New Year Weather Conditions affect Oven Cleaning Operation

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jan 05

Last night we had a call from one of our oven cleaning operatives to say that he had lost his key for his van and another call from another one to say that the water pump inside the van, we use to power our rinsing system, had burst! The temperature in the van had dropped to minus zero temperatures over the last few days because of the cold and as the van hadn't been used for a couple of weeks there was no residue ambient temperature, and the water in the pump had frozen solid.

So a right pair especially as we had we are really busy today.

Luckily we had a spare set of keys for the van – but now we've got to get a spare one cut which will be tricky as we are going to have to get the key to a key cutter and the operative is busy. So from this we need to keep two sets of keys as back up and not the one we normally keep; so a first thing to put on my to do list.

For the pump problem we switched vans this morning so that I now have the one with the broken pump and I will get it replaced over the new few days. So it was lucky we had a spare van. I've told the other two operatives to lag their pumps to make sure they don't freeze.

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