Thinking of Oven Cleaning Yourself? A Smeg Oven Owners Tale.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oct 21

I have just found this great blog by ChefPla –  World Cuisine Simplified which has lots of different recipes for some very interesting dishes from all around the world. The chef has just made an interesting entry on his blog yesterday about the way he is just going to clean is SMEG cooker – using a caustic cleaner. I have made a comment on his posting as follows:

Hi there, I run a professional oven cleaning company in the UK and I would like to advise you to be a little careful when using the ‘Easy Off’ especially on the doors of the SMEG oven as if they are like the ones here in the UK the sides of the doors are painted. That is they are not enamel like the rest of the inside. This means if you get any cleaner on these painted strips the paint comes off and they become a very unslightly white. Also if there are any ’self cleaning’ bits inside the oven these can be affected by the cleaner too. I would really advise you take your friend’s advise and wear protective clothing such as gloves, eye wear and make sure that any pets are well away when you are cleaning and rinsing off the cleaner. My best recommendation would be for you to discard the cleaner and use a ‘microfibre’ cloth with some soapy washing up liquid solution. To get the really burnt on carbon on the inside glass of the door we would use a scraper but again you need to be careful with how you use it. If you have a desire to take the door apart I would say it isn’t advisable as they are very difficult to put back together! Hope this helps Graham in the UK.

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