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May 31

5 Reasons Not To Buy an AGA Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Annie CooksImage by y2bk via Flickr

Here are five reasons NOT to buy an AGA cooker.

1. They are just too expensive to run. Who pays £25 a week (30 Amp is £11)to run just a cooker? Isn't it madness? You could buy an ordinary cooker and use the rest to go on a nice holiday.

2. They are so not green. The CO2 they produce is 4.5 tonnes a year, which is twice that of an average 4 bedroom house. 1.5 tonnes of CO2 is produced in the manufacturer of each AGA cooker which is twice the amount produced in making a car.

3. All the heat in the kitchen in the summer just makes you sweat and sweat. Who would want to suffer like this?

4. They are just old fashioned and complicated to use and you can't smell the food when it burns. You needed to go on a few courses to learn how to use one, or get reading some books, and you'll need to get a timer.

5. You don't just buy an AGA cooker you need all the other bits and pieces that go with it. First of all there is the installation costs which can be huge especially if you really want it to heat up the hot water to get those 'lashings of hot water' they mentioned in the showroom. And then there's all the accessories: the pans, you need the right ones to use the AGA cooker properly, the AGA gloves, the AGA kettle, the AGA tea towel… the list is endless.

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May 30

5 Reasons To Buy An AGA Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

2009 13 Amp 3 Oven AGA CookerImage by Ivydale via Flickr

Here are five reasons to buy an AGA Cooker:

1. It will look great in the kitchen and everyone will want to stand in the kitchen and admire it. It becomes the focal point of the house.

2. It Will give out lots of heat and make the house nice and cosy. Oh what a treat this is, you don't need radiators in half the house as the AGA makes everything so cosy.

3. The taste of the food that you cook in it will be delicious. Well you know what they say you have to see it, or in this case taste it, to believe it.

4. It will be the envy of your neighbours. The tongues will start wagging from the day that the AGA van arrives outside on the day of installation.

5. You will join the worldwide group of AGA cooker owners. There are some great web sites where you can register your ownership and appreciation of the AGA cooker and all its glory. See Love Your AGA and AGA central .

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May 29

Oven and AGA cleaning in Bath

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

The Roman Baths at Bath and a bit of BathImage by vintagedept via Flickr

We have been cleaning oven and AGA cookers in Bath for over five years and can offer you an efficient oven cleaning service in Bath and surrounding areas. We clean ovens, range cookers, AGA cookers, hobs, extraction units and also commercial ovens too.

Please give us a ring to book your cleaning appointment on 0800 45 82 357

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May 29

Oil AGA Cooker or Rayburn Cooker Problems?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Kerosene, which is typically stored in a blue ...Image via Wikipedia

On Friday 20th February 2009 there was a radio broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (sorry it doesn't appear to be available for download) about the effect changes to Kerosene and how it was affecting oil AGA cooker and Rayburn cookers. Of course this would apply to any range cooker that burns oil such as Stanley, Redfyre, Esse, Sandyford etc.

If you have been having efficiency problems with your oil AGA Cooker, Rayburn Cooker or oil home heating boiler in last six months or so, say it's being smoking or going cold or just not going at all the problem is probably the properties of the kerosene you are using. Heating oil suppliers have been forced to reduce the polluting sulphur in domestic heating oil from 0.2% to 0.1% with effect from the 1st January 2008 to meet EU regulations. This requirement is contained within the 1999 EU Sulphur Content of Liquid Fuel Directives. In England and Wales the Directive is being implemented under The Sulphur Content of Liquid Fuels (England and Wales) Regulations 2007. See Kerosene Sulphur Change

 The resulting product has a much higher ‘char value’ than before and this will cause your oil AGA cooker to coke up quicker and more often. It may have taken a while for you to notice this and you've probably been living with it blaming it on other things or you've being using the old kerosene stored in your oil your tank and have only bought and used the new stuff more recently.

Suppliers have no choice but to provide this new formula kerosene. New AGA cookers work OK with the new oil and a replacement burner is available at a cost to owners of oil fired AGA I'm not sure about Stanley cookers, Esse cookers, Redfyre cookers, Rayburn cookers, Sandyford cookers etc. However if you have an old converted solid fuel AGA cooker  (not sure about Rayburn cookers) the new burner does not fit and I've heard that the new burners will cost a bomb. I'd expect these to be the ones with Dons conversion kits. I think because of these the older 'standard' AGA cookers will die out as they will be very difficult to live with.

The older AGA cookers that have been converted from solid fuel have always been a nightmare anyway regularly coking up, yellow flame, smoking, going cold when loaded etc. This new fuel with make things worse.

My advice if you have an AGA cooker that was once a solid fuel one but  has now been converted and you are having serious problems with it is to fit a new AGA pressure jet burner unit from You may have to buy a new AGA off ebay and then get the unit installed in that one.

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May 27

Oven Cleaning Weston Super Mare

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Grand Pier at Weston-super-MareImage by James F Clay via Flickr

We clean ovens in Weston Super Mare so if you are looking for an oven cleaning service in Weston or surrounding areas of Somerset and North Somerset we will be able to help. We clean AGA cookers, range cookers, conventional ovens and commercial ovens to.

So if you would like your oven booked in please phone us on 0800 45 82 357.

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May 27

Oven Cleaning Taunton

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

TauntonImage by Sam_BB via Flickr

We have been cleaning ovens in Taunton ever since we started the business there in  December of 2003. I was living in Taunton when I bought our first van and our first adverts went out locally. So if you are looking to get your oven, AGA cooker, or range cooker cleaned please give us a ring. We clean for several letting agents in Taunton as well as numerous domestic customers. We have also cleaned several Public House ranges in pubs in the Taunton area.

We also clean hobs, extraction units, fridges, freezers and dishwashers.

Please give us a ring to book your oven in.

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May 26

5 Cookers Who Someone Might Call an AGA cooker down the Pub

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Stanley RangeImage by Danny McL via Flickr

I noticed that when got my first AGA and I was talking about it in the village pub the bloke who lived down the road in the village started talking about his 'AGA' too. His AGA this, his AGA that. Well seemed a bit strange at the time as he had a perfectly decent Stanley Cooker which in North Wales where I l was living then was the preferred range cooker for the house as it did the central heating, looked good in the kitchen, and was a better all rounder. People were infact replacing their newish AGAs with Stanley Range Cookers.

So here are 5 cookers someone might call an 'AGA' cooker down the pub.

1. The Rayburn cooker. Well it's made by the AGA Rangemaster company and it's very much like an AGA but doesn't have the name AGA on it. It does the heating too – if you get the right version. You can turn it off and on easily so you don't have to have it on all the time like an AGA cooker.

2. The Stanley Cooker which is also referred to the 'Irish AGA'. Again now belongs to the AGA Group. But as I said a the top of this post some people really rate them and especially in rural North Wales where I used to live. A fine all rounder.

3. The Esse Cooker. Again a cooker that is a fabulous all rounder. If you are wondering what could have been if the AGA had been designed and redeveloped over the years instead of staying much in the design of the original AGA developed all those years ago you would come up with the Esse range cooker with all of its more upto date design features. They also do a wood burning one if you can live with making sure it's got enough fuel on board and cleaning out the ash.

4. The Redfyre Range Cooker which looks very much like the AGA at first glance but again has more  up to date design features that might you prefer it when you're looking for a kitchen range.They also different types which don't need to be kept on all the time etc. They have some very good catches on the doors which means the doors don't mean lifting when you close them (like the AGA cooker) and you can kick the door closed whilst holding the hot food you've just removed from the oven.

5.  The Sandyford Range Cooker which look just like an AGA but has some other features such as being able to heat the water and run the central heating without having the cooker on. So a cool kitchen in the kitchen.

So if you hear someone down the pub talking about 'their AGA' over a few beers it just might not be an AGA but as there is a certain snob appeal to having one they want to make sure that you think they do have one.

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May 25

Tory Claim for AGA Cooker Servicing Shows Green Credentials

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Climate Change 'co2' ideasImage by net_efekt via Flickr

I noticed that a Tory MP Oliver Letwin had claimed for his AGA servicing. For me it stuck out as it mentioned AGA. I know AGAs can be expensive to service but I wonder if he has an oil one which even more expensive to run as they coke up especially since the recent change in sulphur content in the kerosene of heating oil.

The point really is that he said in his own defence that there wasn't any other means of getting food hot in the kitchen. So this echoes my belief that most AGA owners don't have back up cookers even if they get paid well and can claim the expensives to look after them and/or buy a backup cooker for the summer months! So how green is your MP?  The AGA cooker produces 4.5 to 6 tonnes of CO2 a year if left on all year round!! This is double what a conventional standard size (4 bedroom) house produces. I'd say a large number of MPs have AGA cookers but not all of them are claiming for servicing costs or getting them cleaned for that matter.

From the BBC news site of Tory Expenses Claimed:

Oliver Letwin clamed: More than £2,000 was received by Oliver Letwin to replace a leaking pipe under a tennis court at his Somerset home at Thorncombe on the Dorset Somerset Border.

The chairman of the Conservatives' policy review team also claimed hundreds of pounds to have an Aga cooker serviced regularly.

His response was:
Mr Letwin said he had been served a statutory notice by the water
to repair the leaking pipe, which runs underneath the tennis
court and garden. "No improvements were made to the tennis court or
garden," he added.

He also said the Aga had been installed
before they moved into the property: "It would have cost a great deal
to remove it. The Aga is the only means of preparing hot food and
requires regular servicing." He will pay the £2,000 back for the pipe

In all his total home claims were:

Job: Chairman of the Policy Review and of the Conservative Research Department

Salary: £64,776

Total second home claims

2004-05: £19,695

2005-06: £19,398

2006-07: £21,244

2007-08: £20,558

Nice if you can get it… though not to be repeated.



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May 25

Oven Cleaning Chepstow

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Chepstow Castle, Monmouthshire, from the River WyeImage via Wikipedia

We clean ovens in Chepstow  which is just over the bridge for us from our base in Bristol. So if you have an AGA cooker, a range, or conventional size cooker that you need cleaning then we will be able to help you with our speedy service. We also cover areas around Chepstow.

Please give us a ring on 0800 45 92 357

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