just weighed myself and I am the heaviest I have been for a few

Losing Weight

Losing Weight (Photo credits:

years and the reason really for this is that I have been moving a whole lot less this year as I have been in the office all the time and not been out cleaning ovens.  So for me I can see no reason why I wouldn’t  be able to do the same amount of cleaning as I have always done, I will just feel more tired as I have probably  lost some stamina and won’t be moving around so well. But I know the weight will start dropping off pretty quickly and I know I’d be ‘oven cleaning fit’ after a couple of months.

Our experience is that oven cleaning like any form of continuous activity will contribute to you losing weight. Our first franchise in Berkshire lost two stone in the first year, as he went from being redundant, to starting an OvenGleamers Franchise,  to cleaning a lot of ovens in a short period of time. All the guys who work for us are thin and lean and one of our guys even drinks protein drinks to keep his weight up! I have noticed that our Exeter Franchisee has got even thinner than he was when he started last year, so the OvenGleamers weight loss programme is working for him too! 🙂

So really the answer is it isn’t about weight it is about determination and application to do the work and after a while all the moving around will contribute to a weight loss and making you all round a whole lot fitter.


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Jun 18

Mercedes Van Experience 2013 – Citan Van Star Of The Show

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I went to the Mercedes Van Experience Day 2013 last Thursday at the Prodrive track in Warwickshire and it was a great day and the Mercedes Citan was the star of the day (well in my eyes it was).mercedes benz van experience 2013

I dropped my son off at his school at 0730 (He starts early at kids breakfast) and drove all the way up to Warwickshire in our new OvenGleamers van getting there on time to register for 0930 ish. As this was my first time I didn’t really know what to expect, I thought maybe a few people and a hut on the track side but no it was a whole lot larger and more spectacular that. 200 people turned up for the day – and as Mercedes run it for 7 days thats alot of people who go to the event. They have 180 vans there for the day for use by the attendees! So not small affair at all. And apparently Mercedes in Germany are looking at doing the same thing as they don’t do it even though it has been going for ten years in the UK and has become the event and success it is today.

Mercedes hire a huge temporary building which is very much like a modern version of an RAF hanger that I was used to in the RAF. The same height to the ceiling and feeling of space. It didn’t look like a hanger though it was all modern white and stainless steel and had the black Mercedes logos on. Inside they had all the vans, a big lounge area with tables for dining and a smaller area to get proper coffees. They were serving breakfast when I got there but I got a coffee instead and then had a wander around outside. Outside they had vans from different fitting companies, so there were vans fitted out as cooler vans, so for example I chatted to a company from East Sussex who fitted out Citan vans as fridge vans and they also did Citans with a drop rear, and converted internal area, for wheelchair access. Outside on display were also Mercedes Used Vans and some of the top of range Mercedes cars.

So the format of the day was that we would take part in four activities. They split us into groups of about 50 in each group. I was in the green group. We had a lovely lady called Sarah to take us around everywhere. Each group had an attractive young lady to lead them around from each activity. Sarah had a degree in Zoology and had spent time living in Fuji. We travelled between the activities in four Mercedes Vito Buses.

The first activity we went to was the four wheeled experience. So we were taken out over a ‘four wheeled’ off road track with hills, tranverses, and ponds to drive through. The first vehicle we went in was a six wheeled drive monster brought in from Germany for the day – I find the details and put them in here – and then we went out in a four wheeled Vito. I drove first and really just did what the instructor told me too. I wasn’t worried I just trusted that he knew what he was doing. So along the traverse, up the hill and down the hill and along the big bump road. So all went very well, and I really wasn’t surprised as in my youth when I was a Police Cadet I had been out on Police four wheeled driver examinations so I knew about the performance of four wheeled vehicles. Though that was years ago and in a Landrover, today in a Mercedes it all seemed a lot more comfortable and relaxed and there was no stopping to get the diff right, I think it was just a press of the button. We swapped drives so that we could all get a turn. One of the other guys got stuck on the hill, that is the van’s wheels just spun and the van was getting dangerously close the barriers so the instructor took over and got the van out. I think they decided to stop driving up it after than as the run up had barriers on each side which might had damaged the vehicles and the vans weren’t getting traction even in four wheel drive. In my non expert opinion I’d say the top layer of mud was on a firmer under layer and the wheels were just spinning in the top bit without getting a contact with the firmer bit.

After the Four Wheeled driving we went on the Get the most miles per gallon from your van by driving the van around the race track. We had a choice of vans and I chose the Citan as I wanted to increase my knowledge and experience of the van that is now our franchisee van. For this test the idea was that you paired up with someone else and then you drove the van twice around the track each with the Average Miles Per Gallon being taken after this so you could get an idea of what you were achieving and then you’d do a proper measured run. So I did 64 miles per gallon in the practice run and then when I did a proper measured run I got it up to 82 miles per gallon. The trick was to choose the right line, not to get the revs high, not to  use the brakes and make the gear changes as smooth as possible, so it was driving at about 25 but keeping it steady. The best Miles Per Gallon achieved in the Citan that day was 96 miles per gallon. The guy said he was a part time racing driver. I suspect that he achieved the results by really getting the gear changes right – sustaining the gear changes. I’ll try that next year after a year of practising in my own van.

Then we went off to the skid pan. The idea was to show the capabilities of the EVS by driving it around a circle and seeing how the back end went out. I was expecting to have to do some skid control – i.e steering into the skid but NO the EVS on the Citan works so well that you could drive it flat out in second around the circle without anything happening, it just stuck to the road. They had some other vehicles without EVS and they were going all over the place with them going into a proper skid. The Vauxhall Vivaro was just all over the place.

The next thing we did was the slow speed swerve, so we drove along on wet paved road and then put a sudden lock to the left and to the right as though you were avoiding a small child or moose. Again nothing really happened, you could hear the EVS working and the forward motion of the vehicle wasn’t affected.

Next we went to another EVS test. We had a talk from the Bosch guy and then were given the opportunity to go as a passenger in a van to drive at 60 mph towards a lot of cones and then swerve at the last moment. So the EVS kicked in. I went in the Citan as a passenger and it was a bit scary but the EVS really kicked in and the van was easily controlled by the driver.


So overall I had a great day. They fed us really well with a fabulous lunch, and afternoon tea, and I loved the way it was all presented and put together. All the Mercedes people wore black uniforms, it was great to look at the ‘poshed up’ Citan vans, for example there was a Citan van with leather seats,  and other Mercedes vans and top end Merecedes cars, including that one that costs £187,000. I came away more confident in the Citan with the knowledge of the EVS being a big factor. I’ll be aiming to lower my fuel consumption as the amount of cash you can burn over five years by a heavy throttle is enough to go on a few nice holidays.. that’ll make the wife happy.

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Jun 12

How old to clean ovens

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I often get asked: how old do you need to clean ovens? Like is there an age limit, can you be too old or too young. Well that’s a good question isn’t it?

OvenGleamers Franchise Launch Middlesbrough

OvenGleamers Franchise Launch Middlesbrough (Photo credit: ovencleaning)

I started when I was in my early forties which you might think it a bit too old but of course I was happy with this and after getting into things I was doing 5 ovens a day, and sometimes more, after 18 months of trading. That was when we were the cheapest oven cleaning company around and I was doing this many ovens because I had a target of £200 + VAT to get to. See my post of pricing which I’ll do soon.

These days we aren’t the cheapest positioning ourselves at the premium end and because of this we don’t have to do so many ovens to hit the target which is still the same, even though we often go over it for each of our vans. I haven’t cleaned many ovens over the last six months so I know if I go out now I am going to ache a bit but I know that I will soon get back into the swing of things again. So now I am 52 and things are still fine.

Our franchisees vary in age, our oldest is 64 and the youngest is 39, but that isn’t because our business model wouldn’t be suitable for younger people we obviously would love to have younger franchisees. I left the RAF when I was 35 and this would have been a good time for me to have considered a franchise such as oven cleaning but for some reason I thought the IT contract work would be more rewarding! Ah the benefit of hindsight:-).

Our employees tend to be younger and at one time two of them were 19, but they are mid twenties now having been with us a while.  For older people the job is going to keep you fit and it is better to be active than sitting at home. I know the OvenClean franchisee in Chippenham sold his business as a resale when he was 71 a couple of years ago.

Our pilot franchisee – Simon Green in Berkshire – who is currently turning over about £1400 each week is the same age as me and is cleaning on average four ovens a day.

The number of ovens that you clean in a day is determined by your fitness which obviously will improve as you clean more ovens and your technique improves . It took me a while to learn some techniques to increase my speed of cleaning and I’d teach you those in our franchisee training. We teach you the techniques I have developed  as part of our training and it is just a case of making it an ‘Expert Habit’ where you go through the process every time for each job to get the reward of adulation (from the customer) and money (again from the customer) and grow your business.


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Jun 10

AGA Cooker Makes My Kitchen Hot

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Over the weekend it has been pretty hot and when I walked into our kitchen yesterday I thought “wow it’s hot in here today” and looking at the thermometer on the fridge it was confirmed as the reading on it was 48 C, see the picture in this post which is the picture of our thermometer. So pretty hot for a kitchen. Our normal temperature is about 40 but sometimes, especially when we get lots of sun our kitchen is very much like a conservatory as it used to be one. And also it is a small room about 3 metres by 2 metres so with our 30 Amp AGA it is going to get hot.

Our solution is to open the door! As we run our AGA all year round we have got used to the very hot summer kitchen.

Why don’t we turn our AGA off in the summer? Well there are two reasons:

1. We have found that when we turn our AGA off and then turn it back on there is a very good chance that one of the heating elements in it is going to blow. As the call out charge and fixing cost comes to £150 it is best for us to keep it on.

2. We don’t have a separate cooker, we only have the AGA and a standard microwave.

As our running costs are about £12 a week really there isn’t an issue with running costs. It is best to keep it on.

hot aga

Thermometer reading 48

Jun 07

Graham Rogers’ Oven Cleaning Company Hits Top Sales

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we have a few problems, this morning one of our employees rang the office to say that when he was replacing a bulb on the range cooker he was cleaning ‘it went bang and everything is now dead’. I spoke to him and he said the bulb had broken off and he had switched the light off but not the power. As the bulb was broken he used pliers to get what was left out and then it went bang. Obviously I told him that he should switch off the power when changing a bulb as we don’t want to lose him!! He then had gone to the fuse board and put the trip back up and even those the extractor fan was working the oven had no sign of life. So I jumped in the van and went out and had a look. So sure enough it was all dead, the extractor fan was working but the cooker was completely dead. So I was thinking we are going to have to call out an appliance repair company but then I decided to have a look at the back of the cooker. So I pulled it out and looked down the back. And looking down there I saw something that I was not expecting – the cooker had a standard plug going into a wall socket. I know smaller single ovens have these but I had somehow got into my head that large cookers like this one had to be hard wired in. But no there it was. So we changed the fuse in the plug and hey presto everything worked just fine. Phew.

I then went off and changed the spring of the cooker that I talked about in my last post. As I said I recorded it and I’ll put a video in here.

Then back to the office and then we had a call where the customer had had her oven cleaned a couple of days ago but when they came to use it today, they switched it on and then it went bang and the element in the grill and the element was completely broken in half. I spoke to the client and told her that he sounds if though the element had ‘gone’ and it was just a coincidence. As we have replaced only one element and then I gave the client the benefit of the doubt, in 20,000 + cleans I know that it is something that doesn’t happen because of what we have done. I told the client to get a appliance engineer to have a look at the problem and if they thought it was caused by our cleaning we would settle the bill.


So a few problems but the best news of the day was we have had an exceptionally good week as this week we have topped our best sales for while. We have been putting our daily takings up on a chart on the wall and as we take payments in advance is just a case of printing off the sales report from the card machine at the end of the day and putting them into the box for the day. So this week we have done very well, with one day we didn’t hit our daily target but on another day we did double our daily target. So in all a fabulous week which has really made our day and weekend.

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