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Nov 25

Oven Cleaning Company Hits Record Sales

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

We are approaching Christmas and we have decided to really ramp things up, with my wife putting some special deals together and me doing some more internet marketing. And last week was our best week EVER in our history. So we are approaching our tenth anniversary in the next few months, though I feel that it already ten years as I started preparing things in December in 2003 before I started in April 2004 with my first van. So now at this time of year to me is the time I really started concentrating on going forward with an oven cleaning business.

Things are going well as we have achieved our best turnover in a week  in our history. That is the best turnover in a week in ten years. As we now take payments on the phone and in advance we can see exactly how much we are taking each day and


Business (Photo credits: www.roadtrafficsigns.com)

when we divide the total by the number of jobs booked in for the day we an work out the average spend per customer. And today we have achieved our highest turnover in a day. We booked in lots of jobs, the number was like the old days, when we were charging a lot less, but now the average spend is £100. So a lot more jobs at a higher average to give the best results.

Over the weekend I found the best ‘liked’ oven cleaning business on Facebook. They have close to 3,000 likes and lots of activity on their Facebook page and the cost of their single oven clean is …. £12.99. They proudly show photos of the cleans – ‘another one at £12.99’.

Yes you read that right, £12.99 for a single oven and £4.00 for a hob. I have been thinking about this and with the activity on their page I would expect them to be totally booked up for Christmas already and as they say they are an express oven cleaning company not doing doing the whole job , they don’t do the ceiling of the oven, fan etc – only half a job but I would guess the the time for the job would average at about 45 minutes per job. So even if they did one job an hour, so eight jobs a day their total turnover would be £104. And they are going to have to get a move on, as all the jobs are not going to be straight forward. I’d even guess that they are getting a lot of hum dingers. As I said our average customer spend is £100 and we are going to be putting our prices up next week as it is the 1st December.

I’m not sure how the express business is sustaining itself, even with an old second hand van the overheads must be more than the cost they get for the clean. That is the cost of acquiring the customer must be more than £12.99. We worked ours out a few years back  that to acquire a client and to drive the van there was about £35 to £40 (includes paying our operative).

So this boils down to what I have said before, which business would you like to own, one that his manic and turns over £100 a day or one that is thorough, safe and still fast but turns over £250 to £300 per van per day? If there is a market for them I should be glad.

I’m out cleaning this week so that we can pack the jobs in before Christmas and if we get full up we are going to pass the jobs on to our neighbouring franchisees if they have any space left.

And hopefully we will break last weeks record this week.

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Feb 04

Broken Light Bulb Covers

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Light bulb shattered in a microwave oven.

Light bulb shattered in a microwave oven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we got a call from a client in Bristol to say that she had her oven cleaned last week and had now realised that the oven bulb cover had completely gone. She said it looked like it had been sawed off as there was still the top half of it in place! The oven was a NEFF single oven, so grey finish, Neff’s special easy wipe finish inside; which is really isn’t easy to clean especially when they are caked in burnt on carbon. Also inside it has self cleaning panel on the fan cover at the back and on the ceiling of the oven. The bulb cover in question is the one on the ceiling. So usually when you open the oven you put your hand out straight infront of you and there it is. The client was very positive that the bulb cover had been there and that he had broken it. I spoke to him he said it was definitely not there and he had actually cut himself when he had gone to replace the bulb. The client didn’t want the operative around has he was accusing her of lying so I went around to the house with him. Before going we had found a cover in our spares cupboard in the office and so we went armed. I didn’t really say anything to the client and went straight to the oven and then after managed to get all the bits of the old cover off and then just put the new cover in place. Problem sorted. Did we break it? I don’t think so but I wasn’t going to have an argument about it and the client said she was sure as she said that she had tried to get it off a while back when the bulb had gone but hadn’t been able to get the cover off. Someone else may have tried and broken it in the process. If I get these bulbs where they don’t come off – they sometimes stick on this type – I leave them and clean in situ.


So for oven cleaning in Bristol give us a ring on 01275 370571



Come and see our Franchise Opportunity  – OvenGleamers are at the Franchise show on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2013 at NEC Birmingham.
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Jul 05

iPad Competition from Oven Gleam Oven Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is our win an #iPad3 competition we are running in the #Bristol and South West, #Cardiff South Wales area for everyone who makes an appointment to have their oven, range cooker or #AGA cooker to be cleaned between 4th July 2012 and the 31st August 2012. It is going to be the £399 one which has 16GB memory. Yesterday was our first day but obviously we are looking to get lots of interest in this. So for oven cleaners bristol and the other areas in the South West and South Wales give us a ring on 01275 370571 so you don’t miss out. Really I’d love an iPad myself but Catherine, my wife (see her in this video) has told me not yet! At a local business networking event on Tuesday night someone told me that his mate had entered an iPad competition then told his wife and then ordered an iPad to be delivered after the competition ended. When he got home his wife told him “do you know that iPad competition well you won!”. He didn’t say anything apparently. So here is an idea for you; as I told Catherine this story yesterday I don’t think it’s going to work for me…



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Jan 27

Sick Oven Cleaner

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

A toaster ovenImage via Wikipedia

This month has been quieter than previous years and we have had to work very hard in the office to get the jobs booked in. It has just been a case of making contact with old clients and asking them if they would like to benefit from the special offers we have had on. So in all we have booked all four of our guys up every day for the month which has been an achievement. I have been in the office in the afternoons and have been out on a few days to clean AGAs and to cover when the guys have been sick.

This morning I was due to be working in the office but at 0715 we got a call from one of our oven cleaners to say that he had been sick in the night and couldn't work today. As all the guys were booked up it meant I had to go and do his jobs which was four double ovens at different locations including a bit of a drive to Frome in the late afternoon. So straight away I plugged the van in and then I then went to the office and printed off the jobs and then preped by van for the day. So I left home at 0820 to get to my first job on time at 0900, I had a few problems  finding the place as the sat nav took me up the road a bit, but still got there on time. The oven was standard double oven and was quite dirty, the lady said they had never cleaned it and it was eight years old. I had a bit of problem cleaning it as I couldn't get the main door off, the locking mechanism wasn't working properly. Whilst doing the job I plugged my van in, it was easy as it was a farm yard, to get my tank up to temperature. The job went well and the lady was very happy. I then drove across Bristol to the second job which was in a rental. The tenants had just moved in and the oven was very bad. It was a bit of hard labour to get it clean as it was minging and it took me over two hours to do the oven and the ceramic hob. But it came up very well. During this job my wife texted me to tell me that the last job in Frome had been moved to next week so that was a relief. I drove back across Bristol to clean the last double oven and this time it was a relatively easy job, an older NEFF double oven where the door was a bit tricky to take apart but other than that it was fine. Then back to the office to clean the van out and top up my water tank. I booked a few jobs in for next week and then that was end of the day.

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Dec 21

Some oven cleans do kill you

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

I'm out today cleaning ovens. I've been out everyday for a few weeks now. I've got two singles and a double oven plus extractor to clean. I'm really hoping its going  be an easy clean day. Last week I had the killer clean seen here in the photos a single oven that was really thick in burnt on carbon. It took me two hours instead of the normal one. It came up well though. All my ovens today are close to home so not a lot of driving.



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May 26

Which Coffee No 1 Is OvenGleam outside of?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


I have been doing these Coffee#1 quizes on Facebook.com.  See oven cleaning on facebook.

Well I did say that I thought there weren't many Coffee  #1 s where an oven cleaner could park outside of but what do you know here is another one that I found yesterday. It's one Ihaven't been to before and it opened in September of last year. And this particular Coffee No 1 really has the wow factor a bit like our oven cleaning ;-).  Really for me this coffee shop has given this High Street a real lift -Mary Portas take note.

So which one is it? As I was working in Bristol, or to be more accurate in the Bristol area, yesterday that will give you a clue.

Apr 18

Oven cleaners big day

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized


'I'm out cleaning ovens in Bristol today and have one standard single, two standard doubles and a double oven range to do. I've already done the single in an apartment and now I am sitting outside job number two which is the range'.

After I wrote this I went into the house but she wasn't there. A no show. This rarely happens these days as we tend to phone all our appointments up to confirm that the appointment before we finally schedule it.

So it was a case of bringing my two double ovens forward by three hours. I drove over to the other side of Bristol, to the east side in Warmley to clean one oven and then back to the North of Bristol to do the other. So in the end not a bad day. 

The pictures below are before and after of the first single oven in the apartment.


Mar 13

Oven cleaners Bristol

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Here is an oven I cleaned last Thursday in Bristol and  it was a challenge but it turned out looking great. The pictures here do not really show how dirty it was at the beginning and it took a lot of work around the fan area. The oven had an aluminum area at the back behind the fan so it needed a bit of work to get all the carbon off of that. As the fan was stainless steel it came up perfectly well after being dipped in the tank. I dipped the self cleaning parts, all of them came out very easily with the side panels and ceiling panel just sliding out and the back panel had just four screws.

I am going to be cleaning ovens in Bristol every day this week. The reason for this, as you probably know I have only been doing a couple of days cleaning a week up to now this year, is that we were going to start a new employee on Monday and because of that we had booked in a whole week of work for me and him so that I could train him up. However, the job he currently in have asked him to stay for another week or so, so I won't be doing his training this week. But of course the ovens that we have booked in still need to be done. We can't transfer them to our operatives as they all of a fully booked week too. So really I can't complain we are busy and that is the way it goes some time. So it's off to work I go…



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Jun 03

Oven Gleam Ltd

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oven Cleaning BusinessImage by Ivydale via Flickr

If you are looking for Ovengleam ltd then you are nearly in the right place. Our trading name has been Oven Gleam  or presented as one word OvenGleam since we started in early 2004. At the time Oven Gleam Ltd name was taken so the name that we registered was The Oven Gleam Team Ltd. So we have a client base of 10,000 + (at the last count) and all these people know us as 'OvenGleam'. All our vans are sign written with OvenGleam and all our marketing uses OvenGleam. We have the domain ovengleam.com and ovengleam.co.uk registered. As we tend to advertise in lots of areas with our main advertising medium being Yellow Pages and BT Phone book, and of course the internet we have large amount of people seeing our advertising as OvenGleam oven cleaning. We are known as 'Oven Gleam' and provide oven cleaning services and AGA cleaning in Bristol, Bath, Exeter, all of Devon, Cardiff, Chippenham, Gloucester, Cheltenham, The Cotswolds, Newport, Frome, Trowbridge, Shatesbury, Hereford, Monmouth, Newbury, Marlborough, Stroud, Cirencester, Swindon, Wiltshire, Taunton, Burnham on Sea, Bridgwater, Minehead, Porlock, Tiverton, Tetbury, Torquay, Paignton, Yeovil, Sherbourne, Salisbury and all surrounding areas.

Please give us a ring on 0800 45 82 357 or 01275 370571 to book in your oven, range or AGA cooker cleaning.

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Apr 09

AGA Cleaning Bristol

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

West supporting tower of Clifton Suspension Br...Image via Wikipedia

I've just got back from cleaning an AGA in Bristol. It is the sixth time that I have cleaned this particular AGA in a house in Clifton so they must really love what we do! :-).

Today the AGAs owner said that her 19 year old son had just started showing an interest in cooking and was very keen on frying on the top of the AGA. So the top was particularly greasy.

But in all it looked fabulous when I had finished.

Interestingly as I was putting my money into the toll machine on the Clifton Suspension bridge, on the way back from the job, someone high up on the east side pier on the cliff top  (I think he said this) "I'm on the top of the world". I looked up and there was someone shouting and there was a film crew with him. So it'll be interesting to see what TV series that will be in.

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