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Nov 28

How to Split a NEFF or Bosch door with Triangles in the corner

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Here is a video of How to Split a NEFF, or Bosch Oven Door with the trangles on – the triangles refer to the trangle shapes in the corner of the inside of the doors. The oven that we had in our house was one of these and I used to train all our new employees on it. It wasn’t until a couple of years after we had moved out of the house that I discovered that you could actually take these doors apart. I went to a house where the lady insisted that I took the door apart and presented me with the manual. I found the right bit and took it apart. 


I have always found that when you take the outer door off the inside is usually perfect and you really have to be careful not to make it dirty. So I only take it apart when it really is necessary and this is usually when you can see a run of dirt inside and then it is a case of opening up the door and quickly taking cleaning the door and then putting it back together.

Nov 27

How to fix a problem with Baumatic when the nut falls into the inside of the oven

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I cleaned a Baumatic range cooker a couple of weeks ago and I had a few problems with it. This isn’t unusual as the Baumatic ranges are poor quality and if there is one range that is going to fall apart as you clean it then you can bet on is one. On my list of jobs I thought I was going to be cleaning two singles which normally means two single ovens side by side. But when I got there I realised it was the two ovens of the Baumatic double oven range cooker. The cooker was a the cooker that came with the house as the house was in a cul de sac where I have cleaned three other ranges all of which were Baumatic and one of them I had a problem with the seals which we had to replace.

The  problem with this was was that when I was scrapping it the blade caught one of the clips which is on the retaining back plate  nut for the screw that holds on one of the side racks in place. It fell out inside the cooker. I thought about it and as there was only way to get it back in and that was to take the panels off and then find the nut I decided to go for it. The alternative was to get a cooker repair company and the bill would have been at least £100.

To get into the inside of the oven to retrieve the nut I had to remove all the screws on the front plate of the range. There were quite a few of them. Then once I had done this I was able to move the whole front panel of the range forward and then get my hand into the space behind the oven – see the video. I found the nut after a while, it had slipped right down the bottom, and then I had to get back into place. To do this was tricky as I had to bend the little clips on the nut so that I could then put the nut back in place. But in the end I did it.

Then I put the panels back and finished off the clean and everything looked fabulous. So in the end a good job but I won’t be excited about the next Baumatic range I have to clean.

Nov 16

Children in Need Appeal with OvenGleam

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This year we made an effort to raise money for Children in Need, for every customer we book in today we will give 5 pounds to Children in Need. By twelve o’clock we had raised raised 130 pounds and by the end of the day we had raised £250. We booked in 30 ovens and as we get payment on booking we were paid when these were booked in and then we contributed £50 ourselves and then our business coach Paul Avins of  The Business Wealth Club chipped in £50 too. So in all a very good day, we haven’t booked in 30 ovens in one day before!

Our strategy was this: My wife, Catherine, was in the office at 0800 and did the fantastic artwork – see above!! 🙂 I know it does a look a  bit phallic (correct spelling) but it does the job – shows how much we are getting. She contacted Chris Evans on Radio 2 by texting them, they phoned us back and we were all set to go live when it looks like we were pipped to the slot by someone with a larger target. She then sent out an email, then we sent another email at lunch time and another towards the end of the day.

Then at the end of the day she texted Simon Mayo, and he mentioned our sum – which was £200 then – we got the other £50 donation from Paul afterwards.


Nov 05

Oven Cleaning Company Picks Up

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Queen's Christmas tree at Windsor Castle 1848,...

Queen's Christmas tree at Windsor Castle 1848, adapted for Godey's Lady's Book, December 1850 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Wednesday we got into the office and looking at the number of jobs we had for our operatives we were shocked, only one of the four guys working for us had a full day, the others were empty. For some reason I missed looking at the schedule the day before or else we would have done something then but as we had been on holiday the week before I was still in holiday mode and just presumed that we were busy. So we fixed things pretty quickly – we sent out a 20% off offer to our client base and three hours later we were completely booked up until the end of the week. We then had to have a 10% offer, we called this one a Spooktacular Offer which our clients seemed to like the feel of, as we were telling clients that the first offer had gone but now they could have this new offer. It seems to have worked well as this week we are pretty booked up and now with all four guys are working again after two being off with their broken toes we are are making up for lost time and revenue. Along with the fact that we are gaining momentum towards Christmas, now that we are in November, it looks like we are going to be going to be very busy!


Looking at our Franchisees Diaries they too are busy, with Simon Green our Berkshire franchisee reporting that he had the best month ever last month, that is in terms of turnover, even better than his December month last year. So this means he has been running his business now for two years and is now really packing them in to do 3 to 4 jobs every day.


I’d did a couple of oven cleans last week, a four oven AGA on Monday and a range cooker on Wednesday, but the rest of the time I was in the office.

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