OvenGleam Blog Five Year Birthday Offer for New Franchisee

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Dec 03

Today is the fifth birthday of my oven cleaning business blog, I started writing on the 3rd of December 2007. Here is my first post:

“Hello and welcome to the ovencleaning blog from OvenGleam. We will sharing with you our experiences and stories of running a successful oven cleaning business for the last four years”

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two days after I started the blog my son was born, 10 weeks prematurely so things got a bit hectic for the next six weeks as we had to drive to see him in hospital twice a day but things worked out fine and today five years on he is doing well at School.

Also in our oven cleaning business five years on things are going very well and last week OvenGleamers achieved Associate Membership of the British Franchise Association, we took £7500 in a week for ovens booked in (we take card payments in advance on booking) so one of the best weeks this year for our business here in Bristol, Simon our OvenGleamers franchisee in Berkshire is already booked up for Christmas,  we are already booking in jobs for John our new franchisee in Horsham, and we are hoping to get franchisee number 10 started soon and as we are celebrating we are putting in incentives in place to get them started with enhancements!

Watch out for the offers my wife, Catherine, is sending out to our potential OvenGleamers franchisee list. If you aren’t on the list you will need to go to The oven cleaning franchise site and fill in your details and we will send you out the offers. Please don’t miss out if you are thinking about buying an Oven Cleaning Franchise.




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