Sep 30

AGA cleaning bristol

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Today  I cleaned a two oven AGA which wasn't too bad of a job. It was a repeat customer so we have cleaned this AGA about four times before and as it was in Bristol it was a short drive from the office. In all if AGA owners get their AGAs cleaned regularly the job is easier as level of dirt isn't as great as say someone who has owned an AGA for 30 years and has never had it professionally cleaned. The end result was a very sparkling clean AGA.


Before and after photos attached (which appear to be in the wrong order).



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Sep 29

Cleaning lacanche Range Cooker Brass

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I cleaned a couple of laCanche cookers, one with brass trim and the other with chrome trim, in one house last year and a couple of days later the customer complained that I hadn't cleaned the brass work on the one which had brass knobs. Really we always clean the knobs but we have never polished them. Usually customers are happy with what we do and we can get them reasonably clean using our normal cleaning products.

A couple of weeks ago Hugo cleaned a LaCanche range cooker and the next day the customer rang us and told me that she was dissappointed that Hugo hadn't polished the knobs as she was expecting them to be  "as new" after the clean.

I booked Hugo in to go back that Saturday which gave us a couple of days to find something to do the job. Searching on Google it came back with ideas to clean brass using Bicarbonate Soda and vinegar in varies mixtures. But a few weeks earlier a customer had shown me the effect of using a product called Maas Polish on the burner rings on his Falcon range – they brought them up to a mirror finish. Looking on the web site I found that it also cleaned brass so the next day I went to Lakeland in Bath and bought some there. I also bought some of the Lakeland own brand brass cleaned.

Hugo cleaned the knobs with both and the both did a similar job, that is a very good job bringing them up like new.  So this polish will now be an addition to our cleaning kits.

Below Photo 1 before. Photo 2 before and after polished knobs.




Sep 29

Oven cleaning cheltenham

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Ive been out cleaning ovens today as one of our oben cleaning guys fell off a ladder last night whilst decorating at home and badly bruised his knee. I went to Cheltenham and cleaned a standard double oven and hob and just down the road a single oven with microwave. The after pictures of that one are attached. It was an AEG continental which had a steamer in the bottom oven and the top oven was a microwave. AaThe microwave had a piece of glass that sat on thed floor. In all a straight forward oven cleaning job.

Sep 26

Oven Cleaning Scary Movie 1

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I've just put this together. What you think? The idea was to try to be scary and also humerous. The next one won't have that wasp on it! Or the pan boiling over :-).


So the question is are you having nightmares about your oven? Is it really that dirty that you need to? The funny thing is that I'm sure some people do.


So I hope you like this and hopefully you find it fun and entertaining; that is sometime you don't think of when you think of oven cleaning as a chore or a business opportunity.


Scary Xmas Video coming up next with the mother in law in…
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Sep 13

Big AGA cleaning day

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Today as a company we cleaned five AGA cookers and as one of our guys phoned in sick at 0730 I went out and helped ourd newest operative Paul (3 months) with a 2 oven AGA clean, double oven and 90cm clean. The AGA photos are attached. I started the AGA and Paul started the double oven ( Neff and extremely dirty). Then we swapped over and I finished off the double oven and Paul finished off the AGA. I love dark blue AGAs as they just look fabulous when they are clean especially under lights. Any way a great job as the cost to the customer was 216 pounds so Paul was close to his daily target of 240 pounds with just one job. I went back to the office to meet a potential franchisee who was with us for the afternoon.