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Jun 27

Oven Cleaners Wilmslow

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Tomorrow I am driving all the way up to Wilmslow to meet our South Manchester Franchisee to watch him clean a Wolf Range Cooker. So it is going to be a 0530 start for me. As we booked the job in for him I was

Wilmslow church Cheshire

Wilmslow church Cheshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

able to have a look at the property online – it is on the market – and it has a fabulous kitchen, and also I asked the owner for permission to film Peter. So my intention is to film Peter doing the work and maybe I help him a bit – we will see how it goes, really it depends how dirty it is and if needs be I will get stuck in as well.  The last time I did such a huge job myself it took me six and half hours, and that was for a similar type of range cooker by Viking. This Wolf is a double fronted one, so is bigger than the Viking I did which had a 90cm oven and a 60m oven. I charged this job out as a day rate of £220 and as she also wanted the front of her large American Fridge cleaning as well I’m going to be doing that  and I charge her accordingly. The Wolf from the pictures online, looks like it has two 90cm ovens and it has a  huge extractor canopy over the top of it too. The lady on the phone told me that the house had been rented out to tentants and the hob was particulary greasy but the ovens weren’t that bad so here’s hoping…

If are looking for a reliable efficient oven cleaning and AGA cooker cleaning service please give Peter Richardson in the Wilmslow and South Manchester area please call for oven and aga cleaning Wilmslow on 0161 850 8899

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Jun 14

Oven cleaning East Devon

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


Our new OvenGleamers franchisee Nick Paul started training this week. Nick will be covering the East Devon area. It is an area that we having been servicing as OvenGleam for the last eight years so we have an established customer base in place. Nick’s area covers Axminster, Honiton, Sidmouth, Burleigh Silverton, Exmouth, and Weymouth, and also Lyme Regis, Charmouth, West Bay, and Bridport in West Dorset, and Chard. In Somerset.  His van shown here is a VW Caddy 1.6 with air con so he should stay cool if we do get a Summer. The logos on it looked fabulous and when we had it all kitted out it really looked the business to do the business! 🙂

So if you need an AGA or oven cleaned in this area call us on 0800 45 82 357 or see Nick’s Page on the main site Oven Cleaning East Devon


A merged view of the front of the station buil...

A merged view of the front of the station building at Axminster railway station in East Devon. Opened on 19 July 1890 the station currently only has one platform, but between 1903 and the Beeching axe of the 1960s it was the start of the branch line to Lyme Regis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Mooring bollard at sunset, Lyme Regis...

English: Mooring bollard at sunset, Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK. Français : Une Bitte d'amarrage au coucher du soleil. Lyme Regis, Comté de Dorset, Royaume-Uni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English Seaside scene at West Bay, Dorset, England
English Seaside scene at West Bay, Dorset, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Jun 04

New AGA iTotal Control Launched

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


Found this video interesting as it shows a person switching on the new AGA iTotal Control remotely using her iPhone.


@AGArangemaster have done some PR over the last week or so for the launch of the new AGA iTotal Control. It is the same as the AGA Total Control they launched last year but now as it can be controlled from your iPhone they have renamed it the AGA iTotal Control. Really for me it really caught my eye and excited me that AGA have come up with this. But if you look at the detail of functionality then it all becomes a bit disappointing.


From what I can see you can control the 3 ovens but you can’t control the top plates remotely. So the question would be who would use this to switch their AGA on? For me the only reason to make the AGA controllable like this is to save on running costs. As having the AGA off is like killing the heart of your home! So for me someone buying the AGA iTotal control are probably AGA newbies and really haven’t had the experience of a ‘proper’ AGA before, and they got sold this in the AGA showroom. They were sold on the benefits of the switch-on-off-ability of it without really thinking it through.


I think it would probably work like this. You got your dinner ready before leaving for work and it is sits in the cold AGA oven ready to cook all day. On the way home with 45 minutes to go you text, or use the App on your iPhone to switch the oven on. When you get back hey presto one cooked meal. Though for me I’d probably want to do some additional cooking so I’d want the top plates on. So I switch them on and as they take 20 minutes to heat up I put the cooked food into the simmering oven which of course I switched on the same time as the main oven, didn’t I? Okay food into simmering oven and now I wait for twenty minutes so I can then cook some vegetables for the meal or maybe do a stir fry to add to the main dish – another ten to twenty minutes cooking time. All a bit of phaff really. Why not have a normal AGA and then when you get home everything is up and running no fuss and your  either cook your meal in 20 mins all at the same time or you take out a meal from the Simmering oven which you have slow cooker all daycooked your meal in the Simmering oven all day. If you get the 30 Amp AGA which is only a couple of grand more than the iTotal Control it will only cost you about £12 ish a week to run and  you have the benefit of that wonderful radiant heat filtering through your house. So any advantages of the iTotal Control would be cancelled out.

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Jun 01

Oven Cleaning Franchise

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Hello ny name is Graham Rogers and welcome to my oven cleaning business blog. I have been writing this blog for four years and as of February 2012 this blog has had over 70,000 page views. I have written about most of my experiences and frustrations with regards to my oven cleaning business. We have grown from just me in the van to now having five vans. I still regularly clean ovens and AGA cookers.

Since October 2010 we have been selling franchises and so now this blog includes franchisee training and experiences too. Also there is also an emphasis on AGA cookers in this blog as I’ve had one in my house for 15 years, love them,  and it was really the main reason I started this business back in late 2003 early 2004. So why don’t you join us?

Graham Rogers June 2012


STEP ONE: CLICK this link and read the post oven cleaning franchise

STEP TWO:  Click HERE and Submit your name and email to get my FREE  Oven Cleaning Franchise Start Up Guide

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STEP THREE: Click HERE to Get the OvenGleamers oven cleaning franchise prospectus.

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STEP FOUR: Give my wife Catherine, a ring in the office. She will then send you a detailed map showing an example of your terriorty in your area, and the current real returns and projected return our pilot franchise is getting in Berkshire. Have a look at what we are offering and then and make an appointment to come to our office meet us, see our system, see if it is right for YOU. Bring your wife, husband or partner along so they can check us out too.

Ring us NOW on 01275 370571.


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