Jul 29

Britannia Range Door Screw Broken Off

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Day 309: Range Cooking!Image by zzathras777 via Flickr

We have recently have had a problem with a Britannia Range where, when we went to put the main oven door back together, the screw holding the inner glass panel in place broke off. This has only happened once before and on both occasions it was just a case of screw suddenly breaking when tightening it up.

To fix it you need to replace the whole inner oven door panel. When it happened before a few years back I got the part from Britannia in a couple of days, went back to the house on the same day that we got it and replaced it. So a very fast transaction by Britannia with the correct part and the door was put back together ; so sorted.

This time I ordered the part making sure that I ordered the right part. It took a week for it to arrive and then the wrong part arrived. A phone call, they apologised said that I had ordered the right part but they had sent the wrong one. A week later the right part arrived.

We went to house to fit it. We took the old door apart and then when putting the door back together we noticed that the nuts in the door into which the screws screwed were missing. These are actually nuts riveted into place. We actually then fixed the old door. We found that by screwing a good screw into the nut it pushed the broken screw out. Then we put in a new screw and it was sorted.

Now we had the new door without nuts so I phoned Britannia and they arranged to pick up the door. The guy arrived the next day so very fast service. They have told us they will refund us when they get the door back to the depot. So in all even though they cocked up the delivery of the part I am impressed by the Britannia Range Spares people.

Then we discovered that by screwing a screw into the broken one we could fix it.

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Jul 28

Rusty Ovens inside An AGA Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

2009 13 Amp 3 Oven AGA CookerImage by Ivydale via Flickr

We got a call last week where the client had had a flood in their kitchen after some poor work from a plumber. A valve had 'blown' and water had flooded the kitchen. The AGA ovens had gone rusty inside.

The client booked us in to clean the AGA and we told him that we would be able to wire brush the ovens to get the rust off. We assured him that once the AGA was back on then the AGA would stop rusting.

I had another AGA today a four oven AGA which I noticed had rust in the two main ovens as it had been left off for a few weeks. Really as it's cast iron inside the ovens they are going to rust pretty quickly once the heat source of the AGA has been switched off.

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Jul 27

4 Oven AGA Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

The Oven Gleam Team celebrate their 5th Birthd...Image by Ivydale via Flickr

This is a photograph of me cleaning a four oven AGA. We clean them with care and attention to ensure that we clean all the detail of the AGA cooker and at the end they gleam . It takes about 3 hours to clean them. This is 3 hours of continuous hard work with no stopping. Sometimes they take longer than this especially if the top is very thick in grease.

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Jul 21

Complete 4 Oven AGA Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Aga Oven Cleaning by OvenGleamImage by Ivydale via Flickr

A while back I was cleaning a four oven AGA cooker and I did what we was our normal clean for a four oven AGA then: a complete clean of the outside of the AGA, the inside of the doors on all four ovens, the inside strip and a brush out of the inside of ovens 1 and 2 and the lids. That is at that time we didn't clean the inside of ovens 3 and 4. The client asked me why we didn't clean the inside of ovens 3 and 4 and I told her that as they were aluminium then they weren't as easy to clean.

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Jul 20

Special Offer on Oven Cleaning Training Course

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

OvenGleam Oven Cleaning Team 2009Image by Ivydale via Flickr

In celebration of over five years of cleaning ovens and AGA cookers we are now offering our oven cleaning, cooker cleaning and AGA cleaning training courses with a 25% discount. Please contact us for details and making your first steps to running your own oven cleaning business.

The details of our course are:

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Jul 15

Oven and AGA Cleaning Shaftesbury

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Shaftesbury Town HallImage via Wikipedia

I have been to Shaftesbury today and cleaned a 4 oven AGA cooker.  We are often in that area so if you are looking to get your range cooker, aga cooker, or oven, hob and extractor cleaned please give us a call on 0800 45 82 357

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Jul 13

Pub Range Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

omega-modular-commercial-kitchen-110-cm-depth-...Image by silviostarr via Flickr

We often clean range cookers, work areas, grills and extraction units in Pubs,small restaurant, cafes and Bed and Breakfasts' kitchens. Often I have been surprised by the lack of cleanliness of areas and equipment that should be regularly cleaned.

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Jul 09

Student Oven Cleaning Exeter

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

exeter cathedral: nw viewImage by Sacred Destinations via Flickr

I've cleaned two 90cm single oven ranges this week in student accommodation in Exeter. Alan cleaned another 90cm range and a single oven and hob in the property next door which also was student accommodation.

This means that in the last week I have cleaned 15 single oven ranges  and extractor /hoods (thirteen in Cardiff in student accommodation there) and in addition to this I've cleaned a single oven, hob and extractor and a double oven and extractor. Not bad for some one who normally is working part time.

In the last week we have become extremely busy so today I have also cleaned  a  90cm single oven range and hood in Bath for an agent who desperately need it cleaning and the guys have had full days.

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Jul 06

AGA In The Summer Equals A Very Hot Kitchen

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

long hot summerImage by masaaki miyara via Flickr

It has been very hot here in the UK for the last few days and even hotter in our kitchen. The AGA cooker has been on all the time and I've noticed the thermometer reading in our kitchen has often been over 40C. So it has meant opening the back door fully open and opening the windows too.

We also decided to 'turn the AGA down' a couple of days ago and after doing this it now does seem to have made a difference to the heat in our kitchen. On the 30 Amp AGA, which we have, you can do this this easily by just turning the knob on the control dial. The only thing is it takes longer to cook things. But it didn't stop my wife cooking a really lovely Quorn cottage pie tonight.

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Jul 03

AGA Cleaning for Summer

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Aga stoveImage by RogPool via Flickr

This week we have cleaned lots of AGA cookers all over the place. I do think this hot weather is helping as people are prepared to switch their AGA off and get it both serviced and cleaned.

We have provided our AGA Cleaning Service to homes in Bristol, Devon and Wilthsire this week. So if you are looking to get your AGA cleaned now might be a good time.

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