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Feb 24

Pancakes on the AGA Cooker – Pancake Recipe

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I've just made pancakes on the AGA for lunch. I used a mixture of:

 2 eggs, 125 gms  Plain Flour, 300 ml of Milk.

Put the flour in a bowl and then add the eggs. Whisk together adding the milk gradually making sure all the flour is mixed in. I then put the mixture into a jug and poured just enough for one pancake directly onto the simmering top plate.

The ones I did at lunch time were a bit thick – more American style – so tonight I will try and make them thinner. We had them with sugar and lemon juice though as I like savoury ones tonight I will have tuna filled ones first.

Feb 23

Pancakes on the AGA Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I have already made a posting about pancakes and getting my pan clean. But since then I have remembered that I actually gave up on the pan last year and made all the pancakes directly on the top plate of the AGA. It was a great way to make them though it was a bit tricky getting them off the plate. I have read that by using  bake-o-glide it  makes it easier to get them off when they are ready.

Feb 23

Mothering Sunday – An Oven Clean as a gift

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

After a very busy week last week we seem to be very busy again today with lots of phone calls. With Mothering Sunday approaching we would recommend getting your oven booked in sooner rather than later as if last year was anything to go by an oven clean will be THE gift in demand. We don't only clean it we gleam it!and with our eco cleaning system what a great gift for Mothering Sunday.

Feb 23

All Oven Cleaning Vans Now Serviceable

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Over the last week we have had to get two vans serviced and one MOTed and we have also sorted out the problems we were having on two of the vans with the rinsing system. I found a very good local auto electrician who has sorted this out on both vehicles. So hopefully all the problems have gone.

Feb 17

How To Check That Your Oven Is Clean

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here are things to check to see if you oven is clean:

1. The door: Can you see into the oven when you switch on the oven light? Are there any drips apparent on the door? So is is the door clean on both sides?

2. The control knobs: Are the control knobs brown in colour and or sticky to the touch?

3. The inside of the oven: Are there any bits of burnt on carbon on the inside of the oven? Burnt on carbon is the black bits which you probably can't remove?  If you have a dog or cat are there any cats hairs inside your oven either on the door or on the floor of the oven. Is the top of the oven around the grill greasy or black with burnt on carbon? Are the racks brown or black and are they greasy? Is the grill pan either black and/or greasy? If you can see the bulb cover is it clear? Does the inside fill greasy to the touch? 

4. The outside of the oven: is the stainless steel spotless and shining? Are there any marks of grease on the outside at all?

5. The hob: Does the hob pot stand racks have black bits on it? Is it dull or greasy? If the hob is a ceramic one are there any marks on it at all?

6. Is your extractor or extractor hood greasy?If it has filter paper in it has it gone red or is it brown? If it has aluminium filters are they discoloured in any way?

Of course once we have cleaned your oven professionally everything will be clean and sparkling with the "new" look and feel.

Feb 17

SMEG Oven Door Seal Broken

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

All SMEG ovens have door seals that are tricky to remove as they tend to be quite thin and they also will stick to the oven sides when grease, or burnt on has built up. So when we remove them to clean the oven we have to be particularly careful. The seals are also unusual in that they often have a central clip in the centre of the seal too. So they can be broken very easily if not taken off correctly. The cost to replace the seal is in the region of ┬ú30; so not a cheap replacement for something that looks so fragile!

So my procedure for removing a Smeg Seal:

1. Remove all the corner clips first.

2. Then remove the central clip.

3. If the seal has lots of burnt on carbon on it I would suggest leaving the seal in place and calling out an oven cleaning company to do the job for you. I recommend our oven cleaning company of course!

If the seal has broken on the bottom I would suggest rather than replacing the seal to just cut the bottom length off so the seal will now look like a goal post. This particularly the case on a SMEG A1 90cm single oven range as the replacements are now goal post shape anyway.

Feb 16

The AGA Book To Get If you are new to AGA Cooking

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

My wife has been nagging me to make a posting about Mary Berry's AGA Book as my  wife says for someone who is new to the AGA Cooker the book is just fabulous as it describes in detail the recipes and tells you exactly where to place things in the AGA Roasting oven; that is where to place the racks to get the best cooking position for the particular dish. So if you are new to the AGA Cooker then it is definitely the book to buy. I think it comes free with new AGA Cookers!

Feb 16

Oven Cleaners back to full strength – A Spring in Our Step

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Our guy is now back to work after a week off after his accident on the ice. So we are back to full strength which is great as we seem to be getting busy again with the demand for oven cleaning picking up quite nicely. As it's been Spring like today it must be the weather!

Feb 10

Weather Knocks Out Oven Cleaner

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

One of our guys fell over whilst walking on an icy pavement over the weekend. He fell backwards and seriously banged his head and is still suffering from concussion. So he is currently off sick, we hope he is back soon.

As I also fell over last week after slipping on black ice on a local path outside our office, it is apparent that both Bristol City Council and North Somerset Council aren't gritting pavements or paths. So beware!

We like some salt bins, grit bins in Pill please.