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Jul 30

AGA Cleaning Clifton Bristol

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


Today I have been out cleaning again, another AGA cooker, this time in Clifton in Bristol. So just down the road from where we live. I have cleaned this AGA quite a few times before so as a repeat customer I knew the AGA wasn’t going to be that dirty. Or I should say it wouldn’t be thickly encrusted like some of the AGAs we clean that haven’t been cleaned for years, or even never been cleaned, and mean a bit more effort to clean.


I set off early and managed to squeeze a visit to the coffee shop in before getting there. I spent about an hour and a half cleaning the two oven AGA  (photo attached) and it came up very well. I didn’t have any problems cleaning it.


Then I went up the street putting out leaflets and also did the two streets along from that one, so in all it took me forty minutes to put the leaflets out. We have started putting out leaflets as a company out again as we have noticed that we are getting a return on them. We have changed the quality of the paper of the leaflets and currently it is a good time to put out leaflets as there are landlords out there looking to get their tenanted properties cleaned before the new students arrive for next term. Then back to the office to see how everyone was getting on in there. So if you are looking for an AGA Cleaner Bristol then please give us a ring on 01275 370571

Jul 25

AGA Clean Timelapse Film

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Our AGA in my house the AGA we have now had for nearly five years went wrong last Friday. We went out to the gym came back and it was making a whirring noise and the charge light was flashing. When the light flashes it usually means one of the elements has gone. The fan was making the noise so that meant it was probably going to need a fan change as well.


I cleaned the AGA on Monday – helped by my son Christopher. I did everything in the house, that is I didn’t take stuff out to my tank. So I manually cleaned the top rings, the racks, the handles and as it’s a 30 Amp AGA there isn’t a flue cover to dip either – the top cover doesn’t come off when it is cleaned.


The AGA man from Spillers of Chard turned up today and replaced one element (on my AGA the elements are in series so just one can be replaced) and replaced the fan as well. As the fan was changed two years ago they don’t last long! I think it is to do with the fact the 30 Amp gets very hot when charging at night and the bearings on the fan are bound to dry up because of this. Anyway a bill of £280 and he was on his way.


So I hope you like the AGA Clean video. My wife doesn’t like the music and, as she is my target demographic,  I may do another one with a different sound track; we will see by the number of views over the next couple of weeks if it needs any tweaks.
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Jul 18

Business Training Takes Oven Cleaning Company to New Level

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Cover of "Mastering the Rockefeller Habit...

Cover via Amazon

Currently we have become engrossed in Business Training again. I say again as it was something we did just after our son was born, four years ago, and the changes we made to our business were subtle but had a big effect on our business; the only problem with it was that it cost a lot of money and the two different coaches we had both went out of business – not good news at all when they are supposed to be giving advice on how to improve your business! This time we have joined the Oxford Business Wealth Club to take our business to another level so that we can join like minded business owners and really get things moving in the right direction. So this week I have had to read the book (I say ‘had’ as Catherine the missus read it first and then I’ve had to read it to get on the same hymn sheet before a whole day of training we are going to be doing at the end of this week) –  ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’ by Verne Harnish, a relatively light read, and because of this we are now firming up our strategy approach to our business for the immediate future and into the not so distant future. We are going to be sorting out strategy and our sales funnel in the whole day work out with our coach Paul Avins, some one I have known for a while now.


Also this week we have started making changes to our office, to get rid of the junk for example, I have sold two large 1000 litre storage tanks (IBC) which have been in my yard unused for 18 months, and  I have arranged for the coffee machine we have had for five years on lease to be returned back to the drinks company this week and it is going to be replaced by Nespresso coffee machine, hurrah. And in the gap left by the coffee machine on the office kitchen work top I plan to get at least one new oven which is suitable for training – probably a NEFF if I can find one which fits the bill.

So yesterday (Tuesday) we had to be in Oxford for a 0700 start – we drove up the night before and stayed locally. We took our son with us and he had breakfast with my wife whilst I was in the main room for the The Business Wealth Club (BWC). My wife then took him down to a Summer Camp run by one of the other BWC members where he spent the rest of the day – the BWC training finished at 1200. The BWC works like a breakfast club  but with the addition of business training as an add on. So you do the stand up and talk about your business for 45 secs and also you get topics to discuss. Also this week because of the sad news of  the death of Stephen Covey we had to come up with a list of the 7 Habits as a table, which was useful.  This week the main theme was: how to increase and improve the leads for your business. So from this I have re leant that for us the main thing we need to look at is our conversion rate on our advertising both on the web and in hard copy and really get to the core of the figures. For example I run Google Adwords for our main business and also for each of the franchisee areas.


If you don’t know anything about my background, other than my oven and AGA cleaning expertise, my main skills are internet marketing, including SEO and Google Adwords, and more recently Social Media marketing which have grown through the years. I used to be an IT consultant and when I started cleaning I carried on with some aspects of the IT which ended up taking me in the direction of Google Adwords and SEO. So I have large (ish) campaigns running for the business and over the years I have worked out the optimum way to make them perform and produce the results for our business and now the franchisees’ businesses, but they still need managing. The key thing from the day for me is I really need to get those figures tuned up and really look at how our advertising is converting. I think I have become complacent and really I need to put some steps in place to review everything and get the ad performing even better. Some interesting things were said about proofing Ad copy on Google Adwords before running them in hard copy, say in a magazine; I’ve always thought that high conversion rates have been enough but  I think if I do some split testing on my ads I can make them and the conversion rates even better. So hopefully our oven cleaning business adwords will be taken to the next level!


Also one of the topics we talked about on our table was Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) We need some sort of CRM to deal with Franchise enquires, and funny enough I think I’ve found the ideal one today, and I am trialing it for a week I let you know what I think about it when I think it starts doing when we need it to do.
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Jul 18

AGA Cleaning Devon

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Our new franchisee Nick Paul in the East Devon area has started strongly. He bought our customer database from us and because of this is picking up the repeat business we have established in the East Devon area, West Dorset Area and the bit of Somerset around Chard and Crewkerne. So even though the weather has been a real wash out in his area, literally, with huge floods etc (Nick hasn’t been affected as he lives on the top of a hill) he has had a great start. So for AGA Cleaning East Devon give him a ring on 01297 598345 or if it is anywhere else in Devon outside his area give the main office a ring on on 0800 45 82 357 and we will ensure that Nick or one of our guys is booked in to clean your oven, range cooker, AGA cooker in your area.
Because of the weather we haven’t found a good time yet to go and help Nick with his business launch. We are in the process of getting the PR in place and hopefully the two will fall into place and give him maximum benefit.
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Jul 18

Are all the AGA Cookers Still on For The Summer

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We have noticed that unusually the number of AGA cleans we are doing is down this year. Really the only reason we can think of is is that because the weather is so bad people are leaving them on and don’t want to switch them off. Even though it isn’t that cold the general wet and stormy weather gives you a feeling of Autumn where you are comforted by the AGA heat in your kitchen. We always keep our AGA cooker on but really that is as it is a 30 Amp electric AGA it doesn’t cost that much to run and the times we have had to switch it off we have had a problem with an element ‘going’ costing us approximately £150 to get it fixed each time.


So we hope that the weather picks up and we see some sort of beautiful and warm weather for a few weeks just to ensure that those customers of ours who usually get their AGAs cleaned in the Summer when they are off decide to clean their AGA cookers. But if you are looking for and AGA Cleaner please give us a ring 0800 45 82 357.

Jul 05

iPad Competition from Oven Gleam Oven Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is our win an #iPad3 competition we are running in the #Bristol and South West, #Cardiff South Wales area for everyone who makes an appointment to have their oven, range cooker or #AGA cooker to be cleaned between 4th July 2012 and the 31st August 2012. It is going to be the £399 one which has 16GB memory. Yesterday was our first day but obviously we are looking to get lots of interest in this. So for oven cleaners bristol and the other areas in the South West and South Wales give us a ring on 01275 370571 so you don’t miss out. Really I’d love an iPad myself but Catherine, my wife (see her in this video) has told me not yet! At a local business networking event on Tuesday night someone told me that his mate had entered an iPad competition then told his wife and then ordered an iPad to be delivered after the competition ended. When he got home his wife told him “do you know that iPad competition well you won!”. He didn’t say anything apparently. So here is an idea for you; as I told Catherine this story yesterday I don’t think it’s going to work for me…



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Jul 02

Wolf Range Cooker Cleaning Wilmslow Cheshire

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

One of the large stainless-steel ovens in the ...

One of the large stainless-steel ovens in the hospital kitchens, still in-situ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Thursday I drove up to Wilmslow. I wanted to go as I’d never seen a Wolf Range Cooker in a house before. I had seen one in the local kitchen shop for sale for £15K (just for the cooker) but not in a house before and I wanted to do some filming and try out my new toy – I show you it when I get the film done! 🙂 I left home here just outside Bristol at 0530 with the sat nav saying 2 hours 35 minutes and with a fairly straight forward run I got to the house, where I was meeting Peter Richardson our Manchster South OvenGleamers franchisee, at 0835 – the traffic at roadworks on the M6 and just outside Wilmslow slowed me down a bit. Not bad as I was in the “Jelly” (what our guys call my van the Daihatsu Extol which is still 100% reliable after six years but really isn’t a motorway van – it gets blown around too much!).  As he wasn’t there and I needed a coffee I drove down the road and got some sandwiches and a Costa Xpress Coffee (even though it takes forever to come out the machine), and then drove back. By this time it was 0850 and Peter was there with a very nice gleaming van outside the really large modern’barn conversion’ style house.

We had to wait to get in as there wasn’t any answer at the door, the cars were outside but the phone went to answer phone, and we didn’t get into the house until about 0915 when one of the children happened to see us through the glass front door. The Wolf range wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was expecting from the photos, I had seen online, a double range cooker with two huge 90cm ovens. But it had a 90cm wide oven and a 60 cm oven. The ovens weren’t that bad as they were self cleaning Pyrolytic so really they were pretty clean expect for the the fans being dirty and a few bits of burnt on carbon on each of the surfaces. The work was, however, in the hob, the splash back and the extractor which were all very greasy. So we got cracking and took it all apart, as I had my van, still hot from the overnight charge, we were able to get most of the bits dipped and I went out and rotated the rest whilst Pete did the main cleaning bits. I also did some filming and the results should look good when I get time to put them together. We finished the job at 1400 so with both of us it took five hours, so if I hadn’t been there it really would have taken close to 8 hours. The difficult bits were the splash back I had to go over it a couple of times and the extractor had heavy stainless steel plates which were difficult to get out and put back in. The hob had a proper gas grill in the middle of it, more like a barbeque set up, and on this the carbon was very burnt on; even after dipping I had to do some work to get it off and we didn’t get it 100%. So for Oven Cleaning Manchester South contact Peter on 0161 850 8899.

In the photos below you can see the finished range, note the blue colour of the oven, the bigger oven on the right had two fans and the back plate was a right so and so to get off and then to get back on – just four screws but they were difficult to get to.The extractor and splash back photo looks like it was a before photo, not the after photo, but it shows you the layout of the top hob stands on the range, the barbeque like grill was under the stainless steel cover plate.161 850 8899

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