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Feb 25

Oven Cleaners Top Tips for Cleaning Burners

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

English: Spirit Vinegar Français : Vinaigre bl...

English: Spirit Vinegar Français : Vinaigre blanc Svenska: Ättikssprit Dansk: Gaeringseddike ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Eddik ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Eddik Suomi: Väkiviinaetikka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I’d share some top tips with you for cleaning cooker hob burner units that I have known about for a while but have been asked about more than once lately so is worth sharing.


Question one is: How do you get the black carbon off of the aluminium burners surrounds?


Well for this the normal process to clean them is to use a steel scourer or a soap pad and just grip the burner in your hand between finger and thumb with one hand and with the other holding the scourer in the same way rub the scourer along the aluminium. I tend to hold the burner close to my chest which means I tend to make my shirt wet. Doing this is hard and makes your forearms really ache, but you get huge forearms after a while. This method works 99% of the time and I get a great shiny end result. I have tried wearing an apron but found it too impractical and I and got too hot. But the tip is this if the burner is really black and just won’t move with the steel scourer, then I use a product called ‘Astonish Grease Buster Tablets’ which I keep as an emergency item in the van. You need to be careful with this product, and it does mean using some hot water from the customer. You need to read the full instructions and take the appropriate precautions! But I have found that for the really tough ones this product gets all the black off and gives a brilliant finish every time.


Question two is: How do I get the brass bits of the burners, that is the rings around the burners that are on some ranges, clean?


Well the normal answer would be again I use the same method as the for the aluminium rings as above with the scourer and elbow grease. But for a fantastic finish I use White Vinegar. You just soak them for 30 minutes and they come out looking like new. Again be careful with the vinegar and take appropriate precautions!!
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Feb 22

Oven Cleaning Franchise at National Franchise Exhibtion 2013

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We were at the Franchise Exhibition at the NEC on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2013. Our new Citan van had it’s very own stand which meant we had to man two stands, myself on one and my wife Catherine on the other and also our Franchisee from Tamworth Roger Gellion helped us out too. So we were able to show off the new van fit to those people who were interested. Generally it went very well and we are hoping that we have some bookings for our OvenGleamers Open Days that we are now running regularly. I drove the van up on the Thursday and got it in position and then spent the day at the Caravan show which was also at the NEC.  I bought some bits for the vans, new power cables that had already had been made up with the correct 16 amp connectors that we use.

Feb 20

Citan First One sold In UK to OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning

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Here is our new OvenGleamers van and we were told that is one of the first if not the first one to be sold in the UK. I been excited today as I hadn't seen it at all before today and was looking forward to seeing it. They delivered it at 3 o'clock this afternoon and I popped out in it to get some extra graphics put on the back. One of the logos on the back is also making its first appearance on the back of a van and that is the British Franchise Association Franchisees Member Badge. This is the badge that Franchisees who join as Franchisee members be allowed to have on their van and other promotional material. I had to get permission from the top of the BFA to put it on my van as I am not strictly a franchisee member but a franchisor, but they saw the benefit of me having it on the van as I could show potential franchisees the badge and tell them about the benefits of being a franchisee member of the BFA. the badge is red and just says a member of the British franchise Association.. 

So this was my second drive in the Citan, last time it was in the dark so this time I had time to play with some of the stuff. Overall the van is really great to drive and I loved the stop start technology and look forward to driving it up to the NEC tomorrow. I setting off early dropping my son off at School and then straight onto the motorway to get there on time, I'll probably be there pretty early, but set up starts at 1000. I'm taking a dip tank that we are going to have as a static display.

So come and see us at the National Franchise show this Friday and Saturday 22 and 23 February 2013.


Feb 13

Citan Van For Oven Cleaning Company

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Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines

Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I said in an either post that I had committed to the Mercedes Benz Citan, and it is currently being fitted out. It is the first one that Mercedes-Benz has done for us so we are treating the fit of my van as a ‘dry run’ to learn the ropes so that we will have a smooth operation in place when a franchise comes on board. Today the van nearly went off for the fit of the partition before the van had been ply lined! So could have ended up being a disaster. We have found from experience that to get the lining of the rear ‘wet area’ right so that it is sealed properly we need to make sure that the ply lining goes in first before we put the partition in. Then we can get the partition in as a perfect fit. We use no metal brackets and the end job is a very good looking job. So it has put the van fit behind by one day. But hopefully it will still be fine, we have until next Wednesday to complete the fit ready for the Franchise Show.


I test drove a Citan van last week, (not mine, mine went on the road for the first time to day) and my first impressions of the Citan van from Mercedes is very good. I’m going to put a full review together for next week. My van is the Mercedes Benz Citan C90 Blue Efficiency with stop start technology But overall the things l liked the best were – the stop start technology, when you get to the lights put the handbrake on and put the van into neutral, the engine goes off, when the lights change you push the clutch and the van starts straight away. It felt very smooth to drive and even though the handbrake lever got some getting used to I think I cracked it towards the end of the drive.
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Feb 13

AGA Cleaning after cooking the Pancakes

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I cooked our meal tonight and as it was Pancake day I cooked pancakes. I followed a recipe by Lucy Young in the book AGA Easy.
The recipe was:
Ingredients: 100 grams of flour, 1 Egg, 300 ml of Milk
Whisk the egg up and add to the flour, and 300 ml of milk and then whisk them all up and put to one side for 10 minutes. Then lift the AGA simmering plate lid and leave it up for five minutes before you start the cooking. Pour the mixture directly onto the top of the simmering plate. Wait for for a couple of minutes until it bubbles and then turn it over for another minute to brown the other side.
I remember for the last few years I have been using a pan rather than putting the mix straight onto the top of the plate, but this year I had a secret weapon. And you could call it a weapon as I sure it could double up as an axe if sharpened up. So what am I referring to, well the AGA Pizza Paddle. I bought one just before Christmas much to the disgust of my wife “spending £40 on that thing”. But do you know it is brilliant. Absolutely fabulous for getting pizzas out of the AGA oven and tonight fabulous for getting the pancake off the top of the simmering plate and turning it over.
So the pancakes were great, we had a savoury one to start and then a sweet one for afters.  But the AGA looked a bit of a mess after I had done the job; we need an AGA Cleaning company! The AGA has been getting pretty dirty recently; the main problem, that is if you’d call it a problem is that we have been cooking on the AGA a lot more in the last nine months that we had ever done before. We’ve been making the Supperlicious and Hello Fresh recipes – the food delivered a box that you have to make your self but they send you a recipe card and the correct amount of ingredients for each meal. So great meals but dirty AGA. The AGA will need a proper clean soon so I’ll either have to do it myself or get one of the guys to do it.

Feb 07

Citan Oven Cleaning Van Extraordinaire From OvenGleamers The Oven Cleaning Franchise

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Citan Oven Cleaning VanWe have decided to change our van supplier for Franchisees. If you read my blog you will probably aware that I wrote a glowing post about the Peugeot Partner van which I bought last year and which was going to be our preferred van from a preferred supplier a local company.  Unfortunately the company wasn’t able to get a van quick enough for my liking last year when we wanted one. And although I think the Peugeot is a fabulous van, it looks great, drives well, is robust, and looks great in our OvenGleamers livery there were some things that niggled me from a professional oven cleaner prospective. The supplier had increased the cost of the electrical fit on the last fit they did which, although I didn’t say anything at the time, was a bit of a cheek. And I didn’t like the fact that it only had one side door. If you’ve read some of my really old posts on oven cleaning van you would have seen that I mentioned that the best fit for an oven cleaning van is one with two side doors, and a tailgate. The only problem with this arrangement is that to get this spec with the doors you need to make a factory order and the vans I liked, the Peugeot Partner, the Citreon Berlingo, and the Nissan NV200 did come with a tailgate how ever you ordered it!

Enter the new Mercedes Benz Citan van.


In October 2011 I was training three new franchisees together and I remember being in the office and taking a strange call. The lady who rang was very nice and wanted to know what sort of vans we had. She asked me all about the makes, the age of them etc and then said, “I think your Ford Transit Connect qualifies you, but it may be a bit too old let me check”. Anyway she checked and said yes it would be fine and asked me if I would like to go to Germany that Saturday (it was Thursday when she was asking me) to view a van. I would be flown from my local airport and taken to the place where I would be asked my opinion of a van and they would pay me £150 in expenses! She didn’t actually tell which van it was, but it either had to be a VW or a Mercedes Benz. New Caddy – No, so I thought it had to be a new Mercedes and if they were asking for my opinion when my Transit Connect was a qualifying vehicle it had to be a similar sized one. So I booked the car parking for Saturday and then late on Friday night we got a call to say it all been cancelled. So I was disappointed, I had lost the £30 for the parking ticket but I thought “oh well I’ll learn”. A few weeks later a cheque arrived in the post for £150 – sorry for trouble etc etc.


So how does that lead to the Mercedes Benz Citan van. Well a couple of weeks ago I saw the advert in the Daily Mail for the new Mercedes van and then next day I rang the local dealer and they came out to see us. And the conclusion is we have decided to go ahead with buying a Mercedes Benz Citan for our Franchisee demonstrator van and also to start replacing our fleet. I have just ordered the Blue Efficiency one with Stop Start Technology and looking at the test figures they say it does 61 miles to the gallon; if we get that we will be laughing. They come as standard with two side doors which is an immediate improvement on the Peugeot and we have come to arrangement with our local Mercedes dealer that they will keep in stock models with tailgates for potential franchisees which is going to be absolutely fabulous for us and our new franchisees. The Citan van is a revamped Renault Kangoo which I have mentioned before was a target for us, but we never hit it off with the Renault dealer in Bristol (City Motors) and the last time we went to their showroom there were two female cleaners who showed us around! So the van is the same but the support, and relationship is different.
I am currently driving a loan model and so far it has been impressive.


What struck us about Mercedes is that they have a separate Commercial division, and they have an excellent support network across Europe (not that our vans are going to Europe – though maybe our franchisees may take theirs on holiday with them), and if they can’t fix your van on the roadside they will take it and fix it over night. Also servicing can be done over night. All big positive points for us and franchisees.


So the point of my van show in Germany story is you normally get back something if you give them something. The Law of Reciprocity.


So I should have my new Mercedes Benz Citan van in the next couple of days, it is going to be fitted out and it will be at the Franchise Show at the NEC on the 22nd and 23rd. You won’t be able to see inside it as it is static but you will be able to see its shiny-ness and how it looks with the Mercedes Benz badge. Oven Cleaning Franchise at the NEC
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Feb 06

AGA Total Control Problems Being Ignored By AGA Poor Customer Service

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I wrote about the problems with the new AGA Total Control last year it. If you look at the AGA Total Control Problems post on you will see that the number of replies to the forum entry is now up to 116 and people are still sitting with unserviceable AGA Total Control that don't work and lights flash and what do AGA do. Well nothing, just long silence from their customer care centre if you'd call it that. So they have paid £10K for the cooker which works well for a while and then suddenly breaks down, usually caused by poor what looks like water condensation problems caused by poor venting.

I was in my local AGA shop in Highbridge last October and there was an AGA Total Control there and the lady in the showroom told me that AGA were carrying out an upgrade to sort out all the problems. Well this looks like to be the case but they aren't helping people with immediate problems.

I hope they sort out all the problems soon as this may be a huge PR issue which may give AGA a black mark; on one side lots of unhappy customers with broken down AGA Total controls and on the other side AGA are winning prizes for their new 'brilliant AGA'.

Feb 04

Broken Light Bulb Covers

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Light bulb shattered in a microwave oven.

Light bulb shattered in a microwave oven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we got a call from a client in Bristol to say that she had her oven cleaned last week and had now realised that the oven bulb cover had completely gone. She said it looked like it had been sawed off as there was still the top half of it in place! The oven was a NEFF single oven, so grey finish, Neff’s special easy wipe finish inside; which is really isn’t easy to clean especially when they are caked in burnt on carbon. Also inside it has self cleaning panel on the fan cover at the back and on the ceiling of the oven. The bulb cover in question is the one on the ceiling. So usually when you open the oven you put your hand out straight infront of you and there it is. The client was very positive that the bulb cover had been there and that he had broken it. I spoke to him he said it was definitely not there and he had actually cut himself when he had gone to replace the bulb. The client didn’t want the operative around has he was accusing her of lying so I went around to the house with him. Before going we had found a cover in our spares cupboard in the office and so we went armed. I didn’t really say anything to the client and went straight to the oven and then after managed to get all the bits of the old cover off and then just put the new cover in place. Problem sorted. Did we break it? I don’t think so but I wasn’t going to have an argument about it and the client said she was sure as she said that she had tried to get it off a while back when the bulb had gone but hadn’t been able to get the cover off. Someone else may have tried and broken it in the process. If I get these bulbs where they don’t come off – they sometimes stick on this type – I leave them and clean in situ.


So for oven cleaning in Bristol give us a ring on 01275 370571



Come and see our Franchise Opportunity  – OvenGleamers are at the Franchise show on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2013 at NEC Birmingham.
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