Freezing Cold Weather Upsets Oven Cleaning Pumps

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Nov 30
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As it has been very cold weather it is upsetting things a bit. Yesterday I found that the spray gun in my van had frozen up so was spurting water out the side. Also the water tank holding the water for my rinse system had frozen up but this melted as I drove to my first job in Painswick in Gloucestershire. As my water tank is in the front compartment with me it gets the heat from the cabin so this helped it to melt. 


I got a call from one of the guys who had been on one of our courses to say that he had water spurting out of the side of his water pump and asked me if it was covered ouor warranty. Hmm.. I think not as I tell everyone about this and it is written in the manual, so I gave him the details of how to get a new pump.


I went to Focus DIY and got some insulation and made sure that the pump in my van was wrapped up well and then we sent a txt message to the guys to make sure that there pumps were also wrapped up.


I had a chat with our Berkshire Franchisee and he told me that as his tank was in the back of his van it didn't defrost all day. So this is a problem and I 'll have to come up with a way around this.


At the moment I am out everyday cleaning ovens as we are busy leading up to Christmas and we are a man down as Alan is on paternity leave as his partner gave birth to a baby boy last week.

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