Oct 28

Oven Cleaning at Christmas Time

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

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Even though we aren't in November yet and the weather is wonderful and warm, a real Indian Summer, it's time to start about thinking about Christmas and a clean oven, range cooker, or AGA cooker. Do you really want to cook your Christmas meals in your oven with it being dirty? Do you really want people who are visiting (especially the Mother-In-Law) seeing the state of your oven? Really you want it to be clean so that you can see the food cooking through the door and cook your meals without the kitchen filling with smoke. So here is a reminder we get booked up for Christmas very quickly and with November being next week please think about getting your oven, range cooker, AGA cooker, extractor or hood, and microwave booked in with us, sooner rather than later, so you can be sure it will be cleaned before the festivities.

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Oct 28

ARGA Cooker Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

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Yes we clean lots of ARGA Cookers. We clean them until they Gleam! We use a very thorough organic process using a vegetable paste and lots of hard graft cleaning the 'tunnels' just inside the oven doors, the hinges, the enamel tops – sometimes they are very thick in grease- the hinges of the lids, the whole of the lids, the chrome lids and the underside shiny bits.Of course we clean the whole of the outside until it gleams!

On four oven ARGA cookers we clean the inside of ovens 3 and 4 which can be very strenuous work.

So if you have an ARGA cooker that needs cleaning then give us a call and we will be able to give that 'like new' appearance.

If you're thinking hmm what's an ARGA cooker well its an AGA cooker spelt the way a lot of people say it and seem to search for it!

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Oct 22

John Lewis BBQ and AGA Cooker Cleaning Day

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

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Today I've cleaned a BBQ for John Lewis in Swindon and then I went and cleaned an AGA cooker in Calne both of which are in Wiltshire.

The BBQ was something that John Lewis wanted cleaning so that they could re-sell it. It had been used by a customer but taken back to John Lewis. At the John Lewis Home store in the Outlet centre in Swindon they sell items that have been returned or have been damaged at reduced prices. The BBQ, a Weber Genesis,  (although if you click on the last link it wasn't this actual model it was the cheaper black one see Black Weber Genesis) was covered in grease and looked unsightly. After a couple of hours cleaning though it was sparkling and shiny as new. Apparently these BBQs sell for £599 (or more) new so it was worth John Lewis getting it cleaned professionally by us.

The AGA cooker was a four oven one (one of the first deluxe 4 oven AGAs with a continuous towel rail at the front) and was the worst one I have ever seen, I don't think it had ever been cleaned. Ovens three and four were particulary dirty (we clean the insides of these on 4 oven AGA cookers) It took me three and half hours of hard graft to get it looking good. Phew one big AGA clean

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Oct 20

Tough Cleaning of Enamel of AGA Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

13 Amp 3 oven AGA CookerImage by Ivydale via Flickr

I cleaned an AGA cooker last week and it was really tough going as the top was very thick in grease.The house was empty as it had been just sold and the new owner of the house and AGA cooker wanted it 'bringing back to life'. It was really in a state and the grease on top had built up over the years and was like a hard solid mass. This sort of build up was caused by the old owner of the house using the AGA incorrectly i.e they were doing lots of frying on the top of the AGA and ignoring the 80 20 rule of the AGA where you do most of the cooking in the main oven.

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Oct 19

Best Selling AGA Cooker Colours

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here are the best selling AGA cooker colours over the last year. For me Claret has to be the best colour and having cleaned one recently I really like Pistachio it just looks great – so I'm not sure why it bottom of the list. Wedgewood Blue looks great in photographs in magazines but in the showroom looks just too blue, too rich I suppose. I'm surprised that Dark Blue is so far down the list as most AGAs we clean seem to be Dark Blue or Cream. I also like Aubergine it just looks fabulous. For me Pillar Box Red is the worst colour of the lot and really doesn't go with anything as to me it's out of date non colour – though it did look good in a 70s style house I saw recently, I think in a magazine, as the rest of the kitchen co-ordinated with it, formica tops in red to match and black and white checkered floor. Pewter to me is very subtle and it's difficult to tell the colour of it if are close up to it (cleaning it). So my list of colours to really think about when looking to buy an AGA cooker would be Claret, Pistachio, and Aubergine. But also consider the classic style AGA in cream.

1   Pewter

2= Cream

2=  Black

4   Claret

5    Classic Special Edition

6   British Racing Green

7   Pillar Box Red

8  Aubergine

9 Wedgewood

10 Dark Blue

11     Millennium Special Edition

12     Jade

13     Pistachio

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Oct 18

Who do we clean ovens for?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

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We clean ovens for:

  •     Working people.
  •     People with no time to clean.
  •     The elderly.
  •     The disabled.
  •     Pregnant women – that is our process is completely safe.
  •     People with allergies.
  •     Contract cleaning companies
  •     Schools.
  •     Landlords.
  •     Estate agents, letting agents.
  •     Anyone who is frustrated by the results they are left with after their own attempts.

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Oct 16

Sparkling Clean Oven like new

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

OvenGleam Oven Cleaning Team 2009Image by Ivydale via Flickr

How We'll Make Your Oven Sparkle Like New:

  •  You ring us on 0800 458 2357 or 01275 370571 and book an appointment for your oven, range cooker, AGA cooker, hob, fridge
    or BBQ to be cleaned.
  • Our office staff will inform you of prices and help determine your needs. The price we give you will be the total inclusive price for the work to be carried out. We will give you the exact time of your appointment and tell you the name of our operative who will be cleaning your oven. 

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Oct 14

7 Reasons To Book Your Oven Clean Today

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Modern ovenImage via Wikipedia

7 Great Reasons To Book your Oven or AGA Cooker Clean Today

  1. Our cleaning operatives are fully trained and fully insured
    you're in the hands of experts. We're friendly and professional.
  2. We are an independently owned oven cleaning company — so we take
    great pride in every single oven that we clean.
  3. We guarantee your satisfaction — if you're not happy
    for any reason, just let us know, and we'll come back and happily clean it again
    for free, no questions, no hard feelings.
  4. No dangerous chemicals — we use environmentally friendly and
    non-toxic cleaning products in your home making it safe for allergy
    sufferers, children and pregnant women.
  5. Trusted by the Property Professionals — we are regularly
    recommended for property letting inspections or sales.
  6. Convenience — your time, your place — we come to you
    at a time that suits you.
  7. Great value — Call us today for a price. You'll quickly realise
    our service is great value for money.

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Oct 13

Ten Thousand Views By Christmas on my Oven and AGA Cooker cleaning blog

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

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As we are approaching nine thousand views I am looking to get ten thousand views on this blog by Christmas of this year. So to do this I will be trying to write more oven cleaning and AGA cooker related blog entries to keep you up to date with what's going on in our oven cleaning company. We will be looking to give away a prize for the ten thousandth view!

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