Oct 20

Thomsons Directory Sales Staff – Persistant And Ignorant

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After being literally harrassed by Thomsons Directory Sales staff – they really are the pits, well the ones that sale for our Bristol area book anyway. They have had an active campaign to disrupt our business by phoning us, on all our mobiles numbers, and all our office numbers, and emailing us when we are very busy in our office at the moment. Really would you really want to advertise with anyone who sets up this relationship with you? Really they are so rude and ignorant and really only have their own interests at heart.


The wife wrote them an email yesterday:




Hi Sherrie


I’ve just had yet another call from your company today – it was Debbie this time and it was a different man this morning.  In total over the past 2 days we have had 17 calls and emails from Thomsons regarding our advertising and now this is a case of harassment and I DO NOT want to place an advert with Thomson any more.


Your company is outrageous in its treatment of clients and I shall be writing to the Directors of Thomson and explaining exactly what it is like to be a client and be at the end of the phone being harassed by Thomson sales staff.  Your (the collective meaning) behaviour is despicable and you should all seriously have a think about how you operate.


One morsel of advice:  Ring client, request whether they want to advertise, explain any deadline, send paperwork/email….then WAIT…if we want to go ahead we will always respond before deadlines.


Kind regards



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Oct 18

Oven Cleaning Training Today

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I'm training a new person this week who is about to start his oven cleaning business. This is the before and after of the SMEG 90cm range oven that we cleaned this afternoon. It was in a right bad state, really 'minging'. Anyway two and half hours later the job was a done deal. It had self cleaning sides, which were black in burn on carbon,  and self cleaning fan cover at the back, which I dipped in our dip tank and I didn't realise that that it was actually self cleaning, as it was totally black in carbon at the start, until I got it out of the dip tank. We cleaned everything in the oven including the fan and all the really thick carbon around it. Luckily the there was a slide out enamel panel to protect the top of the oven (the ceiling bit) , so that was easy to clean. We also took the door apart and cleaned off all the grease inside – well not totally everything as like a lot of SMEG range cookers the door had an inner glass panel which wasn't accessible right in the middle of the door.


Anyway it all came up sparkling and gleaming in the end.


We then went back to the office and I ran through cleaning of an extractor including replacing the filter with a new one cut to size, our cleaning system, cleaning of aluminum burner pots, and finally using the electrical heated dip tank and health and safety of our equipment in the van.


I sorted out a problem with one of the guys who had been on course earlier this year. He had had problem with one of the electrical plugs on the lead to the tank. In the end I found a solution to this problem. He gave me a very good lead for a supplier of the products we use at a cheaper price.



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Oct 18

Oven Cleaning On Saturdays

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I was out last Saturday cleaning ovens all at one house. The clients were a couple who had just completed on a fabulous house just outside Bath near Limpey Stoke, and wanted the ovens cleaned as part of their moving in process. They had two single AEG ovens side by side and there was a microwave above them, next to a built in coffee machine.


In all in was a relatively straight forward job; people who inherit dirty ovens normally want them cleaned to ensure all the previous owners old dirt is out before they use them. Though the ovens look the same from the outside they were in fact different. One had self cleaning panels inside and the other one was all enamel inside with no self cleaning sides. Also I noticed when I took the doors apart the self cleaning one only had two panes of glass inside whilst the enamel one had three. Also the hinges were unusual in that you locked them and then the door slid off runners. And the other unusual thing about both of these ovens was that they had black racks. The side runners were chrome but the racks were black. I treated them carefully but really they didn't need careful handling as they survived everything I gave them. They didn't go shiny though just stayed black and clean!


I like cleaning ovens on Saturdays as the traffic doesn't seem to be that bad and it is a more relaxed day. For us we run one van on a Saturday as that is all the demand requires. Last Saturday Alan was covering but this job came in as a last minute and as the couple wanted the ovens cleaning straight away I took the job.

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Oct 15

Oven Gleam Oven Cleaner of the Year

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Well here's looking forward to our Christmas Do as we will be giving out two prizes to our operatives: Best Kept Van of The Year, and Oven Cleaner of the Year.

We have been keeping a record of how clean the vans are, both in and out and noting how many testimonials our guys have been getting and other good things they have been doing.

This weeks Oven Cleaner of the Week in our business was Alan. We have had lots of calls this week saying how fantastic he is. So Alan gets it this week. The van of the week went to Hugo. I have given Hugo the new Citroen Berlingo van to drive and he has added some useful drawers for storage in it and tidied it up. He mentioned that he has used the Traffic Master Sat Nav thingy and 'it's alright' – I hate it by the way; watch out for my post.

So the race is hotting up for our Christmas function.

Currently it looks like Hugo is in the lead for both prizes with our new guy Matt very close behind which is great considering Matt has been with us for a couple of months.

So watch this space.

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Oct 07

Dirty Oven to be cleaned

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This is the before picture of an oven Hugo, one of our operatives, cleaned last week. It looks like its the main oven of a range cooker. The after picture will be uploaded as soon as I can get it off Hugo. So might be a while!!..
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Oct 05

Oven Cleaners Big Day Back

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Beha-Hedo oven for industrial use.Image via Wikipedia

Well yesterday it was back to the oven cleaning business after two weeks away on holiday and it really it was a busy day.I spent the morning talking through our training course and giving a demonstration to someone who is very interested and things went very well. I used the single oven range that I have in my garage, or oven cleaning training centre I should say (well when I've spent some money on it).

Also there were a couple of technical problems to deal with. Mathew, on of our guys, had had problem with a door whilst we were away as when he put it back together it didn't close properly. So I have ordered a set of hinges for the door. This is the second set in three months and also the second set, of this type – it's one of those that has what I would describe as a dog leg action and it needs care when removing it -, in six years of operating. As both were caused by new operatives I have a feeling that the fault might be with me and the way that I have trained them to remove the hinges of this type. Or it might be a coincidence as these hinges do get problems as they get older. I check on Thursday when we have our weekly meeting.

The other problem was with an AGA that Hugo had cleaned. The customer is saying that when she went to re light the cooker it was sparking on the outside. Really I can't see this as being a problem with our cleaning as we make a point of not touching the controls of the AGA. I am going to have a look at the AGA on Friday so I be able to see for myself what the problem is.

Then in the afternoon I tried to help the sign company lady, Fiona, install our new signage. We use what used to be a shop as our office and after three years of using a banner on the window we have decided to go posh and put up some proper signs. But unfortunately we couldn't get the sign into the runners that it was supposed to go into. Fiona is going to get some help on Thursday so hopefully we will get it sorted then.

Then in the evening we got news from Nigel to say that he had badly cut his hand whilst doing some DIY at home. So we had to re do the jobs for today with me taking all his jobs.  First days back don't you just love them.

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