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Feb 19

The Day in Life of An Oven Cleaning Man

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We get up and have breakfast.

Job1: Our first job usually starts at 0900 so we leave allowing plenty of time to arrive at our first job right on time. Our tank in the back of our van is already hot when we climb into our van as it as it has been heating up whilst we slept.

Our first job will end at around 1000 or 1030 depending on what sort of cooker it is.

Job 2: We drive to our next job to start at 1100 and then after finishing that  at either 1200 or 1230 we drive onto the next one

Job 3 : We start at about 1300 and finish at about 1430.

We drive to the next one.

Job 4: To start atabout 1500 and aim to finish before 1700.

We drive home to get home between before 1800.

We don’t heat our tank up all day as we don’t need and are normal day is to clean four standard ovens

Feb 12

Cleaning a Range Cooker

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We clean lots of range cookers. For those of you not knowing what a range cooker is, there are two types: a a double oven ‘range’ cooker and a single oven range. The Double ‘Range’ Cooker usually has two ovens side by side, these can be configured so that they have one large oven on one side and another large oven on the right, or they may have a smaller oven on the right hand side. Some have 4 gas burners plus a griddle on the top, some have five (usually on a single oven range), or 8 burners. If you have one when you bought it nobody would have thought to tell us that cleaning it would be a marathon task. They combine electricity AND gas, so you need to know about these too.

The onerous task of cleaning this lot usually falls on the man of the house by the way. If you have done it it will be a task that you will hate, not just because it is a dirty, oily, hairy (!), sticky and an embarrassing mess but because the materials you have to use will be hazardous, foul smelling and irritant to my hands and eyes – have you ever read the instructions on a shop bought oven cleaner? Also it’s usually done at the weekend, wouldn’t  you rather watch the TV, go for a walk?

Furthermore watch your / his knees. As someone who cleaned a vicar’s oven recently I was made aware that kneeing a lot can not only cause a lot of damage to your knees but a lot of pain too. The vicar now doesn’t kneel and has had two recent knee operations.

So don’t let him do it call us in –  Thanks to us you will no longer have to concern myself with How Clean Your oven is. All you have to do is to remember our number! Yes, you too will take pride in our work.

We are Oven Cleaning Professionals. We use all the right equipment, which is both healthy and safe, we don’t use any chemicals at all in your home and most importantly we know how  to strip down and re-assemble virtually every oven and microwave known to human kind. We work dilligently and methodically whilst restoring your appliance to a standard as good, if not better, than the day it was delivered as new.

Feb 11

Oven Cleaning Job – We need another oven cleaning operative.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are so busy that we have decided to expand and take on another oven cleaning operative! We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, fit and also has good customer facing skills.  Here at OvenGleam oven cleaning we also have a fun working environment with all our staff being friendly and we all get out together once a month for a social evening. We give full training so no experience is necessary and you will be able to get those ovens up to our standard after a few weeks.  We need someone who can park the OvenGleam van close to their house and they would also need to have access to a computer on a daily basis.

What can I say about the job except that it can be dirty but it’s has a huge amount of satifisfaction and overall I’d say it’s a really terrific  job! If you know someone who might fit the bill get them to contact us soon.

Feb 01

How Soon Can We Use the Oven After You Clean?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We use only an organic vegetable paste to clean your oven so there are no obnoxious fumes when we are cleaning and it means that if you need to you can still use the kitchen whilst we are there and there is no need to open windows.  This also means that our process is pet friendly.

We don’t use lots of water in our process the cooker and oven can be used immediately after the oven cleaning process has finished.