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Jul 30

How green is your AGA?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are cleaning alot of AGAs at the moment. With the increase in fuel costs I still would recommend an electric one, like we have in our home, and at the moment there is an AGA offer in place for 30 Amp AGAs Spillers are running an offer on them see:

Jul 17

Five Things To Consider When Starting An Oven Cleaning Business

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oven Cleaning is a tough business to be in so to get it right you need to consider the following things when you start:

1. You need to find a van that suits the requirements of your system, one that is good on fuel if you are driving long distances and one which ideally one has a tail gate so you won’t get wet when you are sorting out the inside bits from the oven at the back of the van and one that allows you to work fast.

2. You need the right equipment consisting of the cleaning equipment you take into the house and equipment that stays in the van for a more thorough clean. Most oven cleaning companies use a calor burner to heat up and maintain the temperature of their solution in a stainless steel tank in the van – We DON’T use this we have our own heating system and tank set up which is friendlier to the envrionment and a whole lot safer.

3. You need the correct products to use in the house and ones that aren’t going to damage things – for us this means ones that are non caustic – we use a vegetable paste to clean the oven. Some oven cleaning companies use a caustic paste but you can do a whole lot of damage to ovens if you don’t handle it correctly.

4. You need to get yourself working in a systemised way and put this down into writing with measures of performance so you should have a procedures manual as a minimun so anybody who takes over from you knows what should be done.

5. Get some help with the way you run your business – we use an ActionCoach from as we like Brad Sugars and his seminars, books etc. and the set up of ActionCoach.

Jul 08

Vegetarians want clean ovens.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I cleaned an oven for a vegetarian last Saturday. The lady had just moved into the apartment in Clifton in Bristol and was particulary keen to get all the horrible meat grease out of the oven, off the grill pan and off the oven pans before she used them. If there is any grease in the oven or on the pans  it may look like it is out of the way and harmless but when the oven heats up then the grease will become runny and will contaminate the food. So obviously for her a clean oven was essential requirement to start in her new home. When I finished cleaning all evidence of grease had been removed from the pans, the complete oven, and the ceramic hob. The customer was extremely happy with her lovely clean cooking machine.

Jul 03

Business Coaching with ActionCoach

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We have had coaching on our business strategy and growth by a coach from since last September. His name is Michael Dale and he lives in Dursley in Gloucestershire which is just up the M5 from us.  We have experienced a huge lift in our business by making lots of small changes and I will be making references to some of our experiences of being coached that we have had over the last ten months in coming entries on this blog.