Are all the AGA Cookers Still on For The Summer

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jul 18

We have noticed that unusually the number of AGA cleans we are doing is down this year. Really the only reason we can think of is is that because the weather is so bad people are leaving them on and don’t want to switch them off. Even though it isn’t that cold the general wet and stormy weather gives you a feeling of Autumn where you are comforted by the AGA heat in your kitchen. We always keep our AGA cooker on but really that is as it is a 30 Amp electric AGA it doesn’t cost that much to run and the times we have had to switch it off we have had a problem with an element ‘going’ costing us approximately ┬ú150 to get it fixed each time.


So we hope that the weather picks up and we see some sort of beautiful and warm weather for a few weeks just to ensure that those customers of ours who usually get their AGAs cleaned in the Summer when they are off decide to clean their AGA cookers. But if you are looking for and AGA Cleaner please give us a ring 0800 45 82 357.

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