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Aug 31

Oven cleaner toothbrushes.

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Here is a picture of a Selection of toothbrushes that I was in the Foyer of The Deep in Hull where we have been On holiday For the Last week. Really looking at this Selection I can’t see a good brush for oven cleaning. Really nothing beats the Tesco  Budget toothbrushes at 5p each or 10p a packet. Vie tried the  Cooper brushes ans they were rubbish as they Scratched the painted surfaces.

So a good brush for oven cleaning has to be:

1. Completely flexible so the head can move right back without breaking. The expensive ones break straight away when you pull them back, the cheap ones don’t.

2. Cheap to buy, why spend lots of money when you can get cheap ones that can be thrown away after use?


Oven cleaner toothbrushes.

Oven cleaner toothbrushes. (Photo credit: GrahamRogersOnline)


Aug 23

Oven Cleaning Van Love From OvenGleamers™

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Me: I got some thing to tell you about and I’m going to make it fast. I’ve got a new van.

You: Hmm New van which one?


Me: It’s a Peugeot Partner Business 1.6 75 bhp.


You: What the same one as the Citroen Berlingo you bought before and had that trouble with?


Me: Yes I had some trouble with it but it wasn’t a problem with the van it was problem more with the man who put in the electrics for the pump and then what happened afterwards with the local dealer who supplied the van to me. They took two weeks to fix a problem, meaning I didn’t have the new van for my new employee to drive so in effect I was losing money. So when I had the problem again – with another mobile fitter and the same van – I took it to another garage other than the one I bought from and this time they fixed it in one day! So the problem was with the Citroen Garage here in Bristol and not really the van. I had another problem recently with another Citroen dealer in Bristol who didn’t solve a warranty problem with the van in an elegant or efficient way so really Citroen dealers and the way they operate have some thing to be desired. The van though has been fine, it is great to drive, is very good on petrol – averaging about 48 ish to the galllon, has a great radio and It goes well and has the threesome seats. So you can have your ultimate fantasy … three in a van.  Really the only problem with it was nicked.


You: Three in a van nice. What did you say the problem was nicked? What do you mean?


Me: Easily they smashed the window and ripped it off it’s bracket.


You: So expensive for a new window but what was it? The problem thing?


Me: That annoying awful Traffic Master. The Sat Nav with the year 2000 display and the annoying nagging woman, worst than the wife, and that’s saying something, who would keep on changing her mind.


You: You mean that it gave you different routes depending on the density of the traffic.


Me: Well yes it did but then it would change back to the original route, and then change again sometimes right at the last minute. For me I like a route and then that’s it unless I become stationary. To replace the stolen Traffic Master would be £300. So Tom Tom versus Traffic Master the Tom Tom wins every time; I use the £100 one.


You: So why the Peugeot Van?


Me: Well we really like Peugeot . The wife had a beautiful Peugeot 406 Sports Coupe when we met and she bought it from the same garage we now use in Bristol, so really that was the start about ten years ago. Also our office manager’s husband works for Peugeot on the service desk and when we had gone through the Ford dealers (terrible service) for our van servicing and also tried Citroen and Daihatsu dealers (very expensive), with lots of hassle and cost, we tried Peugeot once and then have never looked back. So all our vans and company car now get serviced by them. The dealer in Bristol, Robins and Day, is actually owned by Peugeot itself and once you know this you start to understand why Citroen and Peugeot, in Bristol, are different. One is a franchised dealers and the other one doesn’t. Once you know that it makes the decision easier. We never really thought about buying from them until one day we had a call from Peugeot head office who asked us if we’d like a chat to someone from our local branch about van supply. So we made the appointment and they came to our office and saw us. They told us that they could arrange a fit out of the vans to our spec and supply us when we needed them. We also had a meeting with the main finance person from the Robins and Day who advised us on the best finance package to go with and advise our franchisees on. Up until now I have been taking the franchisees van from one fitter to another getting each stage of the fit done. This has meant me, and sometimes the franchisee, driving the van between the different fitting stations. I wanted someone to do this for me so that I could get a the same build but without my input. So I bought my van a couple of weeks ago and the intention was to go through the process of getting it fitted out so we could get it right before we have to do some franchisee fits next month. As we have got used to getting the vans fitted ourselves  the quality has been ever increasing and  is now top notch. Peugeot did get us a quote from a professional coach builder company in Bristol. The spec they gave me wasn’t detailed enough, and the van fits they showed me didn’t have the welded seams on the joins of the Polypropylene panels we have in our wet area and I’m sure the build wouldn’t have matched mine and the cost would have come in at another 1000 pounds. I have already looked at the spec of one of our competitors and decided that I could build a better fit for the price that their supplier does it for. They don’t do like we d; they just put in a polypropylene partition which is just 14mm thick as the partition and don’t line the rear and water-seal the rear compartment like we do. Ours is water tight stopping any fluids getting into the central compartment, there’s isn’t. Because of this arrangement they use a mobile water tank which I guess by the look of it is impractical. And the oven cleaning dip tank they use has clasps on the lids. I think the reason they use clasps is that they can’t get the quarter turn fasteners like we use, as they are extremely difficult to source and it took me six months to get them and they had to be specially made in the US. From my experience clasps either get wear and lose their tension, or the fitting become loose over time, meaning the fit of the lid won’t be 100% meaning leakage over time, if not straight away. This would mean the fluid in the tank would have to be kept low meaning that one charge in the morning wouldn’t be enough.  Our lids with the fasteners all the way around are 100% water tight and secure which means we can fill the water level up high which helps to keep the dipping solution hot and it also means that the tank will stay secure even in an accident, giving more safety all round, to the diver and other road users. My lids are also designed to be lighter meaning less weight to be picked up so your back doesn’t get the hit. The tank is also insulated and this really does mean it only needs heating up for one and half hours a day, so no trailing leads at jobs because the tank has gone cold. So the secure tank combined with our sealed rear compartment – we line the back area with polypropylene and also get the joins welded to give the seal – along with the way we fit our rinse water tank, means we have a unique product for our franchisees. And the partition behind the wet area is a proper 14mm ply board meaning it can be used to fit shelving and be used to secure our ladder and other stuff, and brilliantly, this partition is fitted without brackets, it is lined up and then stuck in place to form the perfect partition (before the rear part is lined). This has takes the skill of a carpenter we have used for every van fit.  Also Peugeot have given me their Peugeot ‘Protect’ Paint guard protection stuff for free, and all my future franchisees’s Peugeot vans will also get it for free too (so this is worth nearly £300). So the vans will have that showroom shine for a few years to come and look the business for their oven cleaning business. So in all a perfect fit in a van supplied by those lovely Peugeot people at Robins and Day.


You: So do you like the van then? 🙂


Me: Well  yes thanks you can  tell?  But with my van I had a look at it when I bought it but I haven’t sat in it or driven it yet! As I said the van fit is being sorted out by Peugeot but they are using the crew that I have used with one of them doing more stuff to bring the number of moves down. So it is still going through it’s fit and I should have it next week. We are going to put on a couple of extra stickers this time, so will look smart. I did notice it was the same as our Citroen except it had the Blue Tooth kit for making hands free calls on the phone and also it had Air Con which I am looking forward to trying out with some hot weather next week.


You: So it wasn’t fast at all.


Me: No sorry I got carried away a bit but I think you can see that I really love my new van…


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Aug 06

oven cleaning East Devon

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is Nick Paul’s video which I have finally put together. I had a problem in that there was a typo in the text and I hadn’t noticed it but when it was pointed out to me I had to change it. So it was a case of deleting the one on Youtube and then uploading this new one. I have done this video differently and like it very much so I the next lot of franchisees will get this video too. I still have to do some other videos for Nick but I hope to get those put together this week. We filmed them all in my loft studio which I have set up to do green screen filming.


But in the meantime if you are looking for an oven or aga cleaner in east devon then give him a ring on 01297 598345 you can visit his site here oven cleaning east devon
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Aug 02

Is this Oven Clean Franchisee Trying to Go Out of Business on Groupon?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


In the Bristol area we have had two OvenClean franchisees start up in the last year. From what I can see one is based to the North of Bristol and one is to the East and so covers a bit of Bath too. The one in the East is a very new franchisee and I guess he started in March 2012 he lives a few doors down from where one of our guys’ mum lives. And our van is there every night as it is where our guy ‘heats his van up’ or I should say ‘heats his dip tank up which is in his van’. As our tank is electric he uses a cable and his mum has a drive  (he lives in a flat where it is difficult to plug in his cable to dip tank in). So we seem to be seeing a lot of the Oven Clean van and he followed our Oven Gleam van out of the estate the other day.  Two oven cleaning business vans in one street. Really I don’t mind as I know they have small areas and if they do some marketing then it just adds to peoples awareness that oven cleaning as a service exists.

Yesterday we saw the OvenClean Groupon deal! At first thoughts we thought “well that is it he has put himself out of business!” As if you remember last November the independent oven cleaning company in Bristol put a deal on Living Social, sold hundreds in a day and put himself out of business as it pretty obvious that he wasn’t going to be able to work for 3 months with no income (Living Social pay you on conclusion of the deal – so you get your 40% or whatever you have agreed with Living Social soon after the deal finishes) as he would have spent this  payment really quickly  it would have been a case of working flat out everyday, doing four jobs a day, for no money.
We have noticed  in our household that all the deals of Groupon and Living Social aren’t getting many sales – it looks like people have had enough of both Groupon and Living Social deals -I think it has been also a sign of the times, that a few months back, when the sales were still high, people starting a business with no knowledge of getting leads or setting up a web presence etc were doing a deal just to get the work, got overwhelmed, and then went out of business and then couldn’t fulfil the deal. Because of this Groupon and Living Social Clients got frustrated as they didn’t get the deal and because of this they have lost faith in the quality of the deals. Though saying that we, as a family,  seem to be still buying the farm visits, zoo visits to take my son to and our friends who run a photographers in Bristol have done okay with their deals as they have been able to upsell quite a lot.


So because of that things have panned out differently with the OvenClean Groupon deal though. He hasn’t sold that many; I think it is largely to do with the fact that there are only three postcodes on the deal with the best one being the centre of Bath the BA1 postcode, and as I said the number of sales on Groupon has fallen for all the businesses on there.   Though the deal is really good timing for getting student cleans in Bath central though who will really love this deal, so I’d guess a lot of them are for that. Although we are in Bath too doing jobs at the full price for landlords. Why only three postcode areas? Well I guess that is the size of his Franchisee Area. Though I’m not sure why this would stop him targeting a bigger area unless there is an Oven Clean franchisee in Bath. Anyway he sold 53 cleans in the first three days and has extended the deal. I looked this morning and the figure is now 71 with 15 hours to go. So five days on Groupon and I guess he’ll get to about 90 cleans. So 90 cleans will take him approximately 30 days of cleaning and he will get paid half of the deal price minus VAT so about £7 a clean – £21 a day. And because it is Groupon he doesn’t get paid until he puts in the slip so in dribs and drabs. I guess he is thinking that he’ll get repeat business and he’ll be able to upsell on cleaning pans etc and referrals. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens.


We have been a bit quiet recently but I know that this month things will start heating up a bit as landlords have to get the student accommodation ready for the returning students and we will be doing the ovens at full price with our average job price of £80. For me when you charge cheap you really get the dirty ones! I noticed that OvenClean has put an extra charge on cleans that take over 2.5 hours for a standard single oven. I can’t remember the last time it took me that long to clean a single oven, – I did do a standard double the day before Christmas last year that was a killer but other than it was years ago. I’m guessing with OvenClean’s slow system that their average clean time might be this high and therefore they can get some extra cash on each clean.


Our experience with Living Social is that we sold 400 in our deal over two days (300 in Bristol, 100 in Cardiff) and only two people have become regular customers. In fact I booked in a range cooker and extractor at £130 (discounted on our regular price of £168) a few weeks ago as I was training Nick our East Devon oven cleaning franchisee.


I know OvenClean franchisees have business mentors when they start but really this sort of deal it isn’t something I’d recommend to one of our franchisees as the risk is to high of it going wrong. There is a risk that you’ll get overwhelmed with the deal and then you are stuffed. Lead generation in lots of other ways is the way to go and when you work at it it will start working and you’ll get the rewards down the line. Currently one of our lead generation ideas is working very well for our franchisees. I might let you know what it is… 🙂
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