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Nov 30

Our Eco Oven Cleaning Cloths

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We have been getting lots of interest in our Eco Oven Cleaning Cloths. Many of our clients have become interested in our cloths as they have noticed us using them over the past year and want to know how they produce such amazing results. I have to admit the amazing results can only be partially attributed to these super cloths. The rest is from the skill and application of our specially designed oven cleaning process.


The General Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Use for polishing, dusting, cleaning, wiping up, wiping down. No need for harsh chemicals, brilliant cleaning results with no chemical detergents, just water and a cloth?


Millions of tiny microfibres penetrate every nook and cranny, picking up and absorbing dirt with nothing more than the aid of a little water.  Use wet or dry for gleaming bathrooms, kitchens and wonderfully clear windows. For more stubborn areas use a small amount of your usual cleaning product with the Eco-cloth and see the difference.  Can be washed repeatedly and still retain its excellent cleaning properties.  The Eco-cloth will pay for itself many times over.

Used daily by a number of leading appliance manufacturers, hotel chains and celebrity chefs as well as OvenGleam, your local domestic Oven Cleaning company.  OvenGleam can be contacted on 0800 45 82 357 or visit the website at


Nov 30

Dreaming Of A Clean Oven This Christmas?

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This is the time of year that many of us despair when looking at our ovens – should we clean it before Christmas and have a fresh oven to cook our turkey in or should we just leave it until the New Year, because it's only going to get dirtier anyway! Well if you want to get it booked in before Christmas, to ensure that nobody sees it in its dirty state over the festive period, you need to ring us now to get someone else do that horrid job for you, for a fee of course!  Our Operatives Hugo, Alan, Nigel and myself, Graham, delight in gleaming your dirty greasy oven back to its shiny gleaming potential. We only use Eco-friendly, fume and odour free products that are family and pet safe within your home. So treat yourself  this year and call us to make your appointment.

Nov 22

Smeg Range Cooker Doors, Taking them Off and Putting them Back On

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I have recently learnt how to both take off and put back on the new type SMEG doors fitted to the SMEG ranges. SMEG provide two 'pins' that fit into the holes on the hinge. I found the ones for the last one I cleaned in the warming draw of the range.

So procedure to take them off on a SMEG A1:

1. Open the door a lay it flat. The hinges are now exposed.

2. Take the two 'pins' and put them in the holes of the hinges. There is a hole in each hinge.

3. Take the door and go to close it and as you do the hinge will  now 'lock' against the pins and then you will be able to take the door off out of the locating grooves.

To put the door back on:

1. Place the door so the hinges line up and then make sure that the grooves on the hinges line up properly with the brackets on the range.

2. Once they are in place you can lay the door flat and take out the pins. The door should now close properly.

I have noticed that on some ovens they have a similar hinge arrangement to the SMEG but without the holes. To get these doors off is a bit trickier, you need to use two screwdrivers to lock the hinges so that you can take the door off. And then repeat the process to put the door back on.

Nov 22

Oldest AGA Cooker Competition

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I have personally cleaned some very old AGAs and one in particular sticks in my mind – it looked to me like a pure original one and it was located in a thatched cottage in East Devon. A couple of the others I have cleaned also looked very old and original.

We will be writing to all the owners of AGA cookers that we have cleaned to make sure that they are aware of the Telegraph/AGA competition and hopefully they will enter it and win it.

Also there may be an owner out there who can win the interesting AGA story part of the competition too.

Nov 22

AGA Cooker Competition; Finding the Oldest AGA Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I saw an article in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 2nd November 2008 that stated that there are two competitions that AGA owners can take part in. I lost the details and found it difficult to find them again on the Telegraph and the link from the AGA site goes to the wrong page on the Telegraph site so I am repeating them here. The two competitions are:

1. Finding the oldest AGA in use, prize is a new AGA Cooker.

2. Finding an interesting or unusal AGA Cooker Story.

So taken from the article I quote:

The Daily Telegraph, in conjunction with the legendary cooker company, is looking for the earliest example of the classic stove still in domestic use. And when we find it, its owner will win a brand-new, three-oven, 13 amp electric Aga in the colour of his or her choice.

Alternatively, if you use your Aga – whatever its age – in an interesting way or have any amusing, fascinating or downright odd Aga stories, then tell us and you could win £1,000 worth of Aga cookware.

Judging the competition will be William McGrath, chief executive of the Aga Rangemaster Group, and Laura James, Aga's brand ambassador. Simply send in details of your Aga, your story in 200 words and any pictures you may have, along with your name, address and telephone number, to Laura James, Marketing Dept, Aga, Station Road, Ketley, Telford TF1 5AQ.

To participate in the competition to win a new Aga, entrants must already own an Aga and state the age either exactly or approximately. Aga will verify the age and the owner of the oldest Aga will be deemed to be the winner

To participate in the competition Win £1,000 Worth of Aga Cookware, entrants must either write an account of how they use their Aga in an interesting way or write an amusing, fascinating or unusual account of an incident involving an Aga. Entries must be no more than 200 words long, must be the work of the individual submitting them and must not have been published elsewhere or have won a prize in any other competition. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that no element of their entry infringes the copyright of any third party or any laws. Entries will be judged on composition, entertainment, interest humour and originality.

The prize includes one three-oven gas or 13- amp electric Aga cooker, delivery to a mainland Britain address and standard assembly to an appropriate prepared site. Colour to be chosen from Aga's standard colour palette.

The prize is non-exchangeable and no cash alternative is available. A voucher for the £1,000 prize of cookware may be spent at participating stores. Closing date for receipt of applications is December 31 2008.

A small mention of AGA Cooker Competition on the AGA Cooker site: AGA Cooker Competition Details and the competition details in full on the Telegraph site of the AGA Cooker Competition

Nov 18

30Amp AGA Running Costs – £10 a week

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We have had our claret 2 oven 30 AMP Electric AGA  for nearly a year and looking at our electric bills for the last year it looks like the AGA is costing about £10 a week to run. We can check it as it heats up of night on Economy 7 and this lower rate is shown on the electricity bill separately. This is of course different from my earlier posting when I thought it was £5 a week (which was the information given to me by the installer). But energy costs have gone up significantly in the last 12 months; so that's the cost of inflation especially in electriciy supply!

Of course all the costs of the other types of AGAs have increased too. So I would take a guess that 2 oven gas, oil  and 13 amp AGAs cost double that at £20 a week and the LPG would be significantly more. The difference though between the oil and gas AGAs and the electric AGAs is that you would also get the additional benefit of hot water (if you have a boiler fitted). The 13Amp AGA is expensive to run but you have the electronic timer AIMS thingy which allows you to turn the AGA off when you aren't using it. The disadvantage of this is that you would loose the benefit of the cosy AGA kitchen.

I'm not sure of running costs of Rayburns but I'd guess that they are similar to an AGA – the benefit with a Rayburn is that you can run the heating for the house off of it. I especially like the Rayburn model that used to be the Alpha model (before AGA took the company over) it looks like an AGA but heats the water and central heating.

Someone recently made the comment to me that they thought the increase in energy costs have been affecting the sales of AGAs.

Nov 13

Oven Cleaning Job

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are still looking for someone to join us on a temporary basis initially until Christmas; with an immediate start date. The deal is that we will train you up to become a member of our team. You need to live in the Bristol area  and have somewhere where you can park the van outside your house so that you can run an electric cable from the van to your house; a garage would do as well. Please contact us and we will send you an application form.

Nov 07

A New Oven For The Price Of An Oven Clean

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We often get people who are redesigning their kitchen, and therefore are getting new cabinets, who want a new oven to go with their new kitchen. Rather than removing the range cooker, AGA, or built in oven and paying out for a new one they get the old one cleaned by us to look like new. Hence a big saving on the cost.

We often get asked if we know of any local kitchen companies and we do often cleans for the kitchen company called 'Old Image' who build quality handcrafted new period kitchens that look old.

Nov 06

Nigel’s Secret Oven Cleaning Method

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We tend to get one or two calls and or emails a week from clients telling us how pleased they are with their clean oven, range, AGA etc. Nigel tends to get more than the rest of us and I have often wondered how he's managed to do this. Is it his fantastic oven cleaning skills (which he learnt from me!) or his fantastic skills with the addition of his wit and charm?

Well at our usual weekly meeting last week Nigel happened to tell us what his secret oven cleaning method is and we are now all going to use it…