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Apr 18

Oven Cleaning franchisee Testimonial From OvenGleamers

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Oven Cleaning Franchisee Testimonial from OvenGleamers.

This is a testimonial from Jason Luck our franchisee in Lewes East Sussex. He has now been going for about fourteen months and I recorded this video when we did his business launch in Lewes in February of 2012. I have never liked the video as the sound was rubbish on it. I think I must have forgotten to switch my mike on or something. But I have decided to put it on to You Tube as I am using the video on my new Franchise page so thought it would be good on there. Jason has a fabulous area in Lewes with the oven cleaning market being particularly strong and he continues to grow his business. If you are looking to get your oven cleaned in Lewes or East Sussex give us a ring on 0800 45 92 357 or click through to his website here: oven cleaning lewes . Also if you would like a franchise opportunity in an area that adjoins Jason’s, say in Brighton or Mid, West or South Sussex then go to our franchising information page here : oven cleaning franchise

Apr 17

Oven Cleaning Services Video by OvenGleamers

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Oven Cleaning Services video from OvenGleamers.

Here is a a ‘new video’ of my old oven cleaning video, so the old one edited and updated a bit. I have noticed that the line up for my employees has changed a bit with two of them having left and we have now a new operative. This is was when we were operating 6 vans in the Summer of 2011. So we managed to maintain the work for the five employees and get me some additional jobs. When one of the guys left (he set up his own oven cleaning company which lasted for three months) we decided not to recruit anyone and have had four employees since then, changing one of them.

Apr 13

Is oven cleaning business Seasonal?

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I have been asked recently is oven cleaning seasonal? This was from someone who had had a weed control business and his business was dependant on the weather and was also seasonal.

Well oven cleaning as a business does have its higher points in the year. For example the Yellow Pages rep showed us the graphical representation of calls to us and it showed a steep curve upwards from September onwards. So that last quarter is our more busier time of year but we still keep our four vans booked up for the rest of the year but it means more work from us to get it. For example marketing to our client base with offers etc to get the full days.

Also January can be quiet but for the last couple of years we seem to have got around that by running different offers. We have increased our prices as of the 1st of December and then run an offer in January saying get last years prices which were the ones before we changed them in the December.

We have just had a quieter few weeks because of the school holidays (we think) and then suddenly last week it all changed when the kids went back to school after their Easter break. Looking at the bookings for the next few days we seem to be doing well.


Apr 12

Living Social Deal oven cleaner out of business

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I’ve mentioned a few times that I think it is madness for an oven cleaner to take the risk of a Living Social deal or Groupon Deal as if they sell too many deals they end up working until the end of the deal for about £20 to £30 a day every day for three months which in the end effectively puts them out of business.

I noticed a deal a few weeks ago in Bristol where the company sold 200 cleans at a price of £19 a clean of which they probably got £8 a clean. The company wasn’t even a specialist oven cleaning company but a general cleaning company, with a bad web site, who from what I could see from their site had been in business for only a short while. My guess is that they probably aren’t in business now as they would have struggled to get the jobs in.

This week I have noticed a deal in Cardiff where the deal is £21 for the clean of which I would expect the, this time a proper oven cleaning company, to get about £9 per clean. They have sold about 90 cleans and there is still four days left on the deal

So if they get close to 200 that will be 3 to 4 ovens a day for the next 14 weeks. 14 weeks at £27 a day? Seems like madness to me.

We clean ovens in Cardiff too. Our price for the same single oven clean is £77. Our normal day in Cardiff would be three to four jobs returning us £240 to £320.

Which company would you prefer to have?

Apr 05

How long to train

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So here is a question how long does it take to train when starting an oven cleaning business?

Well I suppose the answer is how thorough and detailed do you go in the training? For me when training new employees and new franchisees I want to be happy that they can do the job straight away after training, that is I want to be sure that they are able to manage any job that we book in. For employees it is slightly different in that us usually we will only book in standard single and double ovens For a few weeks to get them up to speed.This is because we will be booking in 3 jobs a day from day one. Once they are managing this satisfactorily then we will start booking in range cookers and then later after they have been doing this for a while we will do some additional training on AGA cookers before booking these in. For franchisees we do all their training, including the AGA cookers in the same week but I ensure they all know how to clean every different oven, hob, extractor which they may encounter. In our training kitchen I can ensure they gets lots of practice  on taking doors off and putting them back and also ensure they can strip down the Creda Continental which can be tricky to take apart.

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