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Jan 31

Oven Cleaning Company OvenGleam celeberates 14 Days of Love

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OvenGleam Celebrates 14 Days of Love!


Join Oven Cleaning Company OvenGleam in celebrating the run up to Valentine’s Day with OvenGleam’s 14 Days of Love!  Starting on Tuesday 1st February OvenGleam clients will be treated to a ‘Special 14 Days of Love’ gift when they have their oven cleaned between 1st and 14th February 2011.  Every day the gift will change and clients will not know in advance what that gift will be …as we all like presents to be surprise!  “The past couple of years have been hard-going for many and it seems that everything we hear about in the media is all doom and gloom, so we decided that it was time to cheer everyone up and offer something different this year!  Hence our 14 Days of Love Offer.  Clients will be treated to a variety of gifts over the 14 days ranging from the usual flowers & chocolates but also Love Poems, Love Recipes and of course discounts on their booking or even for one lucky person a FREE oven gleam.  So tell your family and friends as this 14 Days of Love Offer is on now!” said Catherine Rogers, OvenGleam’s Marketing Manager.  So go on treat yourself and your oven during the OvenGleam 14 Days of Love! Call now to make your appointment on 01275370571.


OvenGleam is the largest multi-van oven cleaning company whose 5 OvenGleam Operatives work full-time gleaming clients’ ovens on a daily basis all across the South-West.  Prices start at only £64 for a single oven gleam.  See the website at for further details.  


PS OvenGleam were inspired to offer an extension to a campaign being run by thebestof website.  OvenGleam was invited by thebest of to encourage their clients to help them score on the ‘Love-O-Meter’ organised by thebestof website.  By clicking on the link: clients can show OvenGleam their ‘love’ by recommending OvenGleam to others.  (Other companies can of course enter the competition too…but we would rather they didn’t…as we would like to win!).

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Jan 29

13 amp AGA versus 30 Amp AGA cooker

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13 Amp 3 oven AGA Cooker

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Here is a list of things that are different between a 13 Amp AGA cooker and a 30 Amp AGA.


This based on my knowledge from owning a 30 Amp AGA and having cleaned quite a few AGAs!


Installation of both the 30 Amp and the 13 Amp is the same that is you don't need to worry about a location in your kitchen as it doesn't have a flue like an oil fired AGA or gas one (conventional flue). So it can be on any wall. For the 30 Amp one you need a 30Amp electricity supply and an off peak electricity meter and for the 13 Amp you need a 13 Amp supply – which you'll already have. There is a pipe that runs from the AGA to take any gases that come from cooking. This is a 15 mm pipe and can be routed through cupboards etc to a fan that sits on an outside wall. I have cleaned an AGA recently where this run was 15 meters – really it is just for getting rid of smells etc which on a gas or oil AGA goes up the flue. On the electric AGAs you switch a switch to get the fan to work.


You'll need a plinth. You can build one yourself out of concrete  or get your builder to do it. The dimensions are on the AGA site. You can get a metal one which is adjustable. We have got one of these on our AGA and it is fine.


The 13 Amp seems to be very expensive to run compared with the 30 Amp one. For example looking at our electricity bill, as our 30 Amp runs on off peak electricity, we can see exactly the cost of running it. For the last quarter it has been  under £10 a week to run. Everyone I have spoken to re the 13 Amp talk of 'high running costs' of about £25 to £35 a week.


Cost of buying one: The 13 Amp is about the same cost as a gas or oil AGA and that is about £8500. For a 30 Amp they are going to be about £11000 but AGA do specials on them quite a lot. A new AGA will have a 5 year guarantee or if you buying from Twyfords-AGA you'll get a reconditioned one with a 5 year guarantee so you save some money. We bought our reconditioned 30 Amp from Mr Cooker which was like new for £5500 three years ago. The problem with second hand 30 Amp is that you might see that advertised cheaply. The problem with them is that they are very difficult to dismantle and set up again. The cost will be £2000 to £3000 so it isn't advisable to buy one on Ebay that hasn't been dismantled as dismanted.


I have read reviews on the 13 Amp AGA and still people are having problems with the electronics on them.  But saying that our friend has had her 13 Amp for two and half years without any problems. So really to make sure ensure yours has a warranty.


If you would like a professional AGA cleaner please contact us on 01275 370571

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Jan 28

Oven Cleaning Business Good Start to New Year

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

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We have had a good start to the year and for January we have been still had lots of bookings here in Bristol. In the first week and second weeks of this month we had one of our operatives off which is great for me as if they take leave when we aren't so busy they are going to have less leave when we are busier and I don't have to provide cover at this time of year. So for two weeks we have had just three vans operating and then for the last two its been four. The way January normally works is that we are busy for the first couple of weeks then it becomes very slow with not so full days for the last two weeks. It has been like this for the few years. However this doesn't seem to have affected our turnover as we have done what we did last year and increased our prices at the beginning of December to allow for the busy December month, loosing a week off because of the Christmas period and the slower January, VAT increase and increase in petrol prices.


I have just been cleaning a couple of days a week too. Really I have been doing this so that I could take people interested in our franchise opportunity out in the van with me. We have had few people come down to see us at our office in Pill near Bristol. I have taken them out and they have seen what we do. So this is encouraging with a couple already booked in for the next two weeks I hope it continues. Really with the current redunancy climate I can see the interest hotting up :-).


So we have been quieter this last week which has meant the guys have only had a couple of jobs a day rather than the three or four. But as pay day seems to have been reached everything seems to be back on track for next week with already a lot of oven cleaning appointments made.

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Jan 20

Milton Keynes Franchise Show – Oven Cleaning Franchise

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We are off to Milton Keynes this weekend to exhibit on Saturday 22nd January 2011 at the Milton Keynes Franchise Show. See So if you are looking at different franchise opportunities and would like to have a chat with us then we will be there this Saturday.
We have been preparing lots of things this week so have been busy with that. We will be taking our newish Citroen Berlingo so if you'd like to see our set up you can have a look at it. Also our Berkshire OvenGleam franchisee, Simon, will be there.
We look forward to meeting you on Saturday.
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Jan 07

Oven Cleaner’s 30 AMP AGA COOKER

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

 Here is a photo that I have taken of our 30 Amp Cooker here at home. It's looking pretty good even though we have now had it it for three years. It was a reconditioned one that we bought from Mr Cooker after we had moved into our current house.  The only problems we have had with it in the three years have been: two elements have gone and the fan on the back has also packed in, but apparently these are normal problems of a 30 Amp AGA of this age (It's somewhere around 2000 to 2005 in age). We bought it and had it installed just before Christmas which looking back wasn't the best time to have it installed, or buy it as the price was higher than it would have been at any time of year,  but as we had just completed our kitchen and left a gap for it it had to be done and the 30 Amp was our only option (knowing how expensive it is to run a 13 Amp AGA) as there was no place to have a flue, and my son had just been born and we needed the kitchen to be completed.

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Jan 06

Happy New Year from the Oven Cleaner

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Today is my first day back after the Christmas and New Year break, we tend to go away at Christmas as we close the office and the guys get a good break too. This morning I've been to Gloucestershire to clean a four oven AGA cooker. It was a straight foward job as I clean it every three months. In the photos note how clean the third and fourth ovens have come up. The other thing about this AGA was I could have sworn that it was dark blue the last time  I cleaned it.

Id like to wish all my readers a very prosperous  2011 especially if you are currently running or are looking to start an oven cleaning business this.year.Thanks for the support; lets clean ovens!



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