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Mar 25

AGA Cleaning North Hampshire and Surrey

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is a new video for AGA Cleaning in Surrey and North Hants. I am creating new videos for our franchisees from bits of films that I recorded whilst they were on their training with us. This one of Brad Walsh our North Hants and West Surrey franchisee was taken outside our office on the village green. As we had problems with the traffic we first of retreated to another spot and then finally back into the office to record the film which I used on his three videos which I uploaded. But looking back at it isn’t bad.

So here it is a short video which with a few tweaks should be topping Youtube and Google for the keywords.

So if you are looking to get your AGA cleaned in Surrey and North Hampshire area contact Brad Walsh and he will be glad to help you. 0800 45 82 357

Mar 14

AGA Cleaning Sussex

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Here is the new video that I have done for our latest franchisee Jason Luck who is covering the East Sussex area of Lewes, Eastbourne, Seaford, Peacehaven, New Haven and surrounding areas of East Sussex. Also currently if you live outside this area he may be able to help you. This is the AGA he cleaned on his training course with me. It was quite dirty and had the normal three oven AGA dirty bits on the inside of the doors. But in the end it came up looking gleaming and fabulous.


Jason has been going for a few weeks now and is cleaning 2 ovens a day, so this is really fabulous. We went to his area and did a business launch in the main street of Lewes. This went very well, and on the same day that we got there  there was a great write up about him in the local newspaper, which also was very good. So people saw the press release and then saw the promo stand and us standing there with all our balloons.


So give him a ring on 01273 358 566 or click through to his site on this link:  aga cleaning sussex
01273 358 566

Mar 13

Easter is coming time to get the Oven Cleaner in?

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Well it has just dawned on me that Easter is coming very soon. And the Mother in Law effect that gets people to clean their oven for Christmas will be apparent again. So if you are thinking that your oven looks horrid, just horrid well what do you think your Mother-in-law is going to think about it?

Speaking to a friend of ours who is the Mother-in-law she told us that when she visits her son in Australia not only does she take over the kitchen and do all the cooking she also gives the house a complete clean from top to bottom. Apparently her daughter in law doesn't like this very much and has suggested that our friend stay in a hotel down the road. Well our friend says "well I go all that way to see my son and grandchildren and it's better if I'm there all the time. I mean I need to see them all of the time I can get as I don't see them that often". So in all she smiles and gets on with being the mother-in-law!

So there you go the mother may want to clean your oven for  you.  So get it done before she arrives if you don't want her to do it for you. Then she won't have anything to do. 🙂

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