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Aug 27

AGA Cleaning Video

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Right here is it another bash at putting a video together. I filmed it a few weeks ago now and it was a day on which I cleaned a pewter two oven AGA with module in Newport in a lovely large, newish house on the side of a hill; the couple and their children had just moved in. Then afterwards I drove to Cirencester and cleaned a racing green two oven AGA, in a cottage down a winding country lane. The owner used to be vet. So this is another video in my series of videos:

Aug 24

Oven Cleaners Great Start

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Great name for oven cleaner!Image by avlxyz via Flickr

I have been out with our new oven cleaning operative, Matt, today and things are going very well. In fact we had a great day. The first job was booked in as a single oven but when we got there it was a double oven and the client wanted the hob and extractor cleaning as well. We managed to get it all done and the other two jobs for the day were relatively straight forward, a single oven, and a double oven plus hob. Matt did most of the works with me making sure that he was using the correct processes, using the correct systems and our standards were being met – i.e everything completely clean and gleaming.

In all a £265 day and we managed to finish all the jobs by 1500. So I was back in the office by 1515. 

This is the fifth operative I have trained this year so our training programme is now much in a routine and it looks like I can get some one trained up in the methods in a week and then get them really confident with another week of training.

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Aug 17

Our New Oven Cleaner Started Today

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oven Cleaning BusinessImage by Ivydale via Flickr

Today a new operative has started with us. We interviewed about 8 people last week and got down to the final two who we sent out for a trial with one of our established guys and then made the decision. It was difficult as both would have done an an excellent job but we had to make a decision. So we have gone for Mathew Reilly who lives on the east side of Bristol and he started with us today.

So today I have started our training course. Mathew read the Health and Safety documentation and our manual and this afternoon I took him through our oven cleaning process on my new single oven range that I have in my oven cleaning training centre – which is the new name for my garage!

Anyway we have had a great day and I would like to welcome Mathew to OvenGleam and look for to seeing all those gleaming ovens that he cleans and the plaudits of our customers on seeing his work.

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Aug 09

Oven Cleaners Wanted – Jobs To Start ASAP

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oven Cleaning BusinessImage by Ivydale via Flickr

Do you WANT TO JOIN THE OVEN GLEAM TEAM? Due to our company being very much on the up and with busines increasing we now need one or even two new Operatives to join us. Please apply Now – Closing date for applications is Friday 13th August 2010

We need for a bright person to work within our team of mobile oven cleaning operatives, visiting customers in their homes and cleaning their ovens, hobs and extractors. We cover Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucester, South Wales, North Wiltshire and Devon. Each operative is allocated to a primary area. This position is to be based out of Bristol. The office makes all appointments and work is provided each day. Our office and customers homes are totally non-smoking.

We are looking for someone to work Monday to Friday and alternate Saturdays. First appointments are between 0830 and 0900 but this does not include travelling time, last appointments are between 4-5pm and could last up to two hours. However, earlier finishes for one day per week for other commitments can be discussed. You will be supplied with a liveried van and all cleaning materials.

We pay a basic minimum wage during the training and probationary periods (up to 3 months usually) but once fully qualified and up to speed we pay an initial salary of £14500 per annum with overtime paid for Saturday working. You will be entitled to 20 days paid holiday plus we do not work Public Holidays. We offer regular pay rises commensurate with your abilities and experience.

Experience is not necessary but the right attitude is essential. We are looking for someone who is hard working, reliable, can find their way around with the use of maps, is practical, can use their initiative, is motivated, has a full driving licence (ideally clean) and has good customer service skills. In return for this we offer a very competitive salary and a happy working environment.

If you are interested in this position please initially email us your CV to [email protected] by Friday 13 August 2010 along with a short note explaining why you think you would be perfect for this role! We are aiming to interview and offer a position(s) by the end of August.

Please email us now! We are waiting to hear from you.

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Aug 09

Oven Cleaning Rinse System Problem with Pump

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Water Pump, Hartington.Image via Wikipedia

This is for the guys who I have been on our course and I have fitted out there vans, so you might wonder what I am talking about. We have a rinse system in our set up which includes a water tank, a pump and spray gun. This is in addition to our plastic electrically heated oven cleaning dip tank.

So guys if you get a problem with your water pump here is how to fix it:

I have been driving our new Citroen Berlingo for the last few jobs which has our new system installed in it, the same as yours.

There was a problem with the rinse pump in that it was making a noise but no water was being pumped. As we have had this problem a couple of times now I know what to do to fix it. It happens when the water runs out in the tank, and then when you fill the tank back up it doesn't work; it just makes a noise like it should be working. If you take the hose off the outlet of the pump when it is working no water comes out.

To get the pump going again you need to suck on the pipe to draw the water through from the water tank and then hey presto it works again.

It is best to keep an eye on the water level of the tank. It should last a week if you don't go mad with the spray gun.

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Aug 01

Oven Cleaning Training – Another Oven Cleaning Business Owner Trained

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

AGA Chefs PadImage by Ivydale via Flickr

I thought I give you an update on the latest training of a new oven cleaning business owner by me. I trained them last week and the week went very well.

I did some things differently this time. The first change was that the candidate read through the health and safety manual and the oven cleaning business manual at the start of day one and therefore was in a good position to get an overview of how we clean and the processes that we use right from the start.

Then I talked through our Health and Safety Policy, pointing out the main hazards, and talked through the van set up, including our oven cleaning dipping tank and rinse system. I also demonstrated some scraper techniques and then I did a demonstration on on a real oven which was quite dirty in the village here. So for this I demonstrated how to clean a standard single oven, a hob and extractor. Then in the afternoon we went out and cleaned a single oven, hob and extractor on the other side of Bristol, this time the candidate did most of the work. The first hob was a ceramic one and the second one was one with burners.

On Tuesday we cleaned two AGA cookers: the first one was a four oven AGA, in Slimbridge Gloucstershire, and the second one was just outside Bath. On the first one I did a demonstration of how we cleaned them and then the candidate cleaned a single oven (NEFF) in the same kitchen whilst I cleaned the AGA and he was able to see the finished result of the AGA. This AGA was relatively straight forward as it was a newish (four years old) one. The second one was a different kettle of fish as it was forty years old and I don't think it had ever been cleaned. We cleaned this one together, it was a tough one, but the end result was of course spectacular!

On Wednesday we cleaned two range cookers with a Rangemaster Professional range cooker and extractor hood in the morning, in Bath; a letting agency job. I was able to demonstrate how to clean stainless steel, how to clean self cleaning panels, how we clean the gauze filters in a stainless steel hood and how to get the whole range up to standard. In the afternoon  we cleaned a Lacanche range cooker (my favourite!) for a regular client of ours in Bristol. The Lacanche is tricky in that it hasn't got a light inside, has stainless steel panels inside on the tops of the ovens and the inside of the doors and also has brass burners and knobs. Really it ended up be a very excellent job as the candidate managed to get all the brass bits of the cooker ultra shining and gleaming. We managed to visit The AGA Shop in Bath to have a look at the AGA and Rayburn cookers. By looking at the different models it allowed me to to talk through the process of cleaning them. We were also able to have a look at the demonstrator 30 Amp  AGA which is in the shop there and is on.

On Thursday we cleaned a single oven, hob and extractor for a letting agent in the morning in Bristol and in the afternoon we cleaned a single NEFF oven and a NEFF microwave in Clifton in Bristol for a lady who was just about to move out of her house.

On Friday we cleaned a standard double oven which was really filthy. Here I was able to demonstrate how to clean really dirty self cleaning panels – the fan panel and the side panels were very thick in burnt on carbon. We cleaned through it all together. And to finish off we the candidate cleaned a single oven (main oven of a SMEG) range. I was able to demonstrate the problems of taking the SMEG door off (it was one where it needed pins through the holes on the hinges to lock them) and taking a SMEG door apart (unusually although a SMEG range it didn't have the double glazed panel right in the middle).

During the week we fitted out the candidates van.

 We also managed to fit  in a trip to an FSB business seminar on Thursday night where the guy doing the main presentation was an ACTION Coach. Anyway I think we got some real value from the talk, we learnt about USP and guarantees. I think I was the only person in the room to have both an USP and a guarantee for our business. The USP is that we can immediately book a customer in for a oven cleaning appointment compared with our competitors who normally get back late that evening. Our guarantee is that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for any clean by us.

On the Friday we also did a review of the oven cleaning training that we have been doing this week. We talked about the types of ovens we had selected for him to see and clean. We felt by teaching him how to clean an AGA and a range cooker he basically gained the full knowledge of what is expected and therefore is in a better position of knowing what to do when he starts his own business next week. And as AGAs is something some oven cleaning companies don't do because they can be difficult jobs by seeing the way I do them may have helped him make a decision to offer that service.

Also as we had some unusually very dirty ovens it showed the trainee just what to expect when he gets the really 'big' jobs. They were tough but at least he has got some good experience of these and can now appreciate what is required to get them to the right standard. 

I showed the candidate videos I had made of cleans by a previous candidate on a previous course so we were able to fill in the gaps and show some techniques that may have been missed or not covered.

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