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Dec 22

A Happy Oven Cleaning Christmas

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Just to wish you a Happy Oven Cleaning Christmas. We don't want you to clean your oven yourself but we are now completely booked up for the next two days and we are finishing tomorrow with our Christmas Dinner and Dance. Then we are off until Monday 5th January 2009 when we will start again.

So if you are looking to get your oven cleaned after the Christmas period please give us a ring and book us in. You will be able to speak to someone in our office for the next two days and after that be able to leave a message. We will then contact you in the new year to book you in.

New Year Oven Cleaning offer – we will give you a free Eco Cleaning Cloth with every clean booked into January.

Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Dec 15

SMEG Range Cooker The Numbers Have Come Off!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

It always amazes me that some expensive makes of ovens, cookers and ranges have numbers on their facias that are transfers and they come off really easily when you go to clean them. Just touching them with a cloth is sometimes all it takes to take all the numbers off.  When we get these to clean we advise the customer accordingly and then clean them very carefully. The customer is usually fine about this as they normally have already rubbed off some of the numbers themselves.

I cleaned a fairly new (the flats where it was are only a few years old) Siemens single oven today and noticed that most of the numbers on the facia were already off which meant that using the oven would now be guess work.

I have noticed this problem before especially on older SMEG Range Cookers though I have noticed that newer SMEG Range Cookers now have the numbers etched into them which means they don't come off. There doesn't seem any way to fix the problem except to replace the facia. We have had to arrange this only once for a customer and the manufacturer CDA were very good about it supplying and replacing the whole facia for free which I thought was amazing customer service.

Dec 15

The Best Way to Keep Your AGA Cooker Clean

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

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On the AGA site they have a page which tells you the best way to keep your AGA Cooker nice and clean.

We of course can help you with your AGA cleaning if you haven't been able to keep it clean. We completely clean your AGA getting into all the bits that you might not be able to reach using products approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association.

Dec 11

Busy Oven Cleaning Time at Christmas

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are just about fully booked up until Christmas now but please still ring us as we may be able to fit you in as we intend to work extended working days, into the early evening, next week and have these slots to fill. We also have one Saturday still to fill up completely before Christmas.

Dec 10

Eco Oven Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are currently trailing a system to make our cleaning process totally 100% green; I am doing this is my van. This means I am using a system that it is 100% caustic free. Our current process is totally caustic free within the home but I am trialling a new dipping solution which is non caustic. This is working well and when I have trailed it for a few more weeks we will look at implementing it in all of our vans.

Dec 09

AGA Cooker 13 Amp Running Costs

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I've just read in this months 'Period Living Magazine' an article where the journalist is going to remove their oil AGA and replace it with a new 13 Amp electric AGA with controllable heat – basically you switch it off at night to save on the cost of electricity. The reasons she gives are that it will be more economical to run because of this. As far as I am aware the cost of a new 13 Amp AGA will be very close to the running costs of an oil fired AGA. The only differences are with a 13 Amp AGA you are aren't going to have to service it twice a year like the Oil one. You won't be able to heat the water with the electric one as it doesn't have a boiler.

There are independent companies that also do conversions on Oil AGAs so that they either have an injection unit or an electric unit fitted so that the AGA works with a 13 Amp plug. See AGA cooker conversions. So it may be a cheaper consideration to have your oil AGA cooker converted to a cheaper way of running rather than replacing it in total.

To get it looking like new you can get it either cleaned professionally by a company such as ourselves and/or get bits or all of it re-enamelled by a company such as Hytech base in Weston Super Mare in Somerset: AGA Cooker Enamelling . To to get the AGA top done costs about £400 and to get the whole AGA enamelled would be about £1400. You would also have to get someone to dismantle the AGA so that you can send it off to be enamelled.

Dec 09

Oven Cleaning Blog Eco Cloth Birthday Offer

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Our oven cleaning blog is now a year old and I've been writing for year about all the wonderful things to do with oven cleaning and the business of providing an oven cleaning service.

If you are reading this and decide to book in your oven, range, or AGA cooker to be cleaned then we will give you a free ECO Cloth with our compliments. Just mention 'Blog Birthday ECO Cloth Offer'.