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Oct 28

Oven Cleaner Vacancy Bristol

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are currently looking for a person to become an oven cleaning operative. A clean driving licence is required. Full training will be provided. The job will be on a temporary basis initally with a view to becoming permanent in the New Year. We would like the person to start as soon as possible.

Oct 27

Oven Cleaning Vans Back To Full Strength

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I've picked up our 2005 Ford Transit Connect today; it's had a full engine replacement and with this the corresponding price to go with it. I am now going to use it as my van and as it needs running in I'm going to drive it steadily. The 2006 Citroenn Berlingo has been fitted out and Alan is using it. So this means that we are up to full strength . We are just about to start advertising for a new operative so when this person starts I will need the other Transit Connect fixed.

In all I've learnt a lot about fleet management from this whole episode and hopefully I can make sure we are not put in this position again.

Oct 26

Oven Cleaned Just In Time Before Moving to Cyprus.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

A lady called at the end of last week desperate to get her own cleaned by Friday. Luckily we had a cancellation and we were able to get Alan to clean it for her. She was over the moon as she had sold her house and was moving out on Friday to go and live in Cyprus. She told us that she wanted everything to be fine for the people buying her house but she had just run out of time to clean the oven. Alan did his usual leaving one very happy person to start her new life in Cyprus.

Oct 23

SMEG Oven Cleaning Problem!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Again following on re my posting re cleaning SMEG ovens I had a call from Nigel today to say that he had stripped down the door of a SMEG Range Single oven, the A1 model, and he still couldn't get into the last bit of glass in the middle as it was sealed on two sides. I've had this problem in the past and the only way to get the door inner glass 100% clean is to replace  it; though nobody has asked us to do this. It's a design 'feature' of the SMEG Ranges that they have slits in the side of the doors which allow the dirty to get right into the inner layer of glass but we can't get it out. Also putting back the door back together once it has been stripped down is a tricky business; the first one I did took me a few hours to put back together. I think I've got the knack now and I wished Nigel luck putting his back together!

Oct 21

Thinking of Oven Cleaning Yourself? A Smeg Oven Owners Tale.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I have just found this great blog by ChefPla –  World Cuisine Simplified which has lots of different recipes for some very interesting dishes from all around the world. The chef has just made an interesting entry on his blog yesterday about the way he is just going to clean is SMEG cooker – using a caustic cleaner. I have made a comment on his posting as follows:

Hi there, I run a professional oven cleaning company in the UK and I would like to advise you to be a little careful when using the ‘Easy Off’ especially on the doors of the SMEG oven as if they are like the ones here in the UK the sides of the doors are painted. That is they are not enamel like the rest of the inside. This means if you get any cleaner on these painted strips the paint comes off and they become a very unslightly white. Also if there are any ’self cleaning’ bits inside the oven these can be affected by the cleaner too. I would really advise you take your friend’s advise and wear protective clothing such as gloves, eye wear and make sure that any pets are well away when you are cleaning and rinsing off the cleaner. My best recommendation would be for you to discard the cleaner and use a ‘microfibre’ cloth with some soapy washing up liquid solution. To get the really burnt on carbon on the inside glass of the door we would use a scraper but again you need to be careful with how you use it. If you have a desire to take the door apart I would say it isn’t advisable as they are very difficult to put back together! Hope this helps Graham in the UK.

Oct 20

Aga Cleaning – Some Transformations Are Tough!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Hugo cleaned an AGA last week and it took him two hours to do the top of it. Usually it takes about an hour to clean the top but this one was rather dirty. We don't get them like this that often; I had one once a few years back and that took me 5 hours in total because again the top was covered in really thick cooked on grease which was about 2cm thick.

When we get them like this we get through lots of blades and lots of scrapers as its a case of 'chipping' it off in layers until you can get down to the enamel on top of the AGA. It's hard work and takes a long time.

What's good about cleaning AGAs that are this dirty is that the transformation from what it looked like at the beginning and the end result is more marked and gives a warm feeling to both us and to the clients.

When the grease gets too thick on the top of the AGA it affects the way the lids shut and can mean that there is a gap between the bottom of the lid and the hot plates. This of course increases heat loss from the AGA which in turn increases the running cost of the AGA. It also means that it may be diffcult to move the pans around on the top. So it's a good idea to make sure that the grease doesn't get this thick!

Oct 14

The Food Show Cribbs Causeway 2008

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We were at The Mall Cribbs Causeway Bristol from last Thursday until Sunday. We had a small area but we seem to have done a lot better than some other traders who were at the show. We bought a display stand and our competition was "Win a Spring Clean" and we were located in the Mall itself on the first floor – the  Healthy Living and Kitchen Zone  . Our stand could be seen as you walked towards the Marks and Spencer stand. We gave out leaflets, got people to enter our competition and we also sold 'Eco Cleaning Kits' – the friendly oven cleaning kit.

The food demonstrations were carried out in the marquee which is located outside W H Smith and there is  special demonstration area which people had to pay £7.00 to go into. By all accounts the live cookey demonstrations were extremely good with  Paul Rankin ,  Mary Berry , Aldo Zilli and  Lesley Waters all attracting a fair audience. Though by all accounts there could have been larger audiences to each of the shows. I think as it was the first one of these shows at 'The Mall' people weren't aware of what was on offer. Hopefully next year more people will tune into the event.

In all we had 102 entries to our competition and we will be putting the names of the winners on here soon.