Oven Cleaners Top Tips for Cleaning Burners

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Feb 25
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I thought I’d share some top tips with you for cleaning cooker hob burner units that I have known about for a while but have been asked about more than once lately so is worth sharing.


Question one is: How do you get the black carbon off of the aluminium burners surrounds?


Well for this the normal process to clean them is to use a steel scourer or a soap pad and just grip the burner in your hand between finger and thumb with one hand and with the other holding the scourer in the same way rub the scourer along the aluminium. I tend to hold the burner close to my chest which means I tend to make my shirt wet. Doing this is hard and makes your forearms really ache, but you get huge forearms after a while. This method works 99% of the time and I get a great shiny end result. I have tried wearing an apron but found it too impractical and I and got too hot. But the tip is this if the burner is really black and just won’t move with the steel scourer, then I use a product called ‘Astonish Grease Buster Tablets’ which I keep as an emergency item in the van. You need to be careful with this product, and it does mean using some hot water from the customer. You need to read the full instructions and take the appropriate precautions! But I have found that for the really tough ones this product gets all the black off and gives a brilliant finish every time.


Question two is: How do I get the brass bits of the burners, that is the rings around the burners that are on some ranges, clean?


Well the normal answer would be again I use the same method as the for the aluminium rings as above with the scourer and elbow grease. But for a fantastic finish I use White Vinegar. You just soak them for 30 minutes and they come out looking like new. Again be careful with the vinegar and take appropriate precautions!!
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